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  1. Thanks for help, problem solved
  2. hi, on april 5th i added some reports, it's been 5 days and no one has responded to the reports, is everything all right?
  3. @LogRol @Somehow Lucky Thanks for information. Im install Medal program, I will also check nvidia shadow. Thanks
  4. @Lucas._ yes, I will have to upgrade my computer. Thanks
  5. @Slusher34 Yes i have the latest drivers. I have scale set to 100% and MSAA and DOF turned off. @Agricultor [PT] i will check it and let you know. EDIT: GPU 100%. CPU 30-70% sometimes it even drops to 30% and then there are fps drops. I wonder what causes the graphics card and processor not to be 100% used? @AYMΛN no, it happens even in an empty area. @Halaskâr I recently cleaned my computer, it wasn't very dusty. As for the specs of the computer, you're right, I want to completely upgrade it in a while. Im use google translator sorry for mistakes
  6. @Somehow Lucky Thanks. Can you recommend a game recording program that doesn't put too much strain on the computer?
  7. Hello. I have a problem with random FPS drops. For example, I'm driving along the road and I see decreasing FPS to the point that I have to stop on the side of the road helps to temporarily minimize the game then the FPS returns to normal. Sometimes there are fps drops and after a while it goes away and it's back to normal. How to fix it ? i have a desktop computer the temperatures are ok. I have disabled everything in the TruckerMP settings regarding the flags and accessories inside the truck. I also reduced the render distance. AMD FX 6300 GTX 750 2GB RAM: 16GB DDR3 Motherboard: 970A-DS3P
  8. @Flaming. @Soul Contracts @-DVD- @Stones8000 @Somehow Lucky https://imgur.com/a/q1S9KQG I have provided a link to my ban history. I was interested in the fact that I once avoided a permanent ban using a different account for this, it was in 2021. I really regret these bans and wanted to make sure if I could play normally and not be banned again. But reading your comments, I'm sure that I won't be banned. Now I follow the rules 100%. thanks everyone for the replies Im use google translator sorry for mistakes
  9. §2.8 - How bans are issued

    The first 3 bans are issued at the staff member’s discretion.

    The 4th ban is thirty days.

    The 5th ban and consecutive bans are ninety days. 


    I hope I could help you 

    1. FranzMaurerr


      Thanks for info 🙂

  10. Hello and welcome. I have a question about my account. See that all my bans have expired, which makes me very happy. But my question is what if I got a new ban now? Is it a permanent ban or a few days? Now exactly on my account so that no ban will come, because I've been playing ETS 2 MP since its debut, i.e. since 2014. Regards Im use google translator sorry for mistakes.
  11. chyba się dotarła po driftowaniu w the crew cicho sza pfu pfu na psa urok bo tak to tylko gralem ets 2 ,city car driving itp. Pozdrawiam
  12. Witam serdecznie dzisiaj pojawił się problemik kupiłem kierownicę 2 dni temu. Grywam często w ETS 2, City car driving teraz kręcąc kierownicą zauważyłem że kręcąc w lewo kierownica lekko piszczy natomiast w prawo jest cicho. Kierownica musi się dotrzeć czy jak ?.
  13. Rozumiem dziękuje wszystkim za informację. Dla PC brać G29 czy G290 czy to wedle gustu?.
  14. Witam proszę o pomoc. Lepiej brać używana G27 za 850 zł czy nowa G29 za 950zl + shifter z 170 zł?
  15. Jaka reinstalacja wystarczy odpalić truckersmp za pomocą administratora i zainstalować aktualizację i wtedy będzie można normalnie odpalać. Zanim ktoś coś napisze na forum niech popróbuje własnych sił.
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