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  1. 390 when first brought was blue and green I think, here it was Brown and silver taken on 2/7/2020 Here is 997 which has had a good life since it was brought in 2010, was sold on this year to another company. Taken 8/7/2020
  2. 2020 seems almost like a distant memory, its always nice to look back on old pics. I have here 351 in Pink 30/31 paint, the 31 route was dispanded during the covid lockdown it never returned, and now this bus is silver. I got it on the 41 route on 30/6/2020 I also have 922 which was an old lilac 27 bus, This was with us untill just recently, its now been sold onto another company. Taken on 2/7/2020 on the Tram replacement service.
  3. Its always nice to look back though, as we dont keep vehicles forever. I have 612 on the 26 route taken on 29/6/2020 995 which was sold on this year to another company, on the 59 route taken on 30/6/2020 and then I caught 927 a uni 4 bus on the 49A, this was while the normal buses on that route were having hoppers installed. Taken on 30/6/2020
  4. Funny enough I have actually seen a variation of the ADL E200 in America, when I went there a few years ago now.
  5. Here we have newly repainted 608 on the 44 route as part of the lockdown time table still Taken on 23/6/2020 661 on the 15 route, which is actually commonly used on this route now Taken 25/6/2020 and 500 in its old paint on the 89 route Taken 25/6/2020
  6. Starting to come out of lockdown I went back to work and on my way to and from I managed to get these 911 on the route 7 Newly repainted 608 on the 43 route and 640 on the 59 route All taken 22/6/2020
  7. Ello amdin when photo please ❤️


    1. Araleya


      When you want one Amdin Manager ❤️

  8. Still around the time of lockdown and the reduce frequency, I managed to get 397 in its old paint on the 11 route 640 doing the 41 runs and 500 on the 58 in its demonstrator paint All taken on 19/6/2020
  9. On the 19th of june also I got these photo's 624 on the 35A route. 660 on the 79B 640 on the 41 route And Red 43 606 on a green line 10, I love these kind of pics.
  10. 2 days later I manged to get 431 on the 7 route a E400CBG City I also have a Scania Omnidekka 911 on the route 8 As well as 431 again but this time on the 43 route All taken on the 19/6/2020
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