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    Fjords of Norway, close to Bergen
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    TruckersMP for 6 years, Real life trucking, Fly-fishing, gaming and computers/electronics.
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    Arizona: Phoenix
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    Norway: Bergen
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    Norwegian, english, danish, swedish and understand a little german

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  1. Happy birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  2. thanks for the follow @AndrewNOR

  3. Thanks for follow!

  4. Yes! Thanks for the answer! Then I dont need to search anymore for the white one
  5. thx for follow


  6. Anyone know if the white asphalt miller load is replaced with the red one? Hasnt seen the white one for a while
  7. Thanks for follow 😍

    1. :::~! NTD SL_TMP !~::

      :::~! NTD SL_TMP !~::


  8. Enjoying small roads in Sweden, PROMODs


  9. Thanks for follow 😃

  10. Enjoying Norway tonight!

    Safe trucking ProMods



  11. Thank you for the follow!

  12. Nice picture! Where did you find that dirtroad?
  13. Thanks for follow m8!


    Er du norsk? 😃

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AndrewNOR


      Kun kjørt Scania for ASKO Norge 🤭

      Er det noen norske på discord som er å kjører MP? Finner ingen, bare småunger 🤔

    3. CookieTho


      Ahh, Scania er best 😄 herlig! hørt mye bra om ASKO

      Er endel Norske folk ja, det er bare å prate i den norske chatten så finner du nok noen der 🙂 

    4. AndrewNOR


      Ja er i norsk chat men ingen med "tale" 🤣

  14. Its so cool with the winter mod, and realistic! Specialy in Scandinavian and Island
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