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  1. Rev.'s post in Graphic Card Update Error was marked as the answer   
    If you're using a NVIDIA GPU then your best option is to download/run GeForce Experience.
    From there you'll be able to check for driver updates. See below.

    Since you're using AMD. I'd recommend finding out the model number or name of your GPU and finding the correct up-to-date drivers here.
    Once you're on the above page scroll to "Latest AMD Drivers and Software" and find your model.
    Apologies for the mismatch in assuming you were using an NVIDIA card.
  2. Rev.'s post in car stuck in first gear was marked as the answer   
    This is a known issue and the developers will most likely be working on it so a patch will be released to fix the problem when it is ready.
    Also a dupe topic, please use search next time.
  3. Rev.'s post in I'm new to TruckersMP, and I have a few questions. was marked as the answer   
    A1: TruckersMP doesn't change the job market. It's the same as it would be playing single-player. Unless of course you use World of Trucks contracts to get the same jobs as your friends.
    A2: TruckersMP uses your single-player profile when online therefore any progress you make on SP will impact MP vice versa.
    A3: If you accidentally hit someone then apologise immediately, if it's clear that it was not purposeful or because of lag etc there will be leniency. 
    A4: You can record your gameplay at all times but it's not really necessary. If you want to keep your file size low on recordings just use Shadowplay to record certain small clips.
    A5: Same as A2.
    A6: World of Trucks (https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/) is an online platform integrated with ETS2/ATS which allows you to track your progress, deliveries, achievements and more.
    It's more commonly used to get the same job contracts as your friends. However, your speed will be limited in-game hence why most people use the standard 'Freight Market'.
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