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  1. Nice to see you back as GM!

    Hope to see you around ;)

  2. Oh noes not you again as a GM.
    jk, Goodluck :) and welcome back!

  3. Welcome back in the TruckersMP Team! :thisisfine::wub: 

  4. Happy Birthday Shadmeeeen! :wub::D

  5. Happy Birthday kiwi

  6. Andddd.... Thats a wrap for the week!


    I wish you all a Happy Easter and Enjoy the break for those who get extra time off work.

    And for those who have to work, Absolute champs!


    See you all next week <3 :wub:

  7. Join us, or don't.. I mean.. Really its up to you.. But I would love to see you there! Ollie is only making his staff work the entire event with no sleep ;)

    No but on a serious note, I would love to see you all their to support this amazing event!



    1. EHHVTC - Ollie

      EHHVTC - Ollie

      You really do have a way with words, alastair.

      Thanks.. :kappa:

  8. When @EHHVTC - Ollie spends all night doing media things with me for something... Coming Soon......









    More news to be announced over at The Events Community: https://discord.gg/SjSTaKA


    New event, coming to a ETS2 near you!

    1. EHHVTC - Ollie

      EHHVTC - Ollie

      Fun times, Alastair.


  9. Congratulations.

  10. Congratulations:wub:

  11. Congrats! Welcome back.

  12. Congratulations!

  13. Why did you ban me for no reason. Please respond to my appeal and provide evidence.

    1. Dziada


      Dear RobertH,


      The forums is not the correct place to talk about bans.


      You can appeal your ban here --> https://www.truckersmp.com/appeals

      If you are unhappy with the outcome of your appeal, or you have not received a reply on your appeal for 3 days, or you would like to complain about a staff member, you can do so through the feedback system, which can be found here --> https://www.truckersmp.com/feedback


      If you have any other questions, feel free to message me.


      //Locked Status Update

  14. image.png.5c9b5f653afb0b411c3bb078eb4d8202.png


    @KrazyMudkip Has a point.