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  1. Merhaba, @UcanKebap TruckersMP'de 2022 Yılında Ban affı getirildi. Şu şekilde daha önceden permalı olan bütün hesapların kalıcı yasakları aktif hâle getirildi Ban sebepleri Ban Evading ( Yasaktan Kaçma) ve Hile Trainer kullanımı gibi sebeplerden ötürü zamanında kalıcı yasaklar alan hesapların yasaklarının ban'ı kaldırılmadı. Profilinize baktığımda aktif ban sayın 1 olarak gözüküyor o da kalıcı bir yasak, Profilinde aktif en son yasaklanma sebebin yazacaktır Yasaklanma sebebiniz Ban Evading veyahut Hile Kullanımı yazıyorsa maalesef dediğim gibi kalıcı yasağınızı kaldıramazsınız. Aktif yasağınızın Ban sebebi eğer Tehlikeli sürüş, Çarpma, Yol Engelleme gibi sebeplerden ötürü kalıcı yasak aldıysanız Feedback üzerinden Oyun Moderasyonu Yönetimine Bir bilet açıp Hesabınızda ki kalıcı yasağınızın aktif hâle getirilmesini isteyebilirsiniz. Umarım Bu yazdıklarım sorununa yardımcı olabilmiştir. Saygılarımla; OnurBey.
  2. Hello, @zutru As far as I watched the video, the player uses a pirate cheat application to get into other players' trucks and scatter around. The use of any cheating in the game is prohibited and not allowed. King Regards; OnurBey.
  3. Hello; @[Polestar]*010*Jeremy. Thanks for posting about this topic on the forum. I've been playing Ets since 2012. Actually, I first discovered ets2 when I was at school, unfortunately I didn't know what the original game was at that time, I was playing the CD game. I liked the game very much at that time, the atmosphere of the game was loaded in the game morning and evening, of course, because I played with a cd, after a while it wanted an activation key.
  4. Hello everyone
    I wish you a happy weekend. :mlg_doge: ? 

    Best Regards;


  5. Hello Truckers; I think I might not get used to the Duisburg redesign right away, because I can't get the old city roads out of my head. The city has been really successful, and the exit and entry routes into the city are the same. Just as a small point, the service front seems to have been built on the runway area, but I believe that they will help with this issue with new updates in the future. Love to all TruckersMP Staff. I would like to express my special thanks to the Add-on Team who contributed to this Project. Best Regards; OnurBey.
  6. Hello; @SodaDelivery I will try to help your question in this regard, namely, there is only Skoda [Scout] vehicle as a passenger vehicle in TruckersMP in the game. There is no such thing as cargo transportation with this vehicle. In the past, there were players carrying loads with skoda in the game., but later this was canceled. Instead, you can add a Caravan for Skoda from the purchase of trailers in addition to Skoda. At the same time, when you connect the Caravan to your vehicle, you can repair your vehicle by typing the repair command /fix in the game. I hope this answer was helpful to your question. Kind regards; OnurBey.
  7. Hello; @AkiraKurosawa

    Thank you for your follow up. :mlg_doge: 

  8. Hello; @LillefixHD Thanks for starting such a good topic on the forum. How I first met ETS, not for TruckersMP, actually. The first time I played Ets was in 2012, unfortunately we used to buy DVD CDs because of our young age. I got to know TruckersMP through ETS videos on Youtube, and since then, I have a TruckersMP account for almost 4 years. And I'm still registered with TruckersMP. I love all the players and staff. I wish you a nice day, I wish you a good forum. Best Regards OnurBey.
  9. Hello; @Patriktanki
    Happy birthday. Have a nice year with your loved ones. ?
    Best Regards;


  10. Hello; @CaglayanCakır
    Welcome to the forum. It is a pleasure to have you among us. :mlg_doge:
    Best Regards;


  11. Hello; @Z4LL0W The Calais-Duisburg road was definitely the worst road I've ever driven on the ETS. King Regards; OnurBey.
  12. ? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ????. @Roenz :love:

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      Congrats kermit xD ❤️ 

  13. ??????? ???? ??????! :woah:

  14. ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ??????. :HaulieLove:

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