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  1. "I feel, is rather unfair. It may just be that they have forgotten to change their name after playing a particularly memey game." Your in-game name uses your TruckersMP account name so that statement is invalid. Although, it is a good suggestion if admins can just simply warn users of their actions then I'm sure most would just make the recommended changes straight away. If they choose not to change their tags then it's their own fault and it should be actioned by staff. Simply adjusting someones player tag doesn't stop them from doing it again. Perhaps, introducing some form of alternative such as a cool-down would work better instead of banning users you could disable their name tag for 7 days, 30 days or permanent.
  2. Are Steam Workshops allowed?

    Most mods from the Steam Workshop won't be enabled when you join a multiplayer server. These mods can only be used on single-player. Please be aware of the save editing rules before-hand. There are lots of downloadable MP compatible mods which currently violate save editing rules and are bannable. For more information on rules, available tools and mods see below:
  3. Monthly Q&A

    Just happy to see that you'll re-open it. Do as you wish.
  4. Monthly Q&A

    Suggestion Name: Monthly Q&A Suggestion Description: Re-open the Q&A section once a month or so to allow players to ask staff/developers questions and have the ability to gain feedback and other opinions/answers at the same time. As there isn't really a suitable place for this type of talk other than individually talking to staff it would be a nice addition to the forum. NOTE THIS SECTION WOULD BE "MODERATED" THEREFORE YOUR QUESTION WOULD NEED TO BE APPROVED BY A MOD BEFORE IT WAS OPENED. (this means that you won't end up with the spam of useless topics like your current Q&A section) Any example images: Why should it be added?: Re-opening this part of the forum will allow the community to gather and give their thoughts as well as questions/answers to queries that aren't frequently posted. And I feel that doing it this way in the public-eye with the ability to gain other answers it could be beneficial to the community as a whole in some ways.
  5. Now 4000 Player Capability in Europe 2 Server.

    I'm just happy they opened up more space to cage the trolls. Now, just don't play EU #2 unless you can endure it without complaining or reporting 24/7. Every other server will be nice and friendly.
  6. Custom skin's in MP

    @NexusDE A local solution would be possible if TruckersMP allowed users to use mods on their servers however due to obvious reasons like potential server attacks etc using malicious mods that possibility will never be open. The only logical way in my opinion to implement such a system without having what you describe as "900 skins" would be a form of repository where users can choose which skins they wish to download. Thus meaning any skins that they haven't downloaded will just be replaced with a placeholder or default trailer/truck textures.
  7. Forum Emoticons

    Not related to the above format for replies, but I strongly suggest checking out the Emoji integration from the 4.3 IPS Update. The Emoji integration can simply be toggled by developers in the admin panel for the forums and linked to different emoticon archives giving you never ending supplies of reactions/emojis without all the un-nescessary work and also allows you to keep your custom emoticons. It also ensures your emoticons are royalty/copyright free with a vast selection to choose from. See example: Link to the thread:
  8. car stuck in first gear

    This is a known issue and the developers will most likely be working on it so a patch will be released to fix the problem when it is ready. Also a dupe topic, please use search next time.
  9. The Last Post Wins!

  10. [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    ANNOUNCEMENT ____________ Giveaway will be locked and finished at 10PM BST. The winners will be announced and contacted in a separate thread either tonight or tomorrow. Good luck to all who entered and thanks for entering. - Rev
  11. What is this?

    The above icon represents the 'Special Transport' jobs however they're not currently supported by MP but they still appear from time-to-time.
  12. Would also help for resolution support as currently menus and chat don't resize. I'm all in favor. A great suggestion!
  13. Delivered to the dealership in Hannover. ^_^