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Found 23 results

  1. Araştırdığımda sorun çözülmüş deniyor ama yol sesi, radyo vs. sesler sadece yakında az oyuncu varken geliyor. Korna sesi de gelmiyor ama o yasaklanmış galiba.
  2. How I wish I could use that sound on TruckersMP SCS could have something like that, beautiful to hear.
  3. Suggestion Name: Engine Sound Mods Inside the TruckersMP Suggestion Description: Putting sound mods into the game, I would find it very interesting if you could partner with some mod creator, like Kapitan Kriechbaum who makes excellent mods. I do not like the original sounds of ets2 because the trucks are very quiet, it is very annoying, "yes I understand that in real life they are like that." and it seems that they take the bass out of the engines a lot, before the new update I really liked the sound of the Renault Premium because it had a good bass in th
  4. I'm looking to run the scania v8 open pipe on truckersmp. I am aware 99% of Mods are not allowed on mp and I'm aware plugins are but I'm not a fan of the sound option available, however I'm wondering if there is a way to manually import the sound mod into my game files inorder for this to only be a local edit. Is there a way I could make the game launch an additional parameters to use the modded truck sounds instead what would be the easiest way of going about this. The truck files and decrypted mod files are different so I don't think a drop and drag option is viable any help would be greatly
  5. Suggestion Name: Real Truck Horn Suggestion Description: Real European Truck Horns Why should it be added?: I think that players would like it very much, it would make the game more realistic and I think that every player is already bored with these standard horns here is an example video with horns that could be added https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CExqEB4orcQ
  6. Suggestion Name: FMOD Mods usable in TMP Suggestion Description: Using FMOD Mods while playing on TMP. With the current improvements (FMOD) it is in my opinion very desirable to make some selected FMODS available on TMP. I am thinking, for example, of Robinicus and Kriechbaum. Why should it be added?: It will be a great addition in Multiplayer driving to have the sound of Robinicus and or Kriechbaum. They are both very popular in the community and are used very often SP. Please give me thumbs up to get FMOD Mods available in TMP.
  7. My nephew is experiencing no sound on truckersmp on ATS & ETS2 and it is quite frequently happening but on occasions he will get sound coming from his tv speakers. He's checked the settings for sound/audio on ETS2 and ATS on the audio options and on truckers mp and all the sliders for sound and truck sounds master volume etc are all the way up to the right. The sound settings for truck sounds, horn, liftable axles etc are all ticked (where you access the login screen for tmp). He's checked the audio settings on windows 10 and all the sliders are up to 100 and none are muted & the slide
  8. Hello there, After searching through the forum I didn't find a viable solution to my problem which is... I have no sound with Truckers MP. Let me explain: - I have installed/reinstalled ATS as well as Truckers MP - Installed/reinstalled/updated my audio driver - made sure that audio output was working and that Truckers MP was sending the sound to the same output. - my windows is up to date and I have no sound issue with anything else My exact issue is that only the sound coming from the "people radio" seems to work and not from the game itse
  9. Suggestion name: Crash sounds that everyone can hear Suggestion description: Consists in that every sound of crash that happens near the player, he can hear it. For example: I'm stopped in a traffic jam at the Rotterdam-Brussel bridge, then someone on the other lane crashes the player in front of him, so that makes a sound and I can hear it (the same noise that we make in SP mode, but it's not me who had the accident). It could be deactivated, or modified their volumes just as the user would want. Any example images: Nope. Why it should be added?: I think that it should be added
  10. Name: Real Sound Scania R 420 DC12.420 Euro 5 Engine Voice Records. Description: This is a Sound Mod made by Vasily EVR that makes the old scania’s “420hp engine” actually sound like a REAL LIFE 420hp Scania engine. It’s amazing! Actually revamps all sounds of the scania! It’s mind blowing! It installs just like the Engine Sound Plugin that makes turbos louder and then is enabled in the mod manager! Links: (All posts / videos created by Engine Voice Records ) https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=211&t=233480 https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=211&amp
  11. Hi i have two problems (well more than two but if it works i don't care :D) : 1) EDIT 2 : the problem is still there (small freeze when a player appears near me) 2) game works normally but if a player decides to talk with microphone it kill every sound of the game i have then to finish my mission then close the game, is there a solution for that ? Thank you
  12. Ahoj truckeři, měl bych dotaz ohledně stále velmi sporného používání modů na serverech. Zatím jsem se nikde nedočetl, proč nebo jak je (ne)možné, že si hráči nemohou v Multiplayeru aktivovat mody, které nijak neovlivní hru samotného hráče, či hráčů kolem. Jde mi především o zvukový mod na mé Volvo, jelikož nový zvuk mi přijde strašný, tak jsem si vytvořil zvuk, který tam byl dříve. Ovšem nemohu ho nijak v MP aktivovat. Je zde legální cesta nebo možnost, jak toho docílit? Předem děkuji za odpověd, přeji hezký den. Major991
  13. Hello, I would like to know if there is a problem using this sound plugin for the trucks.
  14. Hallo ich habe folgendes Problem, und zwar im Online Modus kann ich nicht andere Personen über CB FUNK hören obwohl ich den selben Kanal benutze. gemutet sind sie auch nicht. Habe das mal mit einem Kollegen getestet, er kann mich hören aber ich Ihn nicht. Wäre nett wenn man da eine Lösung findet. mfg
  15. Hello everyone Used to play a lot of ATS singleplayer now getting back ito the game on the multiplayer side since i have the bandwidth to support it. My least favorite part of the vanilla game is, and has always been the dull sounds implemented for every truck brand as well as engines in ATS (haven't experienced ETS). Likewise, my favorite part of singleplayer years ago was the amount of realistic and custom engines, trucks, and sound mods available. I realize visual mods aren't able to be applied to the multiplayer, it would translate to sketc
  16. Hi, i need help, since i install the client, truckersmp, the sound and mods of my truck has gone, both of them single and multiplayer, how can i fixe that?
  17. So. I started playing ate yesterday. After my 2 hours I downloaded ats multiplayer. I already had ets2. When I am in the server. I can hear everything but not my own truck. Which ruin the fun for me. Everything is silence. The horn doesn't work etc. I can hear others truck which I think is weird.
  18. I tried a mod for open window sound from the steam workshop but it's apparently not allowed in MP.
  19. Merhaba! Bu rehberimde sizlere kalabalık ortamlarda bazılarımız için ses kirliliği yapan telsiz efekt sesini nasıl kaldırabileceğinizi veya nasıl değiştirebileceğinizi göstereceğim. İlk olarak TruckersMP kurulu olduğu yere giriyoruz "C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data" burada sırasıyla "ets2_mod > sound" klasörlerini oluşturuyoruz. Ardından buradan indireceğiniz ses dosyalarını, zip dosyasından çıkartıp. Oluşturduğumuz klasörün içine atıyoruz.Bu sayede telsiz efekt sesiniz kaldırabilirsiniz. Aynı zamanda kendi ses dosyanızı aşağıdaki isimler gibi yap
  20. TruckersMP has thought about the possibility of implementing trailers or trucks to open its catalog? With the possibility of opening a window and have more accessories for trucks.
  21. As the title says, can I use eg. Kriechbaum's Scania V8 sound mod with my R730 in ETS2MP, or is this prohibited or will just simply not work?
  22. Hi I have a problem with voice chat in multiplayer. When i press "v" people can hear me, but i cannot hear others. I also cannot see peoples icons in upper left corner when they speak. My CB radio is ON and its on right channel (19), also in mulstiplayer options i got all sound on maximum. I never had problem with my sound. My mike and sound works in all other programs and aplications. This is a list what im done and it did not works: - Reinstall ETS2 - Reinstall ETS2 multi - Uninstalled old sound drivers and installed new one
  23. My friend and i were testing the new cb he could hear me but i had no sound from him and i could not hear the other drivers even know we were in same channel 19 right next to each other i could even see the speech bubble( yes i have tried turning it on then off again) PLZ HELP
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