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  1. Dear community,

    Exactly  4 years  on May 22, 2019 something great was born here, the  VTC Auf Achse  was born.

    Since then 4 long years have passed, we had many highs with a lot of laughter but also sad moments with many tears. 

    I have always tried in my spare time to offer you all here a place where you can play together with others, a place where the origin, the character and everything else does not matter, but the common is in the foreground. My goal was always to create a big stable community that is always there for each other. 

    As you know, in such moments I am not one of the big and long words, the tears that just flow, are tears of joy, tears that prove and underline how proud I am of you and this great project. 

    I thank you all for the unforgettable time and hope that it will continue to progress and we will continue to build this extraordinary place together and have many more years of fun together.

    (-> Kev is now getting a beer and drinking a toast to you  )


    Your  Kev Hapunkt 

  2. Congratulations 🥳 

    Sizin gibi insanlara ihtiyacımız var, burada da harika bir iş çıkaracaksınız.

  3. Happy New Year to you all. Stay Strong and Helthy in 2023. ❤️

  4. Monthly Public Convoy

    -> 21.01.2022
    -> Euro Truck Simulator 2
    -> Simulation 2

    -> Meeting -> 7:00 pm UTC
    -> Departure -> 8:00 pm UTC

    -> Oslo - Container Port
    -> Kristianstad - Polar Lines

    -> Scandinavia
    http://-> https://truckersmp.com/events/4114


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