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  1. United States ATS Server

    I'm sure there was a similar topic and someone mentioned issues with the server itself. I'd assume they're working on something to get it back running though.
  2. About new 1.31 random events

    Another client-side disaster waiting to happen. I guess it'll be alright though.
  3. Congratulations @Anriandor on becoming 'Community Manager'.


    All that time being by far the best forum mod paid off. ^_^

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Congrats @Anriandor Best luck to you :) 

    2. CrackPrewier


      Cograts @Anriandor,good luck for your new position :P 

    3. Apexor
  4. @[T.W.R] HaveaScar. It's a scout car not a Police car.
  5. What dlcs do you have ?

    I have all DLC's because people used to complain I couldn't see their truck accessories properly at my events on the stream.
  6. Bought ETS2 back in 2014 on an old Steam account but only really played TF2 and bits of ETS2MP back then when it was new. This accounts been a member since January 2nd 2015 and I've been playing/active since then when I have time.
  7. @Eagl223 I'm unsure where you got that ideology from. It's definitely enough. Then again if you want to pointlessly buy 32GB of DDR4 RAM at a cost of over £300+ for no reason that's your call.
  8. @Eagl223, for using Photoshop and other basic low-end processes/tasks a MacBook will definitely be fine. If you're prepared to spend the money they are extremely useful in most situations.
  9. Always cheaper to build your own but can be tedious if you're not as tech-savvy. There's nothing wrong with prebuilt systems it's just commercially you'll get ripped off by companies trying to make huge gross profit margins. I've always built my own so I get the components for the best possible price. I wouldnt recommend laptops for gaming. I exclusively use mine for on-the-go work or free time browsing. I prefer to have a high-end PC to come home to and play my favourite games rather than suffer on an over priced "gaming" laptop built for mid spec games. For my specs click here. (see infobox)
  10. Cars and Caravans

    Welcome to TruckersMP. It appears they've found their target market. Probably why the player base appears to be decreasing monthly.
  11. Always end up back with SCANIA.




    1. derpatrick9



    2. Hz3rd


      Because Scania is best ;)

    3. ShawnCZek


      The best truck with the photographer who creates high quality photos. ^_^

  12. Priority Report System

    Suggestion Name: "Priority Report System" Suggestion Description: The following system is a simple system which would improve administrator duties over-time undoubtedly speeding up the process of in-game administration. (see example for more info) Example of the System: If a player was reported (in-game; not web) when the system is in place all users would have a "report score". - If the report is successful and the user is punished then the user will gain a score of +1. - If the report is inconclusive and/or skipped it would be neutral (0). - There could also be an option to add negative score to a user if the report is deemed useless however it is not entirely necessary. The users with the highest scores will be automatically filtered to the top of the report list making the most reliable reports more accessible and an ultimately faster reviewing process over time. Any example images: N/ Why should it added?: If the system was in place it would make administrating much easier and faster as they're able to trust users with high(er) report scores. Thus meaning the evidence would be more accurate and punishable rather than mixed with useless reports. The only "flaw" to this system would be when it is first implemented as all users would start with 0. However, over time it would prove useful as scores increase.
  13. @derpatrick9 told me to use a Mercedes.





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    2. ShawnCZek


      What cannot you take great photos with? :D

    3. Rev.


      ^scout cars LUL

    4. ShawnCZek


      Challenge? Come with us and make some. :D

  14. Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated :)

  15. 'Attention to Detail' — 4K, 400%.





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    2. K0rnholio


      Love your photos :wub: keep up the great work. 

    3. ShawnCZek


      Meanwhile there is me with FullHD ready and only High details. :D

    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photos and truck :wub: