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Found 9 results

  1. It's been a few days since support for 1.40 and the Iberia DLC came out for TruckersMP. What do you all think of it so far? Does it run well? and what's your favorite city in the Iberia DLC so far?
  2. Hello everyone, Are your reactions on the forum enough for you in a day? Should the reactions limit be decreased or increased? I'm waiting for your thoughts.
  3. Do you use local mod? What Are Your Views On This If You Are Using It?
  4. (China)_ [D.S * team] the team's first new year's couplet, from a small 3-person intermodal transport to an average of 10, is really hard work. There are 33 team members in one month. I'm very happy. It's really amazing. Please look forward to it. The first joint activity on January 24 China
  5. Hello everyone! I want to know your opinion about the following topic: As I am driving down the cd-route, there are many players coming up and I see, some of them just safe-edited their headlights to make them green, but the rest is having white headlights. In real life, many trucks are having xenon, LED or halogen headlights, means, they are bright blue, blue and yellow. I'd really love to select it in the future, but let me know your opinion. -Captain Nivaro-
  6. Just out of interest, how would some of you guys like to see smaller places in between the cities, like towns and villages or other smaller cities that haven't been made placed into the game for added realism and a sense of a bigger country because if you're like me, one you will think that is cool and two the UK specifically to me feels a bit small and feels like a drive around the GTA 5 map rather than a full fledged country. Personally don't have this feeling anywhere else due to trains and ferries being spread really far apart where as it feels like every job out of the UK leaves the UK an
  7. Chenarx


  8. Sevgili Truckersmp Türk kullanıcıları, Truckersmp internet sitesinde, Türkçe olarak yapılan raporlara maalesef ki Türk adminler anın da müdahale edemiyor. Adminlerin özel hayatı olduğunu, sorumlulukları olduğunu ben ve diğer mağdur kullanıcılar biliyor fakat Türk admin sayısının artması ile bu durumun çözüleceği kanaatindeyim. Şuan ki admin sayısı, Türk kullanıcı sayı ortalamasının çok çok altında kalmış durumda. Online modun yarısından fazlasını neredeyse Türk kullanıcılar oluşturuyor. Lütfen forum yöneticileri ve Türk oyun adminlerinin bu durumu üst yönetim
  9. Nofoente

    Fps fall

    Good night! Is it true that the new DLC of the flags is doing fps drop fps fall? What is the reason? If it's true!
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