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  2. Good Idea, then VTC owners can gather feedback and understand why they might be experiencing drops in drivers!
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  5. I do see where you are coming from but first of all, this gas station is positioned off the end of the CD road and an updated gas station wouldn’t make any change to the CD road. Plus, this gas station is for players who may not want to enter Calais as it is a much longer and busier route + you are more likely to get banned or be subject or reckless driving if you go down that route. The point of Lille gas station is for players to wait until they are ready to head onto the CD road without being on the actual CD road. If this gas station were to be updated, it would have the same effect as the Duisburg rework - preventing unnecessary bans, smoother traffic and a more realistic feel to the game which is certainly what Euro Truck Simulator 2 is all about. This gas station is bound to be updated by SCS Software at some point in the future but for now, TruckersMP should use a preset or make a custom preset for the CD road enjoyers that hate Calais
  6. Yes its very true, it will look a lot nicer as well! ♥
  7. its always a mix but usually there is 5-30 people parked in this small area. the gas station is one of the smaller ones from old versions. this screenshot has 1400 people online and there is 11 people there
  8. . I do of course see your point but I don't think you know the situation of this. The gas station is too small for the amount of players that are in this area. It was the same for the Dusseldorf rebuild where there were too many players in a small road network, and now that it has been expanded, the traffic in and out of Dusseldorf is a lot smoother than before. I'm not sure if you've been to this gas station I'm talking about but it takes a lot of traffic from the CD road and is a resting area for players who are getting ready to begin their journey onto the CD road. The players in this area sometimes have no other choice than to park in inappropriate and unrealistic positions, this gas station itself is also very unrealistic for a major gas station just outside a major port (Calais) it is way too small. If you look at the gas stations in this area irl then you will see they are a lot more efficient and larger than this one in-game. Making an upgrade to this gas station would provide a more realistic feeling, an upgraded version to this area of the game and also would make a more pleasant parking area for those whom don't want to travel into Calais.
  9. Yes I do see where you are coming from and this feeling is kind of cool but not when it becomes unrealistic and people start to get banned for silly reasons like turning around the wrong way so they can exit the gas station. I also think that the gas stations in France irl are a lot larger especially around a port like Calais and feel like this one is quite too small for the area. If we could have a better looking and larger one it would really upgrade this small area of the game I think!
  10. The Lille Gas Station (Marked Below) is a constant meetup point for many drivers that don't like going into Calais and instead go to this Gas station as it is easy to get from the CD road and easy to go back to the CD via it. However, it is very easily crowded and many people have been banned for parking in inappropriate positions here at the gas station because of the sheer amount of people in the gas station leaving no parking space. A suggestion from me would be to make it larger, maybe by using one of the gas stations from Austria rework area or France DLC which are a lot larger and have loads of parking spaces, I think a lot of other people would agree with me on this idea. The upgrade wouldn't obstruct any other area as there is plenty of space for an upgraded gas station.
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