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  1. Even though I haven't played ETS2/ATS for a while I still prefer TMP because i don't have anyone to play with on SCSmp
  2. After a quite long break from TMP, this game is still going on
  3. Oman ?? (only one existing to this day country that starts with letter "O")
  4. End? I guess it won't happen anytime soon
  5. I played Cities Skylines some time ago but I stopped. I can't exactly explain why, but I think I lost my interest in playing games. Maybe because I have way less time now and I have other things that interest me more? So I don't play as much as I used to a few moths ago. Recently, I moved to Transport Fever 2 that with mods also can be treated as a city builder and it has more ascpects for transport which is my main hobby. Maybe I'll come back to Cities Skylines some time in the future. Currently I have 730 played hours in Cities Skylines (most of it was looking at the loading screen)
  6. Mostly trucks' and other vehicles' sounds. Imo, some truck engines in game sound like a coffee grinder or something like that and doesn't seem to sound like the irl ones (maybe there are little similarities) . Also, horns. You've maybe noticed that there is a horn that sounds like a duck and in previous game versions it was nearly undetectable for human ear even on high volume. There are also other kinds of horns in game that sound bad for me. Of course it's not all sounds that need to be updated. SCS has very good equipment to record the sounds, but the sound processing after they finished the recordings is at a low level.
  7. I think I'm lost... I can't get to the town named "Ausfahrt" in Germany. Can somebody help me?
  8. If I could change one thing in ETS2, it would be definitely the sounds.
  9. You were the winner for 6 minutes so what do you mean?
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