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  1. Yeah I love the new 1.40 graphics very much. In my opinion through the new 1.40 graphics this game looks like a completely different game.
  2. Vielen Dank für den Follow Michi 🙂 !


  3. I always use Nividia Shadowplay because I think it is the easiest.
  4. Unfortunately, I have not bought this new dlc yet because it is still too expensive for me. I think 18€ for an DLC is a little bit too expensive and I would buy it when it has a discount.
  5. I really like modern trucks with digital speedometer displays and a clean inner space. I prefer this trucks because I think this is the future and in a few years it is the new normal but unfortunately only the Scania S has this displays.
  6. Thanks for your follow ❤️

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    SpedV anniversary convoy 

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