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  1. Nice,congratulations :)

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      Thank you ;) 

  2. Lukavsky TMP

    Low FPS

    Hello, You can try it - 1. Check that all your drivers are up to date (you'd be amazed how much of a difference this makes) -- make sure to uninstall the current driver and reboot (important to reboot) before you install the new driver and reboot (again important you reboot) 2. Run Disk Cleanup within Windows (start menu > type "disk cleanup" > run it and follow the wizard instructions) 3. Download and install the FREE CCleaner and run it (customise it where needed but use the registry cleaner with caution) -- Reboot after doing so (important) 4. Download and install the FREE Registry Defragmenter by Auslogics -- Reboot afterwards (important) 5. Do a virus scan with your anti-virus 6. Download and install Malwarebytes FREE and run it after updating - this will delete any malware on your system that your anti virus won't pickup 7. Uninstall all the software you do not need or use (including those in steps 3, 4 and 6 above) - see Control Panel > Programs and Features 8. Lastly, defragment your hard drive(s) using the default Windows Defragmenter (do not do this if any of your hard drives are a SSD) 9. Run your game and see how it acts now. Consider turning down graphics and features if required.
  3. Lukavsky TMP

    Most populated road/ place?

    Hello, C-D road is popular ofc,but you need to download game recorder if you wanna drive
  4. Lukavsky TMP

    Various modifications/additions

    Hello, You can't edit your truck,topic about it you can find here -
  5. I hope you will come back one day mate. (I'am Mr Yop)

  6. :o


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      Thanks! :D 

  7. Not bad,congratulations <3

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      Thanks mate ;) 

  8. Bracatenga srecno, javi se da bacimo neki djir ako budes hteo ^_^:tmp:

  9. Take care bud, hope to see you again soon :(

  10. We will miss you :(

  11. Lukavsky TMP

    Translation of "Companies"

    Nepotrebna tema, //zakljucano i premješteno u arhivu
  12. Lukavsky TMP

    Is it allowed to load autosaves whan you crash?

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  13. Lukavsky TMP

    Is something like that allowed / Ist sowas Erlaubt

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