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  1. starting to stream again. either daily or bi-daily.


    trying to get my avg. viewer count up so even a link click counts <3


  2. In need of some serious feedback on my temporary game teaser trailer.



    1. Anriandor


      Legendary! That's truly amazing.

    2. derpatrick9


      wow,that's neat!

  3. Duisburg service center Supervisor

    Factors like this can't be solved with simple polls, yes/no questions, rules, feedback or opinions. There's nothing wrong with the administration of the server it's just the fact that players choose to go there. At the end of the day, if people stopped going there and chose to go somewhere else the herd of players would follow. You can only do so much but the player's have the real power. Frankly, the ratio of regulars:trolls is quite significant so the issue will never be resolved and C-D will forever be a disaster as the population continues to grow. It was the same last year with Europort. Get enough players using one place and they all flock to that location. You'll always have a location like this it will just differentiate as the map grows and population shifts. It also doesn't help that player's who complain about it still go to them areas.. just throwing that out in the air.
  4. re3PgUW.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mirrland
    3. DrEGZo


      Map editor is not really unknown...


    4. Rev.


      I guess it's probably just that. Sad reacts only @Mirrland

  5. Ban yourself

    Generally if you type 'sorry' in chat you'll be fine. IGA's seem to like that. But technically, to answer your question if you used that evidence to report someone else you could also potentially be banned. But I don't think the system physically allows you to report yourself.
  6. image.png.33d108aafbc7c04722eca3217cb13d94.png

    1. derpatrick9



  7. This would be great.





  8. In-Game Trailer Skins

    @DrEGZo Does your tool do this?

    1. 012345678910



  10. It helps listening to music, talking to friends/convoy members or if you're solo drive through low-population areas it doesn't feel as slow if you're constantly on the move.
  11. Short convoy in France w/ @DrEGZo @TheLonelyOne [GER] & @MikaKpk.







  12. Any good Recording Programs to recommend?

    Fraps will most likely have the lowest CPU usage of the above and best video output quality compared to software like Bandicam (which also comes with a horrible watermark). OBS doesn't really use up much of your CPU but it's all down to preference, I only use it to livestream but it shouldn't be too stressful when recording. You could always benchmark and test it.