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  1. Olá, @Edgar12 Não há uma solução oficial para esse problema, contudo, o que você pode fazer é reinstalar o Euro Truck Simulator 2 e o TruckersMP. Outra opção é evitar dar Alt + Tab e quando der e o jogo travar, fechar e abrir o jogo. Algo que eu venho observando é que quando estou usando o Overlay do Discord, o meu jogo tende a travar quando dou Alt + Tab. A solução é desabilidar o Overlay. Espero ter lhe ajudado a resolver o problema. Caso o erro persista, por favor, responda esse tópico.
  2. Hello, @Alexxx24. Could you send for me which is your CPU, GPU, Memory Card. I'm searching about this error and many people reported that is linked with the Memory of GPU or Memory Card and another theory suggest that the Direct X version maybe incompatible. The topics which I read are: https://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/0/2260188150879608364/?l=turkish&ctp=3 https://helpdeskgeek.com/help-desk/instruction-at-referenced-memory-could-not-be-read/ I hope I help you to solve your issue. If this doesn't solve, please, reply this topic
  3. Hello, @tgp1994 I think the problem is between your TruckersMP, which sees your trailer as a trailer of another person, and World of Trucks. I recommend you reinstall your TruckersMP and report to the Developer Team about this issue. I've seen many bugs with trailers in companies. However, it's the first that the trailer load without any collision. I hope I help you to solve your issue. If this doesn't solve, please, reply this topic.
  4. Hello, @jUST1NLE Yes, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 support the Force Feedback. However, I checked that your steering wheel doesn't support Force Feedback. There is a system which force the steering wheel to the center, but this isn't Force Feedback. The Force Feedback, which you can see in G25, G27 and G29, not necessarily force to the center, but rather as if you lose control of the vehicle. I hope I help you to solve your issue. If this doesn't solve, please, reply this topic.
  5. Currently, I like to drive the last released MAN and Renault trucks. The reason is because the two trucks are modern and the number of people who use this trucks is smaller than Volvo and Scania.
  6. Hello @blood5014. So, if the four bans are expired, they don't have value anymore. In other words, this bans can't change how much time you'll be banned . However, you can't apply to any role for the TruckersMP staff because must have no more than 3 bans in total. I hope I help you to solve your issue. If this doesn't solve, please, reply this topic.
  7. Exploring the Black Sea with @ALLIANCE Jean M. and @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel





    And Jean forgot his documents.

  8. Thanks for the follow! 😁

  9. Thanks for the follow! 😁

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      Λ S L Λ N

      No problem dude :P

  10. Thanks for the Update! I'll install the mod tomorrow and take many beautiful photos.
  11. Yesterday, in the GokBoru December Convoy with @ALLIANCE Gustavo Assis, @ALLIANCE Jean M., @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel and @[GökBörü] 'Berk'







  12. Thanks for the follow! 😁

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      ye ye ıs me :D how are u ?

    3. ALLIANCE Rubens

      ALLIANCE Rubens

      I'm so good. Solving IT problems in my VTC. An you, BiggsWordd?

    4. Nizam I Mıst  (26)

      Nizam I Mıst (26)

      ı m good mate! Thanks :) 

  13. ALLIANCE Rubens


    Opa, @MNCU. Tudo certo? Atualmente, o Winter mod já se encontra atualizado, contudo, não está sendo suportado pelo TruckersMP. Na próxima semana, deve sair uma atualiação com suporte ao WinterMod. O que existe atualmente é o suporte ao mod Late Autumn / Mild Winter. Para mais informações de como instalar ele, verifique o manual dele na Base de Conhecimento: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1076 Espero ter lhe ajudado. Se você continuar tendo qualquer dúvida sobre, é só responder o tópico.
  14. Olá, @Diego :). Esse tipo de erro é vículado principalmente por travamentos e lags do jogo por não conseguir estabelecer uma segura com o TruckersMP. Para resolver esse problema, é necessário que você feche todos os aplicativos desnecessários que estão abertos. Outra coisa que pode causar esse erro é uma conexão GCNAT. Para mais informações sobre o que é o GCNAT, assista o vídeo na NIC.BR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxu0ivaDAnc Espero ter lhe ajudado a resolver o problema. Caso o erro persista, por favor, responda esse tópico.
  15. Thanks for the follow! 😁

  16. Could you give more information as when start, when you changed your GPU, if you have any issue in other game and if you stopped play the ETS2 and returned now. Reading about your GPU and how the game run in the RX 480, I found a topic talking about an issue with the Direct 9 and the RX 480. Remembering, check your GPU driver version and the last published by AMD. This type of issue can be solved by driver update. If in the past, the game run without any problem with this GPU, try to use an old version of this driver (NOT RECOMENDED).
  17. Hello, @Unchiu Gabi. My recommendation is to try to reduce your ETS graphics because the TruckersMP isn't so optimized as the Euro Truck Simulator 2. Another thing that you can do is update the graphic card driver. The last thing that you can do is ask for people who have the same graphic card as you have if they have the same problem. I hope I help you to solve your issue. If this doesn't solve, please, reply this topic.
  18. Hello, @jacky524. First, check your game version and your DLC. Your game version needs to be v1.39.x and you need the Going East, Going North (Scandinavia), Viva la France, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea and Road to the Black Sea. For more information about ProMods Compatibility, check: https://www.promods.net/compat.php?game=ets Another thing you can do is to download the ProMods again. Check if you have all files requested by ProMods and TruckersMP in mods folder If you have any question about how to install the promods, check out the TruckersMP
  19. Hello, @Jonas2803. For change the interior of your truck, you need to go in a Service Station and select the Truck Configurator option. In the Truck Configurator, select the last option, after, choose the Steering Wheel option. When you click, select the Steering Wheel which you like. In many cases, like the image above, you need a DLC to customize the truck. List of Customization DLC: Actros Tuning Pack (Mercedes) - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1056761/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Actros_Tuning_Pack/ FH Tuning Pack (
  20. Hello, @suleymansrk What you can try to do is allow that the steam support generic gamepads. To do this, you need to go in Steam > Settings: In Settings, go in Controller tab, after in General Controller Settings: When you click in General Controller Settings, the Steam will open the Big Picture with some options. Click in the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support option. If you're using a PlayStation, Xbox or Switch Pro Controller, you need you choose the option which match as your controller
  21. Poland



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      Ooo, my country :D

      Great picture!

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      ALLIANCE Rubens

      @Unnamed88008, I enjoyed exploring Poland on Going East. One day, I'll travel to Poland and see this beautiful landscape.

    4. [ETS2MCG] Masunio

      [ETS2MCG] Masunio

      What a great photo! ❤️ 

  22. In my opinion, he could add the 180km/h option.
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