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  1. Congratulations 😄

  2. Thanks for the follow! 🤗

  3. Convoy of Simulations Jobbörse 


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    2. .Pedro.




    3. [EG] Zemtron

      [EG] Zemtron

      Nice little Mercedes-Benz. Did you now that a mercedes benz are not cheap.

    4. Lena'
  4. On tour with @[EG] lohnuand @[EG] Elten [GER]. Euro Group ❤️


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    2. Lena'


      Nice Volvo 

    3. [EG] Michi [GER]
    4. [EG] Michi [GER]

      [EG] Michi [GER]

      @[EG] ZemtronWhen I drive the next time I drive Mercedes for you! xD

  5. Hey, you can also write to some VTC because maybe some of they would like to attend at this event. In my opinion is this the best way to advertise an event.
  6. In my opinion it is not the end for Truckers MP because Truckers MP have a so big community and in the new "Convoy" mode from SCS you can drive with only 7 other people. In my opinion the new "Convoy" mode is no competition for Truckers MP.
  7. Thanks For Follow!

  8. Thanks for follow ❤️ 

    1. [EG] Michi [GER]

      [EG] Michi [GER]

      No problem and thanks for your follow! 😄

  9. Thank you for your follow. ❤️

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