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  1. There are to few people which drive somewhere else then c-d
  2. Hello Iarmolovicimarius2009! The first time you started playing TruckerMP then you had to make an account, you had to connect your steam and all of your dlc's you've got! since ets is connected to your main account which got banned you can't play TruckersMP with the same Steam account! That may be the reason why you keep getting kicked! So you have to make a new steam account and buy ets again on that steam account, after that you have to make a new TruckersMP account! But since that is ban evading you might get banned again on your new account. Hope your question is being answered with this. Kind regards CaptainCat.!
  3. Hey lewis112358. Did you tried to reinstall the TMP launcher? if not, you can do it by pressing F1. Hope this will help you! Kind regards, CaptainCat.
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