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  1. Guide approved, thanks for your contribution. I have moved your topic from Unofficial Tools to Guides.


    James You're Followed Can You Follow Me Too :)

    1. James


      Thanks, but I don't do follow for follow.

  3. Please use the template in the future. We are still monitoring the area of C-D to see if any further changes are needed and this might be considered in the future. However, this could cause a lot of congestion along the road and more incidents. For now, I will reject this due to the reasoning above. Additionally, please ensure your title is relevant to the suggestion as per the forum rules, thank you.
  4. Hey, As Add-on team are aware of the bug with the bridge, I'm sure it's going to be fixed soon. Therefore, I don't see a need to move this forward at the moment.
  5. Big fan ^^

  6. /Moved to Add-On Suggestions
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