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  1. IethaI

    Question !

    Hi @PeRic Happy to hear that your question has been answered. Thank you everyone for your great answers. I will now be moving this thread to the correct section. //Locked & Moved to Solved.
  2. Getting ready for the VivaNL 1 Year Event this coming Saturday together with part of the Convoy Control Team.kmwfdkebh.png

  3. Niet vergeten!: 1 mei heizel 15:00.

    1. IethaI


      Haha zeker niet :)

  4. After quite some time finally did some jobs again on TMP. Luckily I wasn't alone for my journey, thanks to @Savage., @Mr Vantage and @rick50.





    1. RichManSCTV


      Sweet images!

  5. Very late drive to Russia from in Calais together with @Bull [NL].lwm82o5mwig2.png

  6. Just picked up my brand new Scania S from the Scania factory in Södertälje, Sweden. Thank you Prime Logistics for hiring me as a driver!



    1. [VIVA] Nik

      [VIVA] Nik

      Beautiful :love:

    2. g6org6


      Enjoy it! #PrimeLogistics

  7. Enjoyed the BlackSkill convoy! Here are some pictures from after the convoy.69b0map2.pnggdb1ces3hhiq.pngpqc0kn.png

  8. Enjoying a late drive with @Savage. in the snow. Don't mind us sliding from town to town! xhoaahds.png

  9. Of course made some time to be with my friend @Savage.

  10. Today there was the Aek Birthday Convoy where i was present as CC for both routes! Here are some screenshot from the event!
    Again Happy Birthday @[AHL] Aek177!!!

  11. Second convoy of the day :) Enjoying out drives in the Baltic DLC!
    With @Bonnm @Savage. @Ali. @sanamaria and @-XCE- came in at the end!


  12. Thank you #PinkTeam for the amazing convoy!!
    @MHT_ @GGF MD @DarkOwl @InvisibleRaptor @AdaBey @EHHVTC I Ollie l #BLUE19 @Dominik (iFlufy) @Soul Knight @EPS!LON

    I also want to apologize for those that created a Support Ticket but as you can see we where all enjoying a small break from our work, I hope you guys don't mind ;)

  13. Congratulations Aliboo as I like to call you ;) You really deserve this promotion, you have worked hard for it! <3 

    1. Ali.


      Thanks a lot leefal ;) <3 

  14. Enjoyed a nice late night drive with a couple of others. Thanks for letting me drive with you all!go7xpf.png

  15. IethaI

    What will be the first Map DLC in 2019?

    I personally think that they Balkan region is the first DLC in 2019. Why I think this? Well SCS has said before that they are exploding into a new side of the map. It will be the biggest DLC yet, and the Balkan are is pretty large. The Balkan area can also connect to the base game map by Roads. That is my reasoning for saying the Balkan will be next.