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  1. Update 1.32 for ATS

    Heavy Haul trailers are not in the beta currently.
  2. I listen to a radio station of my country or no music while driving just listening to the sounds of my truck.
  3. I would also like Rigid trucks and military trailers would be a nice addition to.
  4. Goodluck with your birthday event, hope you guys have fun in it.
  5. that road looks beautiful to drive on and with a heavy load it would be a real challenge
  6. How is ETS 2

    ETS2 is one of the games I have enjoyed most of the games that I have bought so far. It is also the game where I have the most hours invested in so for me it was definitely worth the purchase.
  7. Best of luck with your event, and I hope you can reach your target goal.
  8. [SCS Blog] Countryside and Nature

    It definitely looks good already, I can't wait for the release of this DLC.
  9. Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    The new update will make is nicer for convoys that you can all have your own painted trailers to match the rest.
  10. Setup?

    G29 and shifter for both ATS and ETS2. And a budget gaming pc
  11. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    I don't drive to much on the C-D road and when I do I see about the same amount of crashes with trucks as scouts.
  12. I have around 15, but it is because I only started recording recently.
  13. Server Synchronized Gates

    This would definitely be a good addition to the game.
  14. Upcoming Map DLCs

    Really looking forwards to both the DLCs
  15. What is the best DLC to ETS

    I like the newest map DLC's the most but the tuning packs I also enjoy having.