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  1. I think Scania is the best because it's new and it have a nice chassis.We can develop Scania well because it have too many modification part.Scania has good engine and transmission system.I'm using Scania R now.You should try Scania Best regards. B4nshee
  2. B4nshee


    I think they are no problem because it's not forbidden in TruckersMp and its not obstacle for driving.They are harmless. Pleasant Driving.. B4nshee
  3. gσσ∂ мσяηι̇ηg тяυcкєяѕ !





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      nice photo

    2. [SK] - TeR*Zhi Yong

      [SK] - TeR*Zhi Yong

      gσσ∂ мσяηι̇ηg:troll:

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      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and truck :wub:

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    Who wants vans?

    Trolls want this but this is a TRUCK SİMULATİON game.Cars added on game but trolls are using for trolling scoda car.I think this game must belong to only trucks. Best regards. B4nshee
  5.                                                ωє αяє ωσякιηg ƒσя σzgυηαуℓσg ση тяυcкѕвσσк...





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  8. Happy Birthday ! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come. 

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    Pilot Cars

    Using people's new paint package is not a condition that prevents you from likening skoda vehicles to police cars.Police vehicle can only imitate the appearance.No real police plugins. Best regards. B4nshee
  10. B4nshee

    Why has the trailer stability changed?

    The reason is Realism İf you can't control this, you can change your trailer stability code. 1)Open console 2)Write "g_trailer_stability 'number'" 3)Push enter I'm using 5 number stability.Best regards. B4nshee
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