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  1. Happy birthday to you my best 😜 - Yesterday 😄

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      Thank you! 💚

  2. Thank you for the follow!

    1. -Mr.Blackout-


      You're welcome :)


  3. Thank you very much for your follow! :)


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      You're welcome :)


  4. Hey, personally, I like to go or drive to Scandinavia because the scenery is very nice there. What do you think about this scenery ? Greetings, -Blacko-
  5. I also agree with both of you, but Scania is also a very beautiful truck :)
  6. Hey, Clear My Head- Ellis , is in my opinion a nice song. Greetings -Blacko-
  7. Yes, the download link does not working, so it is not just ur problem or caused from your pc. I think they will fix it soon. Kind regards -Blacko-
  8. Hello, my company owns 35 trucks. I have 7 for my own. My absolute favorite truck is the Scania R730 New Generation. I am also very excited to see, when the new MAN will come into ETS2. Greetings -Blacko-
  9. Für solche Fälle sind dann die Game Moderatoren da, die dafür sorgen, dass solche Leute mit ihrem Verhalten eine Denkpause bekommen. Wenn du dann deinen Ersten LKW haben solltest, kannst du ja Frachtaufträge fahren. Ich persönlich kann dir z.B. den Tipp geben, wenn du viel Verkehr magst, die berühmte Strecke Calais-Duisburg zufahren. Diese verläuft überhalb Lille und verbindet viele Städte miteinander. Dort musst du dich aber auf rücksichtslose Fahrer einstellen. Grüße -Blacko-
  10. Hello @RotaryPower, are you sure you chose the option that the game will save automatically after a certain time? If you did not choose this option, the game is gone because it was not saved. Specifically, this means that you have to start from beginning. In the game menu of your profile, you can also call up your last saved score under Score (if one is available e.g. because it was saved automatically). Since I just see that you are online, I assume that you will continue to play. I would now be interested in whether the bug has been fixed & whether your old game
  11. Hello @Cally_2020, as I can see on your profile. You are not banned. If you have more questions, you can easily contact the truckersmp support : SUPPORT Kind regards -Blacko-
  12. Hello @[HUN] MajestyXD, I've had the same problem before. I can list several solutions that you could try: 1st possibility: You must reconfigure your steering wheel with the Logitech Profiler software and, if necessary, also reset it. You should pay particular attention to the so-called "force feedback", because this is very important for the stiffness and steering ability of the steering wheel. If you have done this and it still does not work, you should continue with option 2. 2nd possibility: As mentioned above, you should also adjust your "Force Feedback Settings"
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