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Found 23 results

  1. Sizcede Sunucularda Admin Eksikliği Varmı?
  2. As we all know, the intersection on the left side of the service with the control of a set of traffic lights (the one in the attachment) is always the most messy intersection during peak hours. In the screenshot, when I advanced when the light was green and it was completely packed in front of the service, so basically I was stuck there with the one to the left, but luckily we all just went through the intersection safely. But the green light period is just WAY TOO SHORT for that amount of traffic during peak hours. I'm thinking of using "All Way Stop Signs (or Four Way Stop Signs)" instead of traffic lights, so everyone comes to a COMPLETE STOP, then the FIRST ONE comes to the COMPLETE STOP goes FIRST, if two or more players stop at the same time, then the one ON THE RIGHT SIDE goes FIRST (the priority of All Way Stop Signs can be found online). And I hope this can make the traffic in Calais city flow better and causing less jam Have a nice day and stay safe!
  3. Greetings to all TruckersMP Community members. Today I would like to ask you to give your opinion on an important issue. As you know, Skoda and patreon tools are tool plugins that the Tmp Team has prepared for us. How often do you use these tools? We are all aware that players using these tools are constantly creating a chaotic environment. Do you think there should be a new regulation in order to have these vehicles Should these tools be only for admins Would it be better to be able to reach and use these vehicles that not everyone can have with the new achievements that will be given to the players Should Skoda and the free patreon tool be completely removed from the game Are the admins interested enough in the game and do they treat everyone equally I think this issue is really important and should be taken into consideration. Please do not hesitate to express your views. Remember, we are the ones who will make this platform better, we can evaluate everything good and bad here together and create a healthy environment.
  4. As u can understand from title, new s-way is necessary for the game because even newest ıveco truck's year is 2013. Other brands's new trucks is already added apart from ıveco. Also it is used common on European countries nowadays. The players aren't much which are use Iveco trucks . What is your opinion?
  5. Hello everyone! Are You Using a Screen Recorder? Which one are you using? Can you recommend? King Regarts Randall
  6. As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of TV series and movies. What movie or series do you recommend on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Videos, Disney + and Paramount+ ? What movie has been hailed by you as the worst you have seen ? I look forward to reading your posts ------ I for one am the biggest fan of House of Paper on Netflix, and no series will change that, not even Squid Game.
  7. Why do you get such joy from your reckless play style? What does it actually accomplish? What do you gain by doing the following: Driving in the oncoming lane with traffic coming. Driving off road to pass a queue of traffic because you have no patience. Blocking oncoming while you force your way into the queue you cut. Collide with a vehicle you can clearly see as you go 110 to pass in the middle. Wiggle & Force your way around those doing 90-109 when it's clearly safe to do so. Go through the incorrect way into the gas station and block the player at the pump because you waited until your fuel tank was almost depleted. Help me understand your POV and why you consistently do this style of play. Help me understand....your thought process. While yes, i'm comparing the game to irl from this point, irl has punishments Potential cop in the area. Fines. Increased Insurance Fees. Death. Jailtime. Impounded Vehicle. Revoked/Suspended License. While in game, you get a couple weeks or an additional month of a ban.
  8. Hello. What is the difference between writing something in the "General discussions" section and "Euro truck simulator 2 discussions"? In the "general discussions" section it should have value for any kind of discussion and I often wonder why the topics are moved in "Euro truck simulator 2 discussions"? Do you share my opinion? Thank you for your answer. Kind Regards, ROMANISTA [ITA] TruckersMP Veteran Player
  9. Which trucks do you think have the best and realistic cabins in ETS2 and ATS? I think the cabins of the Mercedes trucks in ETS2 are very beautiful
  10. Show off your photos from Hauli Island during the TMP9 Festival I look forward to seeing your photos
  11. Если что вместе игранём
  12. Afternoon all! Myself and @Slammed_Ukk have been wondering for a while those of you that use an Elgato StreamDeck, what features do you have on it for TruckersMP. Both me and Slammed have functions such as: VTC Adverts In-Game Commands Quick Messages My question is, what other buttons do you have? We're looking forward to see your responses. Regards
  13. Hello everyone , I have a question about the organization of convoys. Would you be interested if I organize privately 1/2 convoys per month ? They would be planned 100% and often they would be organized with cooperation with other companies. Example: ACC x Example company name Before I start I would like to see what the interest is on this topic. Kind regards, AMIXSO TruckersMP Report Moderator
  14. Personally, I don't use it, and I didn't agree to the terms and conditions for using it for the reason that I could see what direction a conversation with it could go. Besides, you can't even remove him from the conversation list, which is strange.
  15. Hello TruckersMP community! We all know that the open road can get a little lonely sometimes, but luckily many of us have our furry friends by our side to keep us company. Whether it's a loyal dog, a mischievous cat, or even something more exotic, our pets are an important part of our lives, both on and off the road. That's why I wanted to create this thread for all of us to share photos of our furry companions! It doesn't matter if they're riding shotgun in the cab or lounging at home while we're out on the road. We want to see your furry friends in all their adorable glory. So go ahead and post your best pet photos and tell us a little bit about them - their name, breed, and any fun or memorable moments you've shared together. Let's celebrate the joy and companionship that our pets bring to our lives, whether we're trucking across the country or just snuggling up on the couch. Can't wait to see all your furry friends!
  16. I have been banned a few times for mistakes I will admit we're in my control. Granted the most recent one month ban for typing "f*CK you" to a dirty driver was a little surprise, but overall, I have had little gripes with the ban and rule system. What are your guy's/gals/non binary pals experience with the system? Any interesting/funny stories? Any frustrating moments? Unique appeals?
  17. Hello TruckersMP community! We all have our memorable moments and experiences while playing TruckersMP. This topic is dedicated to sharing those unforgettable stories and highlights with the community. Whether it's a hilarious incident, an unexpected encounter, or a heartwarming act of kindness, we'd love to hear them all. So jump in, and let's reminisce about the good times we've had in TruckersMP together! Remember to keep it friendly and respectful. Happy sharing! I look forward to your stories and moments
  18. Hi Guys I have recently seen these signs around on Simulation 1 on the TMP Server. What do you guys think is coming ?
  19. Chenarx


  20. Sevgili Truckersmp Türk kullanıcıları, Truckersmp internet sitesinde, Türkçe olarak yapılan raporlara maalesef ki Türk adminler anın da müdahale edemiyor. Adminlerin özel hayatı olduğunu, sorumlulukları olduğunu ben ve diğer mağdur kullanıcılar biliyor fakat Türk admin sayısının artması ile bu durumun çözüleceği kanaatindeyim. Şuan ki admin sayısı, Türk kullanıcı sayı ortalamasının çok çok altında kalmış durumda. Online modun yarısından fazlasını neredeyse Türk kullanıcılar oluşturuyor. Lütfen forum yöneticileri ve Türk oyun adminlerinin bu durumu üst yönetime bildirmesini rica ediyorum. Sizde mağdur olmayın, bizde olmayalım. Kerem.
  21. Nofoente

    Fps fall

    Good night! Is it true that the new DLC of the flags is doing fps drop fps fall? What is the reason? If it's true!
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