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  1. Driving at night is a uniquely peaceful experience that I thoroughly enjoy.
  2. Not joined this year its too much people make it huge lags freezing game people using horn like maniac I decided to not getting headache.
  3. I think more than 50%.
  4. I use 6 speed as I just don't like the fact that the truck is changing gear every second with a 12 speed. 6 speed gets you up to speed and through the gears much more nicely and quickly in my opinion. I only use 12 speed for my heavy cargo truck as it's better at pulling heavier cargo's especially on hills.
  5. We use it all the time
  6. I know I waited 1 hour from the old Duisburg city entrance to the repair shop
  7. I use the company paint
  8. I'm not a tyraji in reality
  9. I started playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 in 2016, when I was still in school and now I'm out to work
  10. I drive all American trucks
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