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  1. Hi! We hopefully have plans to add more buses in the future. As this is quite often suggested, I will reject this, however, we do have plans for this!
  2. Greetings truckers! Are you prepared for our Supporter convoy? Similarly to our previous Supporter events, Patrons, Nitro Boosters and Twitch Subscribers will all be able to join us on this lovely scenic route throughout American Truck Simulator! Join us on Sunday 28th August 2022 at 17:00 UTC. (Alternative Timezones) The convoy duration is estimated to be 90 minutes. There are no scheduled breaks or fuel stops; you are welcome to pull over into a safe place should you require some rest. Feel free to comment or ask any questions in the Patron channel or Supporters channel on our Discord! This is a Patreon, Nitro Booster and Twitch Subscriber exclusive event which means you must have an active subscription to one of our Patreon tiers, be a Nitro Booster on our Discord or have an active subscription to our Twitch channel. Please note that to be eligible to join as a Twitch subscriber you must be in our Discord with a connected TruckersMP account as well as having your Twitch account connected to your Discord profile. If you do not do this you will not be able to participate! Not a Patron yet, but want to participate? It is not too late, make sure you become one of our Patrons before the 27th of August 2022! Become a Patron here. Don't forget to connect your Patreon account with your TruckersMP account! Not sure how you can do this? Click here! You can also subscribe to our Twitch channel here! Don't know how to connect your Discord account? Click here! Note: If you’re boosting our Discord before the 27th of August 2022 you are also able to participate. Departure: Redding Destination: Reno Additional Event Info: Event Rules | DLC: None | Server: Supporters Convoy We look forward to seeing you there! TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
  3. Hey, Unfortunately not. The forum is different to the main website, however, you can gain exclusive ranks on the forum! Read more here: Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the info

    1. James


      No problem, glad to have helped! 😄 

  5. Rejected due to not following the format.
  6. Most of the stuff you have said is covered in other guides / KB articles, for example, this one:
  7. Hello, I can see the topic you replied to. That’s the help category. All responses are approved by a member of our Support team to ensure the answers given are accurate and not false. There is no ETA for your comment to be unhidden but it shouldn’t take too long if it’s approved. Do note that if your response has already been mentioned, it may not get approved to avoid repetition. Please let us know if this answers your question! Kind regards, James Community Manager
  8. I don't believe this will *ever* happen. We have had a vote to kick suggestion accepted (iirc) a while ago, however, giving players access to directly kick will not happen. Rejected
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