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  1. Have some patience. It'll get claimed eventually, no report goes unchecked.
  2. After 6000 bajillion years, I've learned how to use Sony Vegas.
  3. They are mostly used for convoys and events, or you can also use them to free-roam the map.
  4. Suggestion Name: T-72 Main Battle Tank Suggestion Description: Add a T-72 MBT in TruckersMP available for game moderators (the 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun MUST be functional to blow up reckless drivers and blockers) Any example images: Why it should be added: The police car and AdminView clearly aren't enough to minimize the amount of trolls in this platform.
  5. Saying that the Scout car is the problem and not the dimwits driving them is like saying that the reason for divorce is marriage.
  6. this is a truck game we dont need more buses
  7. are you ok in the head how is it "LOGICAL" to not perma ban literal CHEATERS, all they want is to cause chaos and theyre gonna continue doing it the moment they get unbanned how will it increase the numbers if we start unbanning cheaters????
  8. my Mom said that so yea they are healthy and I recommend Yes I also love nuggies too Im glad that I can agree with other people in here because at school they all bully me for liking nuggies so yea thats awesome I think
  9. Yes I agree my mom makes them for me every day and they are very good and will give you muscles so yea they are very nice I also like chicken tendies and chicken nuggies and yea they are awesome I think also I also like vegetables they are very good for your health and you will be very more taller and stronger so yea
  10. Hello am 13 years old and am asking question if you like dino nuggies and everythign else also please dont bully me for this because it is not cool ok thank you have safe roundabout day ok
  11. And people are gonna start abusing it when they encounter someone breaking a rule other than hacking
  12. The rear-view mirror definitely should be fixed
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