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  1. They don't have that many bucks to buy the license for those "names" and "icons" (like mercedes, tesla, etc) and they don't want to get involved with those copyright claim bs as well, period.
  2. Tbh not only helping those who can't read english fast enough, but also making the font looks better imo *I use some cute custom ttf font files with both chinese and english characters supported just to make the UI looks better
  3. then what about just revamp the weight like .... nerf the weight
  4. yea, i figured it out the hard way I swiped upwards on the right side of the touchpad for the retarder, and lost control. But I managed to correct it before colliding with someone else when I flick my left stick. Now I know why it drifts, prob bc I was doing empty trailer
  5. I just came up with question: How often do you guys use the retarder instead the brake in-game? And when do you guys use it? I came up with this suddenly bc I got a Dualsense controller and I mapped the retarder and engine brake increase/decrease to the touchpad. So I just want to have an idea of when to use it in-game.
  6. tbh it'll be cool if they actually leading us in the police cruisers
  7. Then what if enlarging the lane a little bit, so we get a little bit more space to "swerve" a bit without getting yeeted yea, a bunch of my friends do this, like they just blasting through the rest area and get in front of me (prob other ppl as well)
  8. As we all know, the intersection on the left side of the service with the control of a set of traffic lights (the one in the attachment) is always the most messy intersection during peak hours. In the screenshot, when I advanced when the light was green and it was completely packed in front of the service, so basically I was stuck there with the one to the left, but luckily we all just went through the intersection safely. But the green light period is just WAY TOO SHORT for that amount of traffic during peak hours. I'm thinking of using "All Way Stop Signs (or Four Way Stop Signs)" instead of traffic lights, so everyone comes to a COMPLETE STOP, then the FIRST ONE comes to the COMPLETE STOP goes FIRST, if two or more players stop at the same time, then the one ON THE RIGHT SIDE goes FIRST (the priority of All Way Stop Signs can be found online). And I hope this can make the traffic in Calais city flow better and causing less jam Have a nice day and stay safe!
  9. wait, how do you get the Patron Master Trucker showing up on the forum, I have patron as well, but it doesn't show on forum
  10. Recently I changed my rain possibility to 10% to get more reality (I used to have it at 0% cuz I was using the regular mirrors and i hate that the rain is stuck on the window and blocking my view on my mirrors) So... I'm just wondering if you have the rain on or off in game and what possibility setting you pick for the most reality. Also, feel free to share the experience for driving in the rain in game and which device you use to play (keyboard, keyboard and mouse, steering wheel, or controller) and how fast you go when it's raining in game
  11. tbh going fast is not a major problem, the major problem is that i've seen many players who won't understand what does the upside down triangle sign means (which means yield/give way) I mean... as long as we all understand the priority and stuff like that, it should solve like 70% of the accidents on either C-D Road or Kirkenes-Quarry Road Btw, I usually go with 90-105 on C-D Road or maybe slower, idk. It depends on the density of players, weather (I have rain possibility set to 10%, so if it starts raining in-game, i'm more likely to slow down a bit), etc. on the freeway i usually go with 100-110, but if it's raining i go with 90-100
  12. imo, scout cars should be removed from C-D road and heavy hauls should be removed on Kirkenes. for me scout cars are WAY BETTER than those ppl carrying heavy hauls with 330hp trucks on kirkenes - quarry route from my experience, on C-D road, 70% of the accidents are caused by scout cars while on Kirkenes - Quarry Road 70% of the jams are caused by heavy haul players
  13. I have it on when driving for two reasons: 1. To check my ping (usually my ping is a constant 80-90ms but sometimes the server becomes potato then I know it's time to leave more gap in case others lagging) 2. To check the distance and ping of other players (sometimes it can be their personal internet issue which can be lagging, so i'll know what's going on) One of my friends also uses that when overtaking as well, but i use 2nd view to check the distance when overtaking, it's easier haha
  14. Thanks for the hints of the color value breakdown. I was so confused that it has eight digits instead of regular six degits in regular hex codes
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