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  1. List of changes from 17th September 2020: Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 96cb07318bc2 ]. Support for the newest Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC: Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack. Fixed synchronizing the caravan in American Truck Simulator. Attempt to fix sound issues.
  2. We have just deployed a little hotfix for horn accessories. They should be synchronized between all players again.
  3. Hello there! We are very proud to announce that a new version has been released! Features Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 07d261a8bf34 ], [ 96cb07318bc2 ] Support for American Truck Simulator [ 96cb07318bc2 ] Support for American Truck Simulator - Idaho DLC Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack DLC Support for ProMods v2.50 Fixes Fixed synchronizing the caravan trailer in American Truck Simulator Attempts to fix sound issues Changes Added new truck dealers as no collision zones Removed New Summer Graphics/Weather v3.5 modification
  4. Hello @Myau91, Thank you for your question! Although, it sounds more like a bug report. To answer the question, yes, we have been aware of the issue. However, we noticed we did not confirm the bug previously and thus, our support team has done so. You can view the topic with the reported bug here: Kind regards.
  5. Hello @[KETS2I] arifrahman42, Thank you for your questions! I am glad you enjoy the Q&A program prepared by our community management, and I believe it is a great way to answer any question our community might have. Now, let's get onto answering your questions. The difference between those two is what the issue in the communication between the client and the game server is. In the case of the connection being broken, the communication between those two stops completely. However, when one gets kicked because of high average ping, the communication is just delayed and might cause gameplay problems for other players. The connection is automatically recreated only in certain cases. This is because, in these, the communication from the server is most likely the issue. We are looking into the possibility of adding some kind of reconnection to the game. And not only for being kicked because of high average ping. However, I cannot tell you more about it right now. I hope this fully answers all your questions. Have a nice day as well! Kind regards.
  6. Hello @Supreme [TR], I am not entirely sure whether I fully understand what you mean with your question. Nevertheless, I will do my best to answer it. If you are talking about the ghost mode, this is an intended feature. It takes some time to load the whole environment and all players around. Not to cause issues for other users (e.g. when a player spawns on the highway), there is a certain time when the player has no collisions at all. That prevents hitting such a player unintentionally. However, if you mean the rare bug when the player cannot see any other players and thus, the player can go through them, that is another story. We are aware of this issue and have been trying to minimize it as much as possible. One of the preventions has been the unreliable connection kick. I am not going to describe it in-depth, however, I am confident to say this lowered these cases. And of course, we are aware it is not the perfect solution, and in the future, we will work on improving it. I hope this fully answers your question. Kind regards.
  7. Hello @Geology Rocks, The new version 2.50 of ProMods should be supported straight away as we have already been working with their team on the support for our modification. Though, it is still possible that there might be some delay if we face any critical issues. Luckily, there has not been any so far. Kind regards.
  8. Hi there! This is definitely an interesting question. Because together with you, we are also following the exciting news of Canada from the ProMods team, and we cannot wait for its release! As ProMods and TruckersMP are partners, this is something we have already been looking into and something we really want to see happen. However, as you might have noticed, this project has not been finished yet, and therefore, it is currently hard to say what issues we might face. Nevertheless, we will aim to bring this to reality as soon as possible! Also, as you mentioned the player base of the American Truck Simulator, the size of the community does not matter; we love both games the same! Additionally, we hope to see more people being attracted to the game by supporting such a modification as currently, the world of map community projects seem to be quite small. Kind regards.
  9. Hello @Chris_Kodiak, The last year, we had a similar question to the first one you asked. That one was about detours and can be found here: The answer I provided in the thread is still relevant so I will just quote it here for the record: To sum it up, we have not been planning on doing so yet. There are edge cases we need to deal with like how these events will be spawned for other players, and how they will be handled. I can understand these news are not positive at all, though, trust me, we would love to see such a feature as well! However, we do not feel like our system is ready for it right now. And that is also why we have not discussed it yet. To the second question, this is hard to answer. Synchronization of such events between players should not be an issue at all, though, with the possible edge cases, we need to evaluate whether these random events along with detours will bring more positives than negatives. Because on the server, there are thousands of players who play with different settings. Some of them do not want to see detours (or random events) at all, some of them like to have them all over the map. And with such possibilities, we might end up in the same situation where we were when these events were not disabled in our multiplayer world. In conlusion, this is one of things that need to be properly and deeply discussed and planned before moving on (such as creating it, or archiving the ticket). And trust me, we have a long list full of these features. I hope you can understand this. Kind regards.
  10. iyi günler 

    oyunu 3 yıldan belli dönemlerde aktif bir  kullanıcı olarak bir önerme yapmak istiyorum

    çekicilerin hasarlarını /Fix olarak sıfırlamak gerçekten güzel bir fikirdi konvoy sıralarında oluşabilecek kopukları ortadan kaldırdınız.bunun için öncelikle teşekkür ederim 

    tavsiyeme gelecek olursam oyunun amacı belli gruplar halinde belli bir amaç için hareket etmektir ve çekici hasar aldığında konvoy sırasındaki insanlar kafasında hep şu düşünce yatar keşke yardım edebilsem bunun üzerine düşündüğümüzde yeni bir Dorse tanımlanabilir hasar almış yada yardıma ihtiyacı olan kullanıcıya karşılık sistem üzerinden "F7"  alanından yardım edilebilecek kullanıcıya karşılık olarak erişim izinleri verildikten sonra Dorse aktarması yapılabilir. böylelikle oyun içindeki takım oyunu daha yüksek bir kaliteye çıkabilir 

    yardım yapan kullanıcı ödülendirme yapılabilir böylelikle oyun içinde farklı bir platform açmış oluruz unvan yada derece gibi böylelikle oyun içinde birlik beraberlik ortaya çıkar aşırı hız yapan kullanıcılar hız yapmak yerine diğer kullanıcılara yardım yapmak isteyebilir.  

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      If you wish to make a suggestion, please head over to our suggestion section and create a new post there. Then it will be reviewed by Community Managers and moved to appropriate section. 


      Make sure to write it in English as well as keep it in the appointment template. 


      Kind regards, 


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  11. List of changes from 23rd August 2020: Add modification files for the official convoy in August 2020.
  12. Hello @IanTheFirst, As @CJMAXiK pointed out, we are not planning to add any other modifications at the time. However, with modifications extending ProMods, the issue is a bit more complex as well. I am not fully aware how they work or what content they have, but you have to keep in mind that if such a modification changes the ProMods map only a little bit, it can cause issues to other players. In such a case, each this modification would require a special server in order to avoid these issues. Which is also why we have servers with the base map and then with ProMods. So other than adding more complexity, it would separate the player base even more and I think this is not anything we would love to see. In conclusion, we have currently no plans in doing so. I hope you can understand this. Kind regards.
  13. Hello, As @CJMAXiK correctly pointed out, support for both Linux and macOS is not anything planned. Except for already mentioned points, every operating system has a different kernel where the biggest difference is of course between Windows and Unix. With this, while developing new things using the API of the operating system, we would have to keep in mind each of them. That is a bit of an issue with stuff like input handlers (e.g. for key binds) or the anti-cheat which is using the API most. In conclusion, this is a very difficult and time-consuming task because as I mentioned, each system would need support for even our features. Unfortunately, the player base on different platforms is rather small and thus, such a task has the lowest priority. I hope you can understand this. Kind regards.
  14. Zdravím, z důvodů neaktivity bude toto téma přesunuto do Nevyřešených. Pokud bys stejně potřeboval pomoct, neváhej nás kontaktovat přes systém podpory: https://truckersmp.com/support Děkuji za pochopení. // Uzamčeno a přesunuto do Nevyřešeno
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