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  1. Hello @SouthenLad This happens most often if you use a mod that doesn't work properly, if you have mods, you manipulate them 1 by 1 to choose which mod is causing the problem. If there are no mods, reduce your video settings you can also log in to steam and confirm the game files. The most extreme option is to simply uninstall and install a new one I hope my answer has helped you and I hope you return to the road soon without any problems

    I wish everyone a good ride and good night :wub:






    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Really beautiful photos 😍🥰:wub: wish you a good ride and good night too 😴🤗

    2. Nightmaree.
  3. Hello @[GER] 015IronTiger015 Hello You can find groups on Facebook that are for euro truck simulator and American truck simulator on facebook and post there an ad for your company with a short description and photos and people interested in contacting you on your Facebook page or other social network or platform . I hope this answer helps and wish you success in the development of your vtc
  4. Thanks For Following :wub:


    @MichaelDONG Please wait to go for the fish and wash the truck 🤣:wub:


    1. *Winged*


      Is that a new amphibious Volvo? 

    2. Nightmaree.
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  6. Hello @Herr Müller [GER], Personally, I could not see Idaho, but what I saw I liked, but my favorite state is Washington with its beautiful small and winding roads and forests, and that's exactly what I love.
  7. To like the forum, because here I met a lot of people who really won me over. I also like the friendly attitude and upbringing of everyone, unfortunately this is not the case in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian society is quite toxic and I avoid it.
  8. Hello @Matt From Wii Sports, This video can help you make three trailers. I hope this helps you
  9. Hello @KGM- (REC) - (LAG), You can only be banned if you use a hack or obscene language in chat or on the CB radio. Аll rules marked with a sign (*) do not rope into an arcade server. The full list of rules can be found here. If you have a ban on the arcade server and you think that it was issued illegally, you can appeal it here If you do not know how the appeal system works, I recommend you take a look at this guide I hope this answer answers your question
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