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  1. Lukavsky TMP

    Various modifications/additions

    Hello, You can't edit your truck,topic about it you can find here -
  2. I hope you will come back one day mate. (I'am Mr Yop)

  3. Not bad,congratulations <3

    1. Aestrial


      Thanks mate ;) 

  4. Bruda falit ces mi :(

  5. Bracatenga srecno, javi se da bacimo neki djir ako budes hteo ^_^:tmp:

  6. İ'll Miss You Captain. Take care :(

  7. Take care bud, hope to see you again soon :(

  8. We will miss you :(

  9. Lukavsky TMP

    Translation of "Companies"

    Nepotrebna tema, //zakljucano i premješteno u arhivu
  10. Lukavsky TMP

    Is it allowed to load autosaves whan you crash?

    //Moved to Help
  11. Lukavsky TMP

    Is something like that allowed / Ist sowas Erlaubt

    //Moved to Help
  12. Lukavsky TMP

    BALOG TRANS - We are back!

    Tema je neaktivna //Zakljucano i premjesteno u Arhivu
  13. Lukavsky TMP

    FA Logistika d.o.o. | Zapošljavamo

    Tema je neaktivna. //Zakljucano i premjesteno u Arhivu