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  1. Suggestion name: Bus Trailer Suggestion description: Trailer for buses in the game. Image:
  2. For ETS2 select: temporary_1_49 - 1.49.x for incompatible mods

    1. VodaPlay_The_MD_Driver


      In screenshot is selected temporary_1_49, but appears window where writing: Incompatitable save! Try to upgrade the game to the latest available version.

    2. China-LS*唐 玄 奘

      China-LS*唐 玄 奘

      1.49.x for incompatible mods

  3. How to fix that? I want to play TruckersMP but i can't load last save because appears that screen: (Version 64bit) (I can load saves from 14.05.2024)
  4. Q 1. Why TruckersMP don't support 1.50 Euro Truck Simulator 2 version? Q 2. When 1.50 TruckersMP support? Q 3. What reason is ETS2 1.50 not supported?
  5. How to change motor sound for truck/car/bus?
  6. How to use TruckersMP accessories in Singleplayer 1.50 and 1.49?
  7. How to use other cars? I am see in youtube videos when people driving Volkswagen Passat, Audi and more. How to drive it?
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