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  1. "Equally however, we still intend to deal with those who cause serious issues in-game, that impacts upon players severely, with stringent moderation actions." In what way stricter penalties? Do you mean the 7 days that everyone is afraid of? Well, for example, if there are 3 weeks for overtaking inside a traffic jam at the level crossing on the c/d route, then I agree, but the ridiculous 7 days is "a soft penalty, not a "hard" one".
  2. Man, things are starting to happen at TMP - I like that. ^_- The new chat system now no longer looks like it's from 2006, but keeps up with the times and looks "newfangled". However, there is only one small thing that bothers me: I would put the chat messages a bit further down again, like it was before. I think that looks better and you don't have all the messages in the middle of the screen. New: https://imgur.com/a/Pxlr8VE Old: https://imgur.com/a/aGDQypo
  3. :mlg_doge: hi

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      hi can i talk to der joey 


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  4. Such things should always go directly into the feedback-system (support-system) to quickly report possible bugs, let alone clear up misunderstandings.
  5. I would say the 1.33-1.34, because if you wanted to play TruckersMP and went back to the old version, your game profile was broken afterwards and you were out of luck. The time was simply legend. :pog:
  6. Hellow, Many wish it and I am also a fan of it, as it gives TruckersMP another positive step towards realism. If you look at the post, something like this has been suggested in the past and Smoky has already put it on //accepted. I think this is on the development list and will be worked on in the near future. So we can certainly look forward to that
  7. I think some things can be answered here for you in terms of application etc. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/27
  8. Due to the fact that these have been relaxed for weeks, I think they need to be tightened up again. Since the players don't take the admins seriously now anyway, let alone the rules, these people simply have to be punished more severely again.
  9. Is available on Steam for 8.99 euros. K NP :kappa:bai




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      Really? Again 😂

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  10. This has been addressed several times in the past, synchronization is related and due to certain game-groups this is not possible. (I think that's how I understood it at the time.)
  11. 180? I think it starts now, doesn't it? Where in this world does a normal truck do 180? Then you have to play in singleplayer if you are convinced of that, simple.
  12. Yeesh , That's no use. At that time it was also so that on EU1 were about 700-900 players, there you had your peace. On EU2 were all as chaotic as we SIM1 experience today. EU3 was then rather a server where also not many played like for example the US SIM server on ETS. Well, it's just MY forecast. We are now back to the current state of things as they were more or less back then. I think due to the rapid decline of players in 2020/2021, TMP did not want to lose all the players and had to react accordingly and bring "new" content and have therefore made in a very short time the changes that are in place today. As mentioned before we are still a game, but not a Forza 5, GTA 5 or any other racing game. As I already suggested, we should still have servers for people who want it to be realistic, just so it's divided fairly! Also, despite the failed project "Road to Simulation", you could continue to work on it and open a server where exactly these things are continued and developed. As long as we continue to drive at 150 km/h, there must be changes regarding the penalties and they should be tightened again! Since Luna has joined the team again, I hope that such changes can be achieved in the next few months until summer at the latest.
  13. The update included a revision of the C/D road, as well as a higher speed limit on our servers after weeks of voting. There was criticism about the 150 km/h speed limit on our servers. In the context of the other changes to the C/D track, which I think is really worth a look, I think the 150 km/h limit on our servers is also harmful. We see that players more or less "came back" after the update to be able to drive fast again. It may be that the "Road to Simulation" project has failed. But why shouldn't we continue to work on it and consider more optional steps that deserve this title? Now we support again those who only do shit with this speed and can't even keep your own trucks under control at 110 km/h. If we can already go 150 km/h again (on all servers except SIM1), why don't they make a decision that is fair for everyone? I intentionally left out the [US] sim and the [SGP] sim because in my eyes it doesn't make sense to operate these two servers since hardly anyone plays on them. Euro Truck Simulator 2 -Simulation 1; Speed limit 90/99 km/h, collision, road rules -Simulation 2; Speed limit 150 km/h, collision, road rules (You should find another name, because it has nothing to do with "simulation") -Arcade; Speed limit 150 km/h, no collision -Promods; Speed limit 90/99km/h, collision, road rules -Promods-Arcade; Speed limit 150km/h, no collision American Truck Simulator -[US] Simulation; Speed limit 120/130km/h - 74mph, collision, road rules -[US] Arcade; Speed limit 150 km/h - 93 mph, no collision In my eyes, that's pretty fair, since both sides benefit, right? I mean many wanted the 150 km/h now they have their 150 km/h server. In addition, the players then come at their expense who wanted to have a realistic server. If at least a server would appear, on which realism is really built, then more players would participate and keep TruckersMP alive. ( with caution expressed "keep alive"). In addition, the changes in penalties need to be reconsidered. I notice that since the change to 150 km/h on all servers (except sim1), a large number of players tend to mess up more and intentionally break the rules. Even if the admins should not be so strict in the sense of the players, the players should first have more respect for the people who sacrifice their free time for this project. The topic of respect has simply slipped into the mud in recent years, affecting both TMP staff and players! The current penalties for overtaking in a traffic jam or similar cannot and should not be punished with 7 days, as such things are done deliberately. In this regard, such things should continue to be punished with 15 to 21 days. It's enough that the permanent bans have been abolished for the most part, but a no tolerance policy must be maintained for certain things like racism! It does not matter if something slipped out or not! We'll see what happens with the update, maybe this will be discontinued in the next 2 months who knows. With these words, stay healthy.
  14. I think it's a shame that the changes are made for the people who are constantly whining about only being able to drive 110 km/h. Now we are back to the state of 2018/19 and again have two servers with 110 and 150 km/h. The people who really want to drive realistically for them there are no changes e.g. that you can only drive 90 km/h on SIM1. If you want to implement Formula 1 after, then you should develop the project in such directions. Simply a pity.
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