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    Fjords of Norway, close to Bergen
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    TruckersMP for 6 years, Real life trucking, Fly-fishing, gaming and computers/electronics.
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    Arizona: Phoenix
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    Norway: Bergen
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    Norwegian, english, danish, swedish and understand a little german

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  1. thanks for the follow @AndrewNOR

  2. Thanks for follow!

  3. Yes! Thanks for the answer! Then I dont need to search anymore for the white one
  4. thx for follow


  5. Anyone know if the white asphalt miller load is replaced with the red one? Hasnt seen the white one for a while
  6. Thanks for follow 😍

    1. :::~! NTD SL_TMP !~::

      :::~! NTD SL_TMP !~::


  7. Hey! I do the triple-trailer just for the challange. Looking for difficult spots to make "fake deliveries" Some realy nice spots in Norway og Wales! Also Noorfood got some tight deliveries behind the groceryshops. One is in Orkanger outside Trondheim. You are also able to keep driving the road outside the map passing Noorfood. There are also som dirtroads and tight places too in that area.
  8. Enjoying small roads in Sweden, PROMODs


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  10. Yeah I ment Patron van. Thanks for the answer m8
  11. Tested know... Yeah nice design, but I got backseats, and outside its a 2 seats van I love the physics alos, realy nice to drive!
  12. Anyone figured out how to change the color on Patron van?
  13. Enjoying Norway tonight!

    Safe trucking ProMods



  14. Thank you for the follow!

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