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  1. Curve

    About illegal refitting

    Your question may be better answered here:
  2. Curve


    I dont think it was ever intended to work in MP. For the Heavy Haul DLC, the developers of TMP had to craft up trailers with similar specifications for people that didn't own the DLC, otherwise they'd hit invisible trailers they didn't know were there. This alone would take weeks of work to prep, as it did for them to get the Heavy Haul DLC ready for both ETS2 and ATS. Also, imagine everyone driving around with huge trailers, blocking traffic, trolling, etc. Finally, they'd have to add AI to the traffic, a feat in itself. Now imagine a troll keeps wrecking your escorts and making you fail repeatedly.
  3. Thank you for posting this!
  4. Goodnight everyone.. 24 hours of work tomorrow.. booooo!

    1. BlackSkill


      Good Night ;)  

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a nice dream :) 

  5. Curve

    Special Transport Released!

    All I gotta say is.. the helicopter chassis is LOOOONNNGGG!
  6. Curve

    What coding languages do you know?

    BASIC (Extremely Old) HTML PHP (Some) Python (Some)
  7. Curve

    Special Transport DLC ?

    The Special Transport DLC will not likely be added to MP. It was not added for ETS2 either when it was released. The reason is most likely that it will create traffic hazards, and they would need to implement AI traffic which does not currently exist in MP.
  8. Game: ATS Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G27, Mega Shifter Description of Issue: Volvo VNL Horn is audible to other players, but the air horn is not. Same issue occurred when W900 was added to ATS. The icon for the horn appears next to their name, but no sound is audible. How to reproduce: Use air horn on Volvo VNL, ask other players if they can hear it. Screenshots / Videos: N/A
  9. Curve

    kicked due to VNL skins

    I was going to say, that tweet was about the truck itself. The skins are a different issue. I made a bug report about it.
  10. Curve

    Trailer Plate

    Purchase the trailer and store it in a garage in the UK, save your game, then edit it.
  11. Curve

    Trailer Plate

    You can change your plate by a bit of save editing. There are plenty of tutorials on doing it out there.
  12. Curve

    Selecting Cargo

    You can do this by choosing External Contracts (World of Trucks jobs). It is the only way though.
  13. Curve

    Error When Starting TruckersMP Launcher

    Thanks everyone, it's fixed!
  14. Getting this error when attempting to start the TruckersMP launcher. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher; same error. Anyone else run into this?