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  9. Just a few hours ago we released the new system for virtual trucking companies. Something that has been a wish from the community for years. And today we made it real. Months of developing and weeks of testing have ended with today.

    Even when we all planned and tested, it did not go as intended. On the other hand, I believe it was a success and we have always tried to fix all issues within minutes. There are always things to improve and we will learn again from this. For example that we should not trust the built maintenance mode...

    A huge dream of the TruckersMP community and also us, developers, has come true. And I believe this is only the start of companies in TruckersMP. When we talk about companies - at the moment of writing this post, 226 companies have already registered on the site. That is crazy.

    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Thank you for all of your hard work!

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      Wow! All this already?

      This project will be good + +

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      TruckersMP power :troll:

  10. v2.9.0 (13th July 2019) Created the system of virtual trucking companies Backend fixes & updates v2.9.0.1- (13th July 2019) Fixed all reported bugs in the new system for virtual trucking companies Implemented all first suggestions in the new system for virtual trucking companies v2.9.0.12 (14th July 2019) Changed the minimum size for the cover image Fixed the error message when an cover image with a wrong size was uploaded on the creation of the company Fixed problems with caching data about the user and its virtual trucking company v2.9.0.13 (14th July 2019) Removed uppercase for the name and the slogan of the company on listing Fixed displaying the header of the company on mobiles Improved displaying of the name and the slogan of the company Improved the design of company posts v2.9.0.14 (14th July 2019) Fixed a bug where a recruiter could add the same member multiple times v2.9.0.15 (14th July 2019) Fixed the bug with a wrong name of the virtual trucking company in application that got automatically cancelled Fixed order of available roles for a new member and order of available recruiters in applications to virtual trucking companies Fixed order of user applications to a company (now from the newest one to the oldest one) Fixed the maximum length of SteamID64 when a blacklist entry is getting created Fixed a big when old values in the form were not remembered (for example when the validation failed) Changed the design of modal windows in applications to virtual trucking companies Other small updates & improvements v2.9.0.16 (14th July 2019) Fixed meta tags for the member list of a virtual trucking company Fixed displaying large images in the description/rules/information of a virtual trucking company Fixed a rare issue when the company edit page was saying the name and the tag are not unique v2.9.0.17 (16th July 2019) Fixed an issue with too long SteamID64 when creating a new row in the blacklist of a virtual trucking company Removed the pinned icon in news on the homepage of the virtual trucking company system Fixed the background color for the light theme on the homepage of the virtual trucking system Replaced "Create a VTC" button with "My VTC" if the user is a member of a company Added transparent background to the name and the slogan of a virtual trucking company Added displaying of the virtual trucking company name to latest news posts Other small updates & improvements v2.9.0.20 (19th July 2019) Marked the light theme as obsolete Set the dark theme on the forum as default v2.9.1 (20th July 2019) Added API end-points for virtual trucking companies (will be documented soon) Improvements for virtual trucking companies Added the virtual trucking company of the user to the forum profile Added the comment visibility when a comment is being edited in a recruitment application Fixed the preview height on the search page Made Steam profile and SteamID64 public and removed the optional Steam field in the profile settings The information about the Steam ID has been available in the API for ages and there has been no reason to hide it anymore Design improvements for news Improved game rules and their design Added auto-rejection for reports older than 1 month (due to actual rules) Backend updates & fixes
  11. ShawnCZek

    [ATS] Lumen Mark II roof lights not synced

    It was fixed in the latest client update on the 6th of July in 2019.
  12. ShawnCZek

    Options to get more İnformation about BAN

    Hello @JuniorArda, This change was introduced in the website update known as v2.8.6: Bear in mind this information is shown only for reports which were issued after a certain date due to the way how we store certain information. Thank you for the suggestion, anyway! Done.
  13. ShawnCZek

    Problém se zapnutím TruckersMP

    Ahoj, Jak vidíš, chybová hláška ti doporučuje následovat nějaké kroky. Splnil jsi všechny z nich?
  14. ShawnCZek

    Problém se zapnutím TruckersMP

    // Přesunuto do Pomoci v české sekci