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  1. Just some pics from after the #BlueEyes2019 Event.


    1. Jose C

      Jose C

      Nice pictures I like it :D :wub:


      Greetings from Costa Rica

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      great photos :wub:

  2. Well, congratz my boi!!!!!!!!!! GoodLuck!

    1. Savage.


      Thank you leefal boi :love:

  3. Well, idk how I should start this off. This has been one of the best days, but also one of the most sad ones. After 7 months within the wonderful Support Team I sadly left today due to personal reasons. But then again on the same day one of my best friends joins the TruckersMP Team, congratz @Savage. you really deserve this and thank you for the support you give me. On this day was also the wonderful #BlueEyes2019 Charity Event where I was a part of the team for all of the routes. Which was an amazing experience to be a part in this wonderful event. 

    Anyways, that is my rant done with. Enjoy your day/night everyone.
    - lethal

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    2. Rico.


      :( hope to see u back soon

    3. davidd


      Thanks for everything you for in the community lethal! :wub:

    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Thank you for everything you have done for us. I will miss you :( 

  4. Going to be weird not seeing you in that pretty pink colour anymore :(

    1. IethaI


      I will miss it :( 


  5. Hello :) I wish you good luck in personal life and , i hope , that you will back soon in team ! 



    With Best regards


  6. Thank you for everything, I will miss you in the team but I hope to see you back one day - take care :wub:

    1. IethaI


      Thank you for everything Ali! Maybe one day.

  7. Good luck mate!

    1. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      Sry, its duplicated idk how

    2. IethaI


      No worries xD


  8. Good luck mate!

  9. I'll miss you leefal :pepecry: <3

    1. IethaI


      I will miss this to, but again congratz you deserve this role!

  10. Kampioen mah man

  11. Always fun to drive around Europe with some friends. Thanks for the drive @Bull [NL] @[VIVA] Zulnicktafte!!!


    1. Bull [NL]

      Bull [NL]

      Indeed always fun to drive :blink:

  12. Hello, The question has been answered. Thank you to everyone that helped answer this question! // Locked & moved to Solved
  13. IethaI

    Question !

    Hi @PeRic Happy to hear that your question has been answered. Thank you everyone for your great answers. I will now be moving this thread to the correct section. //Locked & Moved to Solved.
  14. Getting ready for the VivaNL 1 Year Event this coming Saturday together with part of the Convoy Control Team.kmwfdkebh.png

  15. Niet vergeten!: 1 mei heizel 15:00.

    1. IethaI


      Haha zeker niet :)