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  1. MHT_

    all dlc euro truck 2

    Hello @faby, If you want to get all the map expansions released so far, I'd highly recommend buying this bundle as by buying it you get everything 15% cheaper than by buying all those DLC's separately. Also as you may have noticed, Euro Truck Simulator 2 has got a huge amount of DLC's (full list of them) and most of them are just country paint job packs which you may find a bit unnecessary to own. The most 'important' DLC's (required for many map modifications, for example) can be found from the linked bundle. As siad, there's no way to get new, upcoming map expansions without buying them separately (SCS releases usually one map expansion a year), but by having a look at the linked bundle you should always be able to see whether a new map expansion has been released or not.
  2. Hello @Mo Saeed, You don't need to be afraid of being "cheated" while trying to fix the raining issue with the instructions given by Creathy as it's not possible to get more money or experience via the game console. If you only want to get rid of the rain, I'd still suggest you to follow the instructions as carefully as possible because it's possible to do lot of other things with the console as well (most of them, however, only work in single player). For further information about the game console, you can always have a look at this video:
  3. Screenshots I took while completing the personal goal in Pink Ribbon Charity Event! ^_^





  4. Hello there, For you side question, #general channel on TruckersMP's official Discord server is usually indeed full of off-topic discussions. For questions about TruckersMP itself, you can ask them on #support channel or alternatively, you can send a private message to "TruckersMP ModMail#8846" on Discord and a member of staff will give an answer to you. So #general is for all kind of discussions while the #support channel is only for questions about TruckersMP (and in your case, you would have probably gotten an answer to your question there pretty quickly). But should you also note that TruckersMP has got its own support system for all kind of questions about TruckersMP, and for example, questions related to email, password and two-factor authentication can be only dealt there (if you want a detailed answer from a support team member, I highly recommend sending a support ticket).
  5. Hello there, Have you already tried whether you and your friend are able to take a new job now without being kicked? If you can, I'd guess the kick was caused by one of the following reasons: you were away from you keyboard for over 10 minutes (as already mentioned), your lights were turned off during night, you were kicked for "unreliable connection". It's also possible that the server had a temporarily crash, but it's pretty unlikely. Anyway, if you're now able to take jobs without being kicked, there isn't anything you need to worry about as kicks don't affect your player history in any way. And in order you still get kicked when trying to take a new job, please update this topic with the text that appears when getting kicked.
  6. Had a great first impression of this new beauty!







    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo @MHT_😍

    2. MHT_


      @Ady Man Thanks buddy! 😉

  7. A good point right there! Euro Truck Simulator 2 indeed has more cities and countries to explore, but one thing I like with American Truck Simulator more - what comes to places you can explore - is the hidden easter eggs (such as the racing track near Tuscon) that you can explore. Would definitely love to see similar things on Euro Truck Simulator 2 base map as well. But if the latest teasers really become a thing and TruckersMP gets ProMods support, Euro Truck Simulator 2 will have a huge amount of new places and easter eggs to be discovered with friends!
  8. I personally love to drive on the West Coast road on American Truck Simulator, but Oregon and Washington have some very beautiful country roads as well! And what comes to Euro Truck Simulator 2, there are a huge amount of beautiful country roads in Scandinavia, France, Italy, and the Baltic Sea DLC. The rebuilt Autobahn in Germany looks quite nice as well!
  9. Both, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, are very well-made simulations that can offer new things to their fans even after thousands of hours of play time. And even though American Truck Simulator is a lot newer game, I still find Euro Truck Simulator 2 a bit more attractive. The main reason for that is the fact that Euro Truck Simulator 2 is much more popular and has a higher amount of modifications available. Also as a person living in Europe, I'm more familiar with European trucks which again, makes me more interested in Euro Truck Simulator 2. American Truck Simulator, however, has a more detailed map with a higher scale. The small amount of trucks on American Truck Simulator is something that has been disappointing me for a great while already, but I'm waiting it to be changed in the future updates. Overall, I find American Truck Simulator a bit underrated and would definitely love to see more people playing it and discovering the awesome map!
  10. It has been a while since I last time updated this topic so thought it would be a great idea to post a new photo that I took during the current World Of Trucks event. Nothing special, but still better than nothing, I guess.
  11. I've recently started to learn how to make photos that look like paintings on Photoshop. This is my very first try, and still have got a lot to improve, I guess.
  12. As a person who always prefers to use the dark theme when possible, I'm also using the custom TruckersMP dark theme on the forums as well as on the website. There's, however, one thing I like more in the white theme, and it's the role colors. But other than that, there really isn't anything I like more in the white theme and this makes me to be one of the many people using the custom dark theme on TruckersMP!
  13. Everything indeed seems to be fine with his Steam privacy settings. Could you by any chance also ensure that your friend hasn't enabled the Family Library Sharing on Steam as it's not possible to register a new profile or link games/DLCs to existing one while it's enabled? And should you also remind your friend that it might take more than just the mentioned "5 minutes" before the product gets successfully detected by the system - it's also really important not to close the browser or refresh the page while the registering progression is going on.
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