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  1. Happy anniversary Reginald 💅🏻

  2. Happy anniversary Reginal!!!!! 🤭

  3. Happy anniversary Reggie!!! ❤️ 

  4. I see where you are coming from here however in most cases I've seen, a reporters opinion on how long a ban should be is much longer than what is fair. If we went with this mentality, we might as well give all players moderation perms so they can ban other players to the way they see fit. This would be mass chaos, no? Everyone that have moderation permissions go through training teaching them what is fair, unfair, kickable, bannable, etc. I would think that someone that has that training has a much better idea on what is fair or not over someone that has not had that training. I can assure you that this is not the goal here. Moderation is no small task and requires a great time of the people who volunteer their time to make TruckersMP happen. The only decision really that concerns the reporter is if the report has been declined or accepted, nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Why would you need to know how long another player is banned for? There should be no reason that you need to be ensuring if a ban is fair or not for a given player. If the banned player feels as though that their ban is unfair in any way, they are encouraged to make an appeal on the matter to discuss that ban. If they still disapprove of the outcome, they then can make a feedback ticket. Its as simple as that. Ultimately, I can assure you that all moderation work is monitored internally in some way, shape, or form so there really isn't a need for players to check a moderators quality of work.
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