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  1. Happy Birthday :)

    1. Savage.


      Thanks a lot Dr4ch3nblut2802!!

  2. There are enough Options, but i still prefer Calais-Duisburg Road, thanks for that Guide!
  3. Ich bewerfe @FoneeYT mit einem Nutellaglas
  4. Wow great Gallery, really nice Pictures in here, keep it going, looking forward to new Stuff.
  5. Im so excited, specially at the ETS2 DLC, looking forward to this.
  6. Great Guide, thx for your Time and Work!
  7. Spotlights on any Addon Slot ( except on the rear Bumper ), great change finally again
  8. i enjoy both, driving World of Trucks Jobs a Day, doing 150 kmh another Day, everyday different
  9. Hopefully Balkan DLC, cant wait for that, just the Trailer looks awesome.
  10. Most of the Event Streets are full, but not that hard. Paris is full ( 200+ Players ). You need Time to come trough there.
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