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  1. WoW! It's a wonderful news. Congrats to the ProMods Team and the TruckersMP Team.
  2. Good Night, TruckersMP!



  3. Hello, @noname69612. The reason of this error is because the CDN Download Servers are outage. To check if the problem has been resolved, you can check on the Status Website: https://truckersmpstatus.com/
  4. So wonderful! I can't imagine Calais with Christmas decoration.
  5. Hello, @DragosB17 Try to uninstall the game and reinstall. If the game continue with the fatal error, send the TruckersMP log, game log and crash log.
  6. Another day creating new features in the AllianceSystem Bot:



  7. Good Afternoon (In Brazil), or not so good. Fixing a boring bug in the AllianceSystem.



  8. Terminal Adventure. It's a good name for a game, is it? However, the Alliance website is better than ever. More speed, less loading time.



    1. --20Tao--


      Top de mais 😁

  9. Joking in Visual Studio Code and that was the result.spacer.png


    CSS Code:


  10. Working on a new project. I'm developing a test game using Java without a engine like Unreal and Unity.



  11. Good morning, everyone.

    New Project, new system. Welcome to new experience in Alliance, with a new site and other ideas to give for you a better game expericence. Thanks for @ALLIANCE Jean M. (SP-BR), @ALLIANCE Ronald 01, @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel and @ALLIANCE Oliveira by the ideas. Coming soon, with more innovation.


    See you next time.


    Website Interface Developed in React:



    Part of Routes' Code:


  12. Let's go, because will be a very large convoy and awesome event. Come on ladies and gentleman.
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