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  1. @ GT2907 你好! 打开您的steam,查看图片进入游戏属性! 找到测试,选择第一个不选择任何测试活动! 等待下载进行更新版本,更新完成可进入联机插件尝试是否能够进入! 希望能够帮助的到你,我在这里等你回来问题是否解决! 亲切的问候! Spig_Xiao Zhu
  2.                                                                       @Seven . Happy weekend!😉


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Happy weekend, great photo and trucks 🥰:wub:

    2. [VTCSL] #FLaME.

      [VTCSL] #FLaME.

      Great Photos 😍

  3. My favorite summer mod is back! Thank you TruckersMP!
  4. @HDLight [CZE] Yeah, I see you hit that pole,Maybe it's because it's too fast,Because when I train,It's the same problem. It's too fast! So I slow down every time I go by! Finally, congratulations to all participantsI hope I can get good results next time! Good luck!
  5. Belated blessing🎉congrats for winning the Summer Racing Championship!😉

    1. KingKrule


      Thank you :)

  6. @Digital I received your gift card for my racing championship!


                                            Thank you!❤️

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    2. [VTCSL] #FLaME.

      [VTCSL] #FLaME.

      Congratz! 😍


    3. NeonLeon


      Congratulations! :mlg_doge:

    4. Hurricane.


      Congratulations 🥰

  7. Hello,[S D - Qing Ge]! The pink name you see on the road is a member of the truckersmp support team![They are staff!] If you want to use the sponsor's yellow name and badge,In the game, press y, and input /tg to make it visible or hidden! I hope it helps you! Spig_Xiao Zhu
  8. Waiting all the time,thanks for the update!
  9. @clenison_surdo1 Thank you for following!❤️

  10. I have submitted this form and hope this investigation can help!
  11.               I haven't played Ets2 for a long time,Happy C-D route,Good night, our friends!

                                                                                          @[SK] - TeR*Yōng Bào :ph34r:          


  12. Thanks to truckersmp for bringing us so many projects,It's been evolving and giving players a great experience,thank the staff for their efforts! He will be better in the new year!Congratulations on the 6th anniversary of truckersmp!
  13. Yes, I always refit my truck before driving!transform my favorite truck!
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