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Found 14 results

  1. C0rrupt


  2. Hey there, I was curious so I decided to run a poll, Are you in a VTC? And are you in one dedicated VTC or multiple? if yes/no, why? I want to hear from you Regards, Riley
  3. Sevgili Truckersmp Türk kullanıcıları, Truckersmp internet sitesinde, Türkçe olarak yapılan raporlara maalesef ki Türk adminler anın da müdahale edemiyor. Adminlerin özel hayatı olduğunu, sorumlulukları olduğunu ben ve diğer mağdur kullanıcılar biliyor fakat Türk admin sayısının artması ile bu durumun çözüleceği kanaatindeyim. Şuan ki admin sayısı, Türk kullanıcı sayı ortalamasının çok çok altında kalmış durumda. Online modun yarısından fazlasını neredeyse Türk kullanıcılar oluşturuyor. Lütfen forum yöneticileri ve Türk oyun adminlerinin bu durumu üst yönetime bildirmesini rica ediyorum. Sizde mağdur olmayın, bizde olmayalım. Kerem.
  4. I would like to discuss the large scale and long-term effects of removing NCZ in all delivery/pick up points in all of TMP. The reason I would like to discuss this, is because it seems to me that a huge amount of players actually love experiencing massive traffic, traffic jams and the "chaos" it brings. My basis for this claim: Calais, Duisburg and CD-road. I drove through them this Sunday at their busiest to see what the fuzz is about, and luckily it was actually a fairly pleasant experience due to the effective admin work at the time. However, when I arrived in the cities, there were probably 20+ trucks inside every single depot, which made it near impossible to enter or exit without causing damage. Not to mention the fps drop this overload of trucks caused. It was down at 4-5 fps for me inside the city limits. I think this happens because people get away with being able to park their trailers without ANY limit to how many can park at any one time. This is why we get this absolute overload of trucks inside a crowded city. If there were limits to how many trucks and trailers you could fit inside a depot (hence collision zone activated), then you would also get much better fps as well, since there would be less overall amount of trucks in any city. Now, why would removing NCZ be ANY good you might wonder? There are a couple of things. Firstly, it will remove the gains from overtaking standstill traffic. You won't get to deliver faster by skipping the wait, it will only get you banned(eventually). On a larger scale, it will cause even more traffic jams, at even more cities. What this means, is that you no longer have to explicitly go to CD road to experience that amount of traffic. You will experience it at many more places around central europe because of the natural limits of depots and cities. And let's be real, nobody is going to sit in traffic for hours. Thereby people will start to go elsewhere, where there is less traffic, and start using the ETS2 Map, or this excellent page to gauge traffic and plan their routes. Think about it. Yes, it will definitely be a mess of epic proportions at first, but I think that it will even out over time and with more admins on duty. What are your thoughts? Think large scale and long-term effects, not just the immediate and obvious initial chaos such a change would bring.
  5. Hi, my name is Ollie, I am a player of TruckersMP and I love it, Until I see one thing in my mirror. SKODAS! They are always used to block/grief and just in general irritate, even VTC's are now just using trucks as Convoy Control vehicles. The Skodas have such a negative reputation in the TruckersMP community, but I want to hear what you think. Here is a post which I made in the TruckersMP Discord: No one enforces the Skodas being banned on C-D, they come under useless traffic. Why is it I was speaking to some players and an Admin said, a truck without a trailer is useless traffic on C-D, and so are Skodas, so why isn't in enforced, we don't need the stupid things, all they do is cause drivers who are trying to acctually drive trucks, on a trucking game get rammed and overtaken by Skodas causing crashes, I think they should be banned personally. PLEASE VOTE ON THE STRAWPOLL LINK BELOW WITH WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THE SKODAS, I THINK IT NEEDS TO BE SORTED AS IT IS JUST BECOME RIDICULOUS NOW. Vote Here: I HAVE REMOVED THE POLL. PLEASE READ MOST RECENT COMMENT. THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, Ollie - Events Manager for Tango Transport VTC.
  6. Hello everybody! If you have time,and you want talk with me about music, life, world, trucking,or about anything, tell me and respond on this TOPIC by: Jakub. X. Thank you, your Jakub.
  7. Hello everybody! Every day, when I play ETS2MP I met more than one ,,bad drivers,, which drive faster than they know. Everywhere in game are traffic signs, which ones say how to drive in traffic/in the game. I think, ETS2 isn´t Need For Speed, and truck driver isn´t racer. So therefore I ask, why are that traffic sings in game, whenthe players do not adhere to? I´m just driver, and i can´t do anything with this, i can just report players. Tell me what do you think about this problem. I know sometimes it´s just first mistake.. But when some drivers drive in wrong way, or block traffic.. They make a bad game.
  8. We all end up behind a red light once in awhile. How do you normally react to the red light? Since i have started playing ETS2MP, i was also comfused while driving in the city for few days. You dont know other driver,s reaction and i was sort of careful, but i was also very kind. I still like watching traffic lights and signs, it gives me a chance to follow something, not to drive like a maniac until i become bored or end up agnest another truck or a traffic post. I also see ignoring truckers every time i play ETS2MP. I wonder,what are they thinking about while they are driving, which makes them ignore other truckers and signs. I am also an old WRC drivers. I used to play Rallycross, WRC, street racing games every single day after school. But nothing has made me a speeddeamon of ETS2 roads. I mentiouned it,because some do say, truckers who drive,s negligent are playing racing games and that is why they are driving like it. Only extra theory i have is, that the clumsy driver is drunk or has never been to driving school, and which makes him unknowing about the traffic. When i see a red light,i deffenedly stop, and i usually have my foot near the pedal, just incase a yellow pops up and i have enough time to brake safely. There is real-life rule, when you see a yellow and you cant stop safely, you can continue driving forward. Drivers i usually see drive frue red light,no mather what. When i mentiouned,i watch signs, you should not stop when you have the wright, you have the wright to continue your journey without stopping, unless the trucker is currently finishing his turn or clearly wont stop. These arefew moment when you afto stop. When you ask me, am i angry when a trucker drives in front of me? When he is only finishing his turn, deffenedly not What are your oppinions?
  9. I havent thout about it earlyer, but today i started to think about something awsome, and it wont be too complicated to add. Something i thout about,was a double trailer pack in Multiplayer. Emagine how some players drive with long trailers,around the map. I would like to point out one detail. People +level 20 or 30 are able to use it,because they have enough skill to drive trucks well (possibly) and that is important,or else low level players will only use the trailer for their advantage to pull off their silly pranks. Ofcourse double trailer trucks would be awsome but truth is, it gives those people bigger responsibility. In reality we do have few trucks in ETSMP which are wide and you need to be more precice while towing it, but it makes this cargo much more fun because of its wideness. There are two possible options,how you can pick up the double trailer. Maybe you pick up both trailers allready intact and just drive off. Second option is, that you take one trailer, and there is another trailer in the same no collision area where you afto attach the second trailer. Third option is abit more intresting, but gives you a chance to make your trip last for longer, to diffrent destinations. You pick up one cargo and then you afto drive to a second location,where you attach a second trailer. And after that you take the trailers to third location(s). What do you think of this idea, and which category trailers could be added? excamples: car double-trailer, closed standard double trailer, log double trailer, full size trailer+small trailer
  10. Today i was able to get Volvo trailer mod to work. Ofcourse it is allowed in multiplayer,but earlyer times i failed to get it to work. All that happened was, that i was sent to my house in Czech republic. But today i was lucky and got the mod to actually work. First i was thinking it was a DLC but it was nowhere to be found, but i saw one trucker driving by with a Scania or a Volvo truck trailer once in awhile. First opinion was mind blowing, i loved it and i felt like i wanna drive it every single day my entire life, also it fitted my truck perfectly. Who has seen my trucks, knows i reasently changed my truck style which changed the truck style alittle more than usual. My truck was usually yellow and with brown as the secondary and cream as the shadowing color or as the third color. But one day i tried to change my truck color alittle bit,and when i tried black, it made the truck totally over the top. Black is the base color, and Cream painjob is yellow with brown and cream color shadowing. When i logged into online and saw two big black Volvos on my trailer, it fitted my truck perfectly. Cargo is 100 tons total, but for first when i had a slow start every time i pushed the pedal, i didnt mind it and took it as a intresting experience in a good way. In UK i drove with basic choice of two wheels at the rear. I did speed up 1mph in every 5 seconds on streight road and slowed down while going upwards or up a bridge. But i accepted that and i still felt relaxed. I enjoyed driving that trailer around. When i made it to the train station near Calais, i literally stopped allmost at the top of the climb. I pushed the pedal down hard as i could and i also tried the sideway driving techneaque which sort of worked at the work site or mining site where i also have haulted while having a heavy cargo and trying to gut up the hill of the site. At the trail station i reversed the truck down the ramp, turned the truck and trailer around in a tight space ( you probably know how narrow the train station road is,eaven it is two lanes). I drove the wrong way to gain speed and bairly made it up the bridge because luckily my truck contained 5pmh at the very end which was what i needed. I knew i had to add maximum amout of tires on to have a chance on the Duisburg road, and that is what i did. After extra wheels where added, i headed to the highway. On the S turn up onto another bridge, one truck was also sruggling so i had no chance to collect speed for the bridge. Luckily my extra wheels where enough of a good idea and installment,that i was able to crawl up the bridge without stopping,having a speed of 20mph. While i headed to Duisburg road and when i was on it for about 100 miles, i had a other trucker front of me who didnt move faster than me so we chatted about my trailer for alittle while. One point he gained more speed than me and few trucks behind me started to get kind of sick of driving with slow gaining speed and they passed as well while i tried to give way. When trucks came my way ofcourse i stopped letting the few trucks passed and by that time i also gained reasonable amount of speed. First big opsticle was the zig-zag road up a hill after the railway ( Because i know this road well, i knew i had to gain enough speed to containe enough speed as possible while climbing up the hill). Up the hill few trucks did catch up with me and passed my like lightning. But i catched up quiet quick because in about 20miles there was a traffic jam. Traffic was as usual, few drivers who try to overtake others from left and right, and also crashing into other truckers. I did notice how one trucker with a red Volvo squeesed himself right behind me. I dont know, was it an accident or he liked my trailer which made him do that. When i made it out of the jam i was taken over none stop. I wasnt overtaken that many times since my 90mph limiter was on and i had to turn it off when i joined ETS mulitplayer version. I also gave way but plenty of truckers drove past me like maniacs from between me and the upcoming trucks. And after the 90 degree turn i parked my truck the the side of the road and i knew from that point theres no traffic and i might be the only opsticle. Volvo truck trailer is a amazing trailer,which is allowed in multiplayer, but i dont recommend it to be driver on Calais-Duisburg route. You get passed so many times,you just get sick of it and stop like i did. At the end i found it as the hardest cargo to deliever in the game, at the end i literally felt hot in reality driving this trailer around for 1500 miles frue UK and part of Duisburg road. It is better to look good than feel good, And i looked good.(My truck looked close to perfect with that trailer, eaven at the end)
  11. hello,is allowed to use teletrasport in ets2mp?,i never use this modification.
  12. Save Editing What is save editing? Save editing is the term commonly given to mods that are allowed to be used in MP. These are sometimes made by directly editing the game save or by making mod files that will add modified files into the game save. How and why does it work? Both ETS2 and ATS have a sort of hierarchy structure for vehicles and trailers. This is the order of the hierarchy parts that are useful for MP modding, in order: -Economy -Players/Drivers/Companies -Vehicles/Trailers -Accessories The majority of the mods seen in MP are hybrid trucks and trailers, which are created by swapping parts at the accessory level. MP modding is limited to the accessories as the lowest level, as new files cannot be added as they would cause synchronization issues. Why do it? Over the time that I've been a member of TruckersMP I have seen many reasons be used over and over again, so here are what I have found to be the most common reasons that people give, however I do not agree with all of them. -It give more customisation -I want more lights on my truck -It makes my truck more unique -I can / It is allowed My personal reason for save editing fits the 1st and 3rd reasons. There will be other reasons that are not listed here, but these are the ones that I have seen most commonly. Is it allowed in MP? Save editing is allowed in MP, but if done incorrectly can cause game crashes for others; which in turn can lead to a ban. However the rules regarding how much save editing is allowed seems to be a grey area, so below are my recommendations of where to stop editing as well as the official TruckersMP rules regarding certain edits. -Car, Trailer and Truck parts cannot be mixed, this will not result in a ban however: as the game will now automatically kick you from the servers. -Removing rear lights from trucks or trailers is not allowed. My recommendations: -No more than 6 beacons on a vehicle, simply to reduce lag. -No beacons on the bottom bar to avoid confusion with blinkers. -A limit of 5 bar pieces, as the chrome reflections can cause FPS issues on low power PCs. -Make sure that the sideskirts on any vehicle fit roughly between the axles, after all this a simulator. -If you think something may be classed as excessive, it probably is. Pro's and Con's? Pro's -Allows for more options -Makes trucks look unique -Can make any truck have 750hp Con's -Can cause issues if done incorrectly, leading to a ban -Can lead to trucks causing lag or FPS issues -Very unrealistic trucks can be made What does it mean for the community? Save editing is a subject that will almost never leave the community for the reasons stated above however it does have something else. Save editing has become almost a very small community itself, I personally know a few other save editors, and we often talk about mods and new ideas and concepts. My personal view: My view on save editing is that it is a good thing that should be kept within the community, and not looked down on. I have often seen posts where people say that save editing always causes bugs when this is simply not true. If someone on the forums asks about save editing because they want to do it, they should be helped and given guidence rather than being discouraged. Save editing and sharing my mods is what got me into the community. Please post your views/opinions with reasoning below as this is a large topic which I think we need to discuss as a community. Please keep the posts on topic and as formal as possible.
  13. Nofoente

    Fps fall

    Good night! Is it true that the new DLC of the flags is doing fps drop fps fall? What is the reason? If it's true!
  14. Hey guys I'm just posting today to bring up a problem I've encountered when trying to update a truck for my VTC and this sub discussion seems like the appropriate place to ask for feedback and help. As the title says I'm needing some help with Blender. What is Blender you say, Blender is one of the big modelling programs that people use to create new trucks, make trucks standalone, make appropriate edits to models included and not included with ETS2 and hopefully improve your experience overall. Anyway my main problem when trying to update this truck model for my VTC is the black undershadow located underneath the chassis both for the truck and trailer combo I'm using. If you're familiar with editing models or have some knowledge of ETS2 Blender what I'm talking about exactly is the ui_shadow (fakeshadow). I've tried multiple times during the past week to make adjustments and reposition the shadow (moving parts inside the trucks model and adjusting the actual ui_shadow model) with no luck so I thought I would seek out and try to find some more help. If you do have some knowledge using Blender with ETS2, can you please comment below or Personal Message me using the forums messaging system and I do hope not to take up much of your time. Thanks again guys and I do appreciate the time anyone takes to read this and I'll be over the moon if anyone is available and willing to help! Cheers Click
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