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  1. I am attaching the list of my dlc.
  2. Personally, the map extensions that I liked the most are Scandinavia, the Black Sea, and I also add the DLC France as they added Corsica. Have a good trip!
  3. It depends on the people, you can find some who say that the old one is better and others who say that the new one is better. I personally prefer the new one and also recommend it. Have a good trip, I hope I have been helpful.
  4. JoxyS

    Preferred truck brand

    At the moment my favorite truck is the Renault. I leave you a screenshot.
  5. I prefer access colors like purple, dark blue and similar colors. I’ll leave you a screen of my truck. The truck has a company livery. Have a good trip! https://ibb.co/28yZY0f
  6. There are many roads, I recommend those of Iceland but also those of Romania and Egypt etc.
  7. JoxyS

    Favorite Road

    In ETS2 there are many beautiful roads. According to my experience there are beautiful roads both in the base map and in Promods. I advise you to make the roads that are in Iceland since they are full of snow and are also quite narrow, you have a lot of fun walking them. Other roads that I recommend are those of Romania with wonderful landscapes and very fun roads to walk. These are the best places in Promods in my opinion. Other routes that I recommend to do in the base map are those of the DLC Scandinavia. Have a good trip!
  8. The speed limits on servers are divided into two: City: 60km/h Outside the city: 110km/h If you are a player who wants to "simulate" real life, I recommend the servers with the speed limiter. Otherwise if you just want to have fun and go at the speed of your choice you can go to the Arcade servers.
  9. Euro_Truck_Simulator_2_Multiplayer_09_03_2020_00_30_01.thumb.jpg.013d2b8ad297126b0326dfdfcc70ca80.jpg

    1. Milo665 [BE]

      Milo665 [BE]

      Neat picture (Nice FPS :troll:)

    2. Kiv.


      Nice picture and truck! :wow:

    3. JoxyS


      Thanks @k1v3n

  10. JoxyS

    Overtake C-D

    Follow the speed limits and see how fast the other trucks go. Adapt to their speed and if you have to overtake do it where possible! Pay close attention and have a good trip!
  11. A word of advice, do not carry trains on the C-D. I think it's crazy and there is also a very high risk of accidents. I recommend making a convoy on other less busy roads. Have a good trip.
  12. I will try your route and let you know! Have a good trip!
  13. JoxyS


    I give you some advice, do not abuse the save-editing as the rules have become much stricter than before and you can run into a permanent ban
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