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  1. I'd certainly like to see the countries of Iberia (Spain, Portugal, [Andorra]) being added in the next DLC as well. Just because SCS has been working on East for the past two years, more areas in West would be more than just welcome in my opinion. The reason why I don't really want to see Ireland and Iceland being featured in the next DLC is that ProMods mapping team has been already doing quite a great work with them. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to visit there in multiplayer as well - and pretty it will be possible one day. However, out of all places in Europe, I'm looking forward to see more northern places in Scandinavia and Finland as the landscape is fairly interesting over there (and of course, waiting for them as I live there as welkll - seeing own "home area" being added is the thing most people are always looking forward to). As I prefer small country roads more then highways, I'd definitely like to see not-so populated areas to be added. It would indeed be nice to see the rest of Balkans to be added as well. Anyway, I hope that there will be at least one other DLC before SCS starts to work on that area as I'd like to see the map being extended to West as well. Anyway, I don't really care too much about which part of Europe is being featured in the next DLC as long as SCS keeps releasing at least one DLC a year. Thanks for the interesting topic though!
  2. MHT_

    error of photo

    Hello @Fred Flintstone, The problem indeed occurs because of the fact that Imgur is blocked in Turkey and thus, you won't be able to see the screenshots uploaded on that platform unless you use a VPN. Since Imgur is one of the most used image host sites, you will probably see a lot of similar photos - photos that won't load - on the forum. That's indeed really unfortunate. As Imgur doesn't work in Turkey, people from Turkey usually use a Turkish image host site called 'Hizliresim' instead. That site, however, doesn't work outside Turkey (sometimes it might work, but mainly it isn't) and people from other countries are facing the exact same problem (photos aren't being loaded) with photos that are uploaded on Hizliresim. More information about the problems with Hizliresim (and alternative websites for it) can be found from the topic below:
  3. thanks for the follow

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      You're welcome and thanks for the follow as well! :) 

  4. Being a manager isn't as simple as most people in here think it to be. When you get promoted to the role of manager, it does not mean that you will be able to make critical changes for the punishment system, recruit plenty of new Game Mods or add a support for all the community-made modifications. If you become a Support Manager, for example, you will only focus on the Support team and you will have nothing to do with the punishment system, for example. Among with all the other duties that managers of TruckersMP have, sometimes they simply don't have time to think about the possible new changes. If I ever would be a manager again (which is more than just very unlikely), I'd just do my duties as well as I could and ensure that everyone in my team is feeling comfortable and doing their best to offer as good multiplayer modification for the community as possible. So basically, if you really wish to do any changes for the punishment system, you'd either need to be a Game Manager or Project Manager. And of course, Game Managers are doing their best to offer as great punishment system as possible. However, since everyone has a different opinion about the "perfect punishment system", making critical changes for it takes a lot of time and effort while they have plenty of other stuff to do as well (such as answering all the feedback tickets regarding to the Game Moderation team). Everyone's doing their best at the moment to offer as great multiplayer modification as possible. Just wanted to point out being a manager doesn't mean you will have an access everywhere. Anyway, that's why we all can share our suggestions in order we get new ideas how this project could be improved. I'm not trying to say that managers can't share their idea. Of course the managers have more opportunities (= more than a normal staff member) to share their ideas, but just wanting to point out they can't do whatever they want to. But just for now, I hope that everyone's having a wonderful day!
  5. This is yet another week that has been passing extremely fast for me. Can't believe that my summer holiday is again right behind the corner (only a few days to go) as it feels like that the last one has just ended. Even though the end of 2018 (and neither the beginning of 2019) wasn't too good for me, the time has been passing extremely fast. Anyway, now it's time for me to head into the bed again as I'll need to wake up early tomorrow... Goodnight everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful day (and those who live in a time zone where it's currently a day/morning, I want to wish you a wonderful day)! :)



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    Cargo for Double Trailer out of Scandivania

    Hello @[BR]Gilsinho, I also want to mention that after the next update (1.35) gets released, you will be able to use (pick up a cargo, teleport to the nearest service, etc.) the double trailers in Germany and the Netherlands as well. You can expect that update to be released within a few weeks as it's already in the 'experimental beta'. Anyway, removing the country restriction via save editing is probably the best choice for you (at least based on the cities you mentioned about) as you will have a permanent change for the double trailer that you're using once you've disabled the country restriction.
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    MHT's Photo and video corner

    Had a really nice trip through the whole Sardinia with my brand new Scania S today!
  9. Great found over there once again! As Sardinia was a really positive surprise for me (SCS Software's mapping team really seems to have put a lot of effort into detailing that area), I'd definitely like to see the Corsica being added to the game in the future as well. I'll have to go to check that area myself as well to see if there are other signs about Corsica coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2, so thank you very much for pointing it out! However, it seems like that you looked that area pretty carefully already so I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to find anything new (will still go there though as I want to discover Sicily 100% anyway). Now, I'm jumping a little deeper into this topic. At the moment it indeed looks that Corsica really is joining to Euro Truck Simulator 2 - nothing is too sure and everything I say now is about IF Corsica is coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2. So, as the first thing I'm posting a screenshot about the possible ferry connections from Corsica to France and Italy (will explain more below the screenshot): Note: all the ferry connections that you can see on my screenshot are real and you can go to check them on Google Maps as well. That red ferry connection is most likely the one to come as based on the screenshots and video shown by @Koneko_ (thanks for them once again), SCS seems to be working on it already. Those two orange ferry connections are the possible connections between Corsica and France (Ajaccio - Marseille, and Bastia - Nice). By the look of things in real life, it seems like that there aren't too many connections between Corsica and France, so those orange connections to already existing in-game cities (if you own the Vive la France DLC) are pretty potential ferry connections at this point. Finally, the green ferry connections that you can see on my screenshot are the possible ferry connections between Corsica and Italy. As Corsica is part of France, I don't really expect to see too many connections between it and Italy (other than the Corsica - Sicily one) myself. Anyway, if SCS decides to add more connections between Italy and Corsica, those green ones would be my guess. Of course there are plenty of other ferry connections between Corsica and other countries and islands in real life, but SCS isn't going to add all of them due to the map scaling issues. If you want to see all the real ferry connections between Corsica and other places, you can simply see them by pressing that "Google Maps" button under the screenshot I posted. Even though it's pretty likely that Corsica is coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2, there's always a pretty chance that it won't ever come for whatever reason. Corsica itself doesn't have many roads, but the landscape might be a little issue for skilled map editors as well. Anyway, as SCS has already added a few more 'difficult areas' as well, I don't think that Corsica would be a problem for them and I'm really expecting to see it at some point in the future. Under the following spoiler is a screenshot that shows the difficult landscape of Corsica - the screenshot is taken from one of the main roads of Corsica (T20): But just for now, I'm looking to hear others opinion about this subject as well - have a great day and happy trucking!
  10. Shortly after joining TruckersMP back in 2014, I noticed that I had gotten a huge amount of new friends. Now, in 2019, I can actually say that I met most of the online friends that I chat with each and every day on TruckersMP. And as I don't have thoo many contacts in real life, online world is pretty much the only thing that helps me to move forward in my life (and as I met most of my online friends while playing in TruckersMP, without it [TruckersMP] my situation in real life would probably be a lot different). And because of all that, the awesome community of TruckersMP is the main reason why I really enjoy my life as it is. While being in the TruckersMP staff for a great 7 months back in 2018, I used to learn many new and valuable social skills. And as a person that likes to help people, support work at TruckersMP also used to make my day a lot better as I was able to do something I really liked to do - helping others. So overall, TruckersMP has affected my life quite a lot and I've managed to learn a lot of new from it. I'm looking forward to meeting more awesome people and learning new things from TruckersMP in the future as well!
  11. Hello there, Even though I'm more of a person that prefers to follow the traffic rules all the time while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, I have to admit that I really did enjoy playing with my friends (and other community members) on the road rule free EU5 server. After all the waiting, it was indeed great to see that TruckersMP finally gave everyone an opportunity to have some fun and forget the road rules a minute (without needing to play on a non-collision server). Also the police car was a nice little add-on for those who have always dreamt of being able to drive it either alone with sirens or with friends as - I didn't use it though as I already have more or less former experience with it. I can see that there are a lot of people that would like the EU5 to be permanent. As with everything, there would indeed be a huge list of different pros and cons about having a rule-free server with collision as well. First of all, the server has only been running for 4 days at the moment - of course playing on that server is fun for a while, but I'm also pretty sure that everyone would get bored of the all 'trolls' at some point. Another problem with the EU5 is that it also makes the job of Game Moderators a little harder. If EU5 was a permanent server, every single report would need to include an evidence that the offence really happened on the x server in the future (e.g. if you're rammed on EU2, you need to prove - by showing the tab, for example - that the offence really happened on the EU2 server). It also looks like some of the people didn't really get the point of "road rule free server" and thought things like insulting and profanity would be allowed there. On the other hand, a permanent EU5 would be a good thing as it offers everyone a chance to have some fun with friends without needing to think about being banned. What comes to my personal opinion, I'd say that keeping the server open only for 5 days was the best choice in the all possible ways. As I already said, I really did enjoy driving there myself and I also hope that we get special events like this one in the future as well. And of course, Happy Birthday for 5 years-old TruckersMP! (I especially want to thank the staff members who make this all possible - I can say from my own experience that being a staff member is a lot harder that most people in this community think it to be... )
  12. Happy Birthday XFMaster, have a great one! :) 

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      Thanks mate :) 

  13. MHT_

    Renault Trucks Factory

    As the first thing, I've to admit that this was the first time I heard about the 'hidden' Renault factory Euro Truck Simulator 2. I was already pretty familiar with Orléans as I used to discover it back in 2017, but the Renault factory was something new for as well even though I've been keeping my eyes for the possible hidden places in Euro Truck Simulator 2. As most of us here know already, new places will be added to the Vive la France DLC area in the next update (1.35), so I'm at least expecting Orléans to be finally released for everyone as it has been unfinished for almost 2.5 years already... It's pretty unlikely that we can drive through the Renault factory in the next update but I'll, however, go to check that area with a free camera to see if it has been touched. As they have already added buildings, bus stops and working road connection to that area, I'm pretty sure that Renault factory will be a thing at some point. By the look of this, it seems like that SCS Software was planning to release the Renault Range T, the Renault trailer as well as the Renault factory among with the Vive la France DLC, but due to the licensing issues with Renault, it never was possible. Since there's such a thing (Renault factory), I do expect it to be released as soon as the licensing issues with Renault are solved and the Renault Range T is coming to Euro Truck Simulator 2. As there's no estimated time when it's going to happen, the only thing we can do is to wait and hope that it's going to happen as soon as possible. So as the summary, I do believe that it will be released at some point, but chances it to be added in the next update are pretty low in my opinion (later this year or early 2020 would sound a bit more realistic what comes to the Renault Range T and the Renault factory - of course, if it ever will be added to the game). Anyway, thanks for sharing the pictures and video clip about the Renault factory and the Renault trailer as those were completely new things for me (even though I've always kept my eyes open for the community findings, I've managed to miss these ones).