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  1. Hey there! We are proud to announce that a new version has been released! Features Support Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 88d549d80b59 ] Support American Truck Simulator [ 88d549d80b59 ] Support new accessories Changes Removed support for Spring Graphics/Weather, as it is not supported on 1.44 * Disabled Calais - Duisburg map modification * Disabled TruckersMP HQ city addition * Both these map modifications have been disabled as they are not compatible with the latest version of the game and cause fatal crashes. They will be enabled as soon as they support it.
  2. List of changes from 16th May 2022: Improved detection of typing to the chat. Made the icons above the player's name tag larger.
  3. Hi there! We are announcing that a new version has been released! Features Proper support for the multimon feature of the game Changed rendering from one screen to multiple screens Fixed the position of name tags above their truck Fixed handling the CB radio mouse input Players can now be selected by clicking on their truck or trailer in the world Changes Changed rendering of icons at name tags. The honking icon is now shown above the name tag Added an icon (shown above the name tag) to indicate the player is in a no collision zone Added an icon to indicate the player is typing to the chat
  4. List of changes from 13th May 2022: Special recognition for Patrons of the Master Trucker tier in the chat box. The tier icon is displayed next to their username. They are specially titled as "Patron". Added characters counter indicator to the chat box. Updated the list of rules. Fixed showing user groups with a long name.
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