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  1. Happy Birtday!

  2. Happy Birthday 😍

  3. Happy Birtday! 🥳

  4. Happy Birthday! 

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. We'll miss you. 😢 

  7. Buddy, welcome back

    1. Skrollz


      Welcome back! 

  8. Welcome back! 

  9. Oh look at this guy, back to GM!
    Is it a bird is it a plane? Oh nvm you can't fly sorry.

  10. Nice to see you back as GM!

    Hope to see you around ;)

  11. Oh noes not you again as a GM.
    jk, Goodluck :) and welcome back!

  12. Welcome back in the TruckersMP Team! :thisisfine::wub: 

  13. Happy Birthday Shadmeeeen! :wub::D

  14. Happy Birthday kiwi

  15. Andddd.... Thats a wrap for the week!


    I wish you all a Happy Easter and Enjoy the break for those who get extra time off work.

    And for those who have to work, Absolute champs!


    See you all next week <3 :wub:

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