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  1. Good Evening PEPS

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jackspero14


      Great Watching ATS Summer Race. 😎 WBU? 

    3. Winter~


      I was kinda researching on something , hope you have enjoyed yourself.

    4. jackspero14
  2. Congrate Bro @Shayrin😀

    1. Shayrin


      Thank you.

  3. What A scenery PC By @Muzammil_Baloch LOve Yua Mate ❤️😍spacer.png

    1. Winter~


      The scenery looks very beautiful and an excellent pic. A small tip when taking pics, Try to hide name-tags or chat. To do so f11 is for tag and f9 is for chat. Good luck :) . 

    2. jackspero14


      Thanks @Winter~ next time i will remember your tip

    3. Winter~
  4. Some Red Beauty ❤️


  5. So i am curious to know that can i upload ETS 2 pictures here
  6. Good Evening Gyz i hope You All doing great ❤️😀😍

  7. Thank you for the follow.

    1. jackspero14


      No problem bro, keep up the good work and thanks for your service.

  8. whats up gyz i hope y'all doing great, with this world new situation..


    1. Winter~


      Yup good and bad. Hope the world would be cured soon :) .

    2. jackspero14


      Well Hope is the last thing we do, For now.

  9. Thanks You all for help i Activate Account..
  10. So in may profile Account Status: Not Activated , so my question is how to activate my account
  11. so i was wonder that can i use my console in TMP for Free Fly Camera i am curious ??
  12. jackspero14


    yeah thats right
  13. jackspero14


    so i am wonder that, every body playing this game some plays as RPG so i was thinking that it is possible to role play as strike because of not enough payment we getting from companies and i want that will be in an event which all truckers role play as protest and block rods for an hour or maybe half hour role play as protester in game server
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