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  1. I have a total of 2178.3 hours for this time
  2. Happy birthday!! 🎉

    1. ilian kamenov

      ilian kamenov

      Thank you man 


  3. By changing icons on a GPS you simply cannot make the game more understandable, There's more to it than what you see. And game will never be better as long as there are trolls in the game blocking and ramming others. You want to bring realism to the game?
  4. I like the idea, but what trademark has said is true, but you never know what way TMP is gonna make it, example you can only turn it of when you at services, or inside a NCZ
  5. Very good suggestion +1. The only thing is I don't see any reason to have the VTC shown as it's not really needed when reporting them
  6. it would be nice if everyone stuck to at least stopping at red lights but i stick to speed-limit of the road and red lights just to be on the safe side i just dont trust anyone with traffic lights
  7. Muting someone on tab is a pain, especially driving with a mouse as you cannot steer
  8. True, but someones people decide to type while driving or if they don't want to stop and type, because its take a bit to get back to the speed you was at.
  9. I am not familiar with this idea, because it sounds like an idea for trolling users.
  10. Driver's attention should be on the road and the surroundings, not on the player's list or anything like that.
  11. Good idea, would show why someone wasn't moving while in a queue or collision or something. +1 from me
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