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  1. Changelog of changes from 13th October 2019: Fixed wheel speed of rotation. Fixed a rare bug when a truck was spawned without wheels.
  2. Appreciation post for your hard work and fantastic music choice! :wow:

    Hope you're well!

  3. Changelog of changes from 10th October 2019: Fixed most of reported no collision zones in both games and therefore, all map DLC have been supported. Added ghost mode when a player uses teleport or gets teleported. Fixed other reported bugs on the client as well as on the server.
  4. Hai husband/wife! You got my follow XD

  5. Changelog of changes from 5th October 2019: Preparations for the Pink Ribbon convoy.
  6. Patreon has proven once again how our community is amazing! All these things we have achieved in last hours are incredible and none of us has expected it! And those numbers are crazy!

    • Our expectation was that there will be much more $1 tier supporters than $5 supporters. But well, the opposite is correct. There are many times more Master Truckers than Truckers!
    • Goal of 100 Patrons was met in under 6 hours, the second goal of the money per month was achieved in under 8 hours!
    • There have been a lot of people who decided to pledge more than only $5. As I said, I personally did not even expect to have more than a few $5 tier supporters!

    Thanks to everybody who has supported us in any way. Because you have made it easier for us to mantain and expand this hobby project.

    This is the actual situation, just 33 hours after its release:



    1. Doxxyz


      Thats a nice motivation right there, hopefully we will get some servers around but i was hoping with less capacity as there is no way to see alot of players splitting from sim 1 shortly :( 

    2. Daniel [K-REISS]
    3. ATEKGaming


      Big GGs on hitting such a big number!

      You guys deserve it! :).

  7. @Granite, we are aware of this, however, this is not our issue as the bug can be reproduced in the singleplayer as well. The part is most likely missing in game files.
  8. Changelog of changes from 2nd October 2019: Added Patreon rewards. Fixed synchronizing of accessories from the Actros DLC.
  9. Changelog of changes from 1st October 2019: Added support for Pink Ribbon DLC (both ATS and ETS2) and its World of Trucks event. Added support for accessories from past events. Added support for Renault T + Goodyear DLC combination. Fixes and improvements for staff accessories.
  10. Changelog of changes from 28th September 2019: Disabled random events and detours. Added a default range for stability and suspension stiffness game cvars. Fixed a bug with the game UI in game settings.
  11. [PLAYER] @MrCipr se vrátil zpět do týmu na pozici Game Moderator.
  12. [GAME MODERATOR] @henzsa opustil tým z osobních důvodů.
  13. It did not even take 3 months (previous status update) and our Discord server grew even more.
    Today we are celebrating the milestone of 40,000 members and that makes our guild one of the biggest on Discord!

    It is absolutely crazy that a community modification can reach such milestones. And it is so nice to see. 545798454819946516.gif?v=1


  14. [REPORT MODERATOR] [TRANSLATOR] @Dominik [SK] byl povýšen na pozici Game Moderator.
  15. Hello @Banicek, Thank you for reporting the issue! We have had some issues with servers and we are working on the solution. Keep in mind these issues may happen again as the time is synchronized with our servers. Estimated time of the bug fix is around 3-4 hours as there are other tasks on the background that are running and cannot be skipped in order to let the time running properly. Sorry for this inconvenience and I hope you can understand this.
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