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  1. Dang You Was A Great Mate Hope You Come Back! 

  2. Thank you for everything you brought :tmp:!

    Good luck in the future and with Prime ☺️🙌😉

  3. so sorry to see you go. we will miss you hope you come back!

  4. Nooooo Bro! Not you too! 😭😭😭😭


    What ever happens. You know where I will be 😛 Take it easy bro. DM me sometime! 

  5. So sorry to see you go. We will certainly miss you. Thank you though for everything that you've done for TruckersMP.

  6. Sad to see and hear you left the TruckersMP Team, however I soud like to say a big thanks for your hardwork on TruckersMP Community! 💜💜 


    Hope, in one day you will JOIN back.

    Good Luck in your personal life




  7. It's sad to hear your leaving news,thank you for what you have done for TruckersMP,we'll miss you!❤️

  8. This is sad news, I hope you will return to the team soon😭

  9. We go miss you Matt! Take care yourself! I hope we can see you back in the team in soon. 😭😩💗

  10. We will miss you Matt, 2 years spending your time for TMP no one will forget that, thanks for your hard work!
    Don't forget to take care and see you on the road! 🥰

  11. Welcome to the retired team ❤️


  12. yo peeps 👋

    If you haven't seen already, I have left the TruckersMP Team. It’s my own decision based on the fact that I have very little time for TruckersMP anymore and not much motivation either.
    Thanks to everyone who has shared kind messages, it's much appreciated 🙂 

    It’s been such a privilege working in the Community Management team for TruckersMP and I thank the amazing colleagues whilst in my post for everything they’ve done.
    I’ll still be around in the community but focusing more on Prime Logistics 😎All the best to those in TruckersMP Staff ❤️

  13. A_MIT

    ❤️ Thanks for you hard work 😄

    1. Matt


      much appreciated!

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