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  1. I just take an cold coffee from the gas station. Helps to keep awake.
  2. I completely agree with you, thank you for your comment.
  3. Happy birthday Sammy! 🎉

  4. First of all, thanks for commenting again, I want to clarify that I absolutely welcome criticism and differing opinions, as they can help refine and improve ideas. I didn't say if you disagree, don't talk. What I was emphasizing in my previous message is that if you don't have a significant opinion on the topic or if you believe it doesn't concern you, you may choose not to reply to the topic, as your input on the subject matter could be more valuable when you have a specific perspective or concerns to address. I understand your point about previous suggestions involving mods like that in TruckersMP not being accepted. It's essential to consider the past decisions made by the community and developers. However, every suggestion should be evaluated on its own merits, and the inclusion of VTC skins might present unique opportunities or benefits that were not present in previous suggestions. Regarding the issue of downloading content you don't intend to use, your perspective is valid. Of course. It's important that any addition to the game doesn't force unwanted content upon players. The suggestion I've put forward aims to consider the concerns about file size and the ability to opt out of VTC-related content with your suggestion. Since I responded to what you said (unlike you), it's now my turn to speak. Despite consistently using kind words towards you, you speak with a negative tone. I asked for constructive criticism from you, but you choose to take a portion of my sentences and respond from there. This is not a proper way to have a discussion. You seem to be attempting to manipulate people with your own thoughts. You believe this idea is selfish, but where exactly is it selfish? It's something that could benefit the entire VTC community and serve as a reason for VTCs to become verified. Here, you are the one being selfish by rejecting something that is good for the community just because you don't personally like it. My opinion about you hasn't changed. I still believe you think of yourself as superior to others. I believe we can have a more productive and respectful conversation about this suggestion. If you have concerns or reasons why you think this idea might not work, I would appreciate hearing them in a constructive manner. Not like "nah , i don't like it, this is just yet another egocentric suggestion, hardly anyone would bother downloading any but their own" Yes bro, I want to see even all VTCs has trailer instead of nametags, but that is not possible and thats because im suggesting this for just verifieds. Everyone is here for fun on this platform, and my intention was not to engage in a toxic argument with you. However, you are speaking in this manner. I hope you become a better person. If you had simply stated your disagreement in a respectful manner, I would have left a thank-you emoji and moved on, just as I did with the other guy. Your feedback on the concept itself is valuable. Thank you (!) for making the comment section much longer than the actual topic and thank you for taking the time to express your opinion. I hope you won't give a short and "selfish" response to this one either, my friend. Best regards, Leithian
  5. First of all, thank you for responding to the topic. While I can't understand why you would be so rejecting about what would certainly add a novelty to the TruckersMP universe, the fact that the problems you present are not really a problem gives the impression that you are directly discarding the suggestion because it does not benefit yourself on this issue and I don't find it right. I want you to remember that, you are not the only one in this environment. As you can see already a lot of users agreed with this idea. And I believe there will be more. As for answering you. The arguments you present are purely conjecture. - I acknowledge the concern about increased download sizes due to additional skins. Of course a high-quality skin can have a high file size. However, we can implement measures to keep the impact minimal, such as file size limits, which are already use at forum, and compression techniques. Many players are already accustomed to downloading mods and assets, so this addition would not significantly deviate from existing practices. Also, you have already downloaded a lot of files you don't use, believe me. Could you please explain why you don't reject or opt out of those existing elements that you may not use, and why you believe the addition of VTC skins would be different in this regard? I don't expect every VTC to create unique skins for every trailer and truck. VTCs can choose a select few flagship designs, prioritizing quality over quantity. (Which I said above there can will be a size limit for paintjob files already.) This approach would help address concerns about download size while still allowing for customization. Regarding concerns about the replacement system, I believe that it's feasible to adapt it to accommodate VTC skins without conflicting with the game's DLC content integration. It is not my job to inject the suggestion I have presented here into the game. (Which doesn't mean it's too hard to do but you're only worried about these things.) So I haven't gone into too much detail about the technical issues, and instead of talking about it, I'd like you to give your opinion on the addition of the trailer skins to the game. If you do not have a really significant opinion, I kindly ask that you do not reply to this topic. Sincerely, Leithian
  6. There wouldn't be hundreds of third party skins. TruckersMP currently has 63 Verified VTCs. And it's likely that not all VTCs use this feature. Also Trailer skin files do not have large file sizes. And Players can be given a choice to turn this feature off and on.
  7. Suggestion Name: Exclusive Trailers for Verified VTCs Suggestion Description TruckersMP should consider introducing exclusive trailers for Verified Virtual Trucking Companies (VTCs) as a new feature. These trailer skins can be added to the game by TruckersMP at the request of VTCs and with the necessary visual provided by VTCs designer and would only be available to members of the respective VTCs. This feature would enhance the gameplay experience and sense of community within the TruckersMP environment. Example Images: Why it should be added: 1. Enhanced VTC Identity: Introducing exclusive trailers for Verified VTCs would allow these groups to distinguish themselves more prominently within the TruckersMP community. It would create a unique identity for each VTC and foster a stronger sense of belonging among its members. 2. Community Engagement: This feature would encourage more players to join VTCs and actively participate in TruckersMP. Knowing that they can access exclusive content within their VTCs would motivate players to engage with the community on a deeper level. 3. Increased Player Retention: Providing exclusive content to VTCs could lead to higher player retention rates. Players who are part of a VTC with exclusive trailers are more likely to stay active and committed to the TruckersMP platform. 4. Promotion of VTCs: Exclusive VTC trailers would serve as a promotional tool for these virtual trucking companies. When other players see these unique trailers on the road, they may become curious about the VTC and consider joining. By making these trailers visible only to members of the respective VTCs, TruckersMP can ensure a fair and inclusive environment. This prevents non-members from using these trailers and maintains the exclusivity of the content. 5. Implementation Feasibility: TruckersMP already uses APIs to enable special features like admin vehicles and police cars, visible only to authorized personnel. Implementing this feature for VTC-exclusive trailers can build upon existing technology and systems. In summary, introducing exclusive trailers for Verified VTCs would not only enhance the gameplay experience but also promote community engagement, player retention, and the growth of VTCs within the TruckersMP ecosystem. It would be a valuable addition to the platform, benefiting both VTCs and players. Kind regards, Leithian
  8. You only hear it once. Same thing for lights too, it looks like you turned on high beams.
  9. Which server do you select after starting game ? You must scroll down and select Promods server to join TruckersMP with Promods
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