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  4. My Favorite Company In ETS2!
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    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      the quarry in Italy :thinking:

  5. People are mostly like to play in server 2 and 3 there are no speed limit (150 locked) in Eu 2,3 Lot of peoples feel better in high speed, thats not a fault, but if anyone make a accident or bad thing (use slang,cb abuse) you can report him/her, for report you can use *Remember: For reports you should use any type of evidence like Picture,Videos.
  6. Oslo and Orebro is my 2nd choice. Right. Find one and mark as best. Bergen? Today's my mission is Bergen. thanks☺
  7. Which City and Company do you like most in Euro Truck Simulator 2? ETS2 have lot of city's and Company's in verities Place. Which City and Company You Like Most? Share Your Favorite City and Company with Us . Feel Free To React and Comment. I like Malmo (in Scandinavia DLC) as a city, AND Marmo Spa (in Italia DLC) As a Favorite Company! Athir* TruckersMp User.
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    Its not possible. for your better quality image you can upload 3rd party website ( Like ) then copy the link and past your image link in your status update. *Remember: all the link arn't work. imgur worked when you past, auto show your image in Tmp forum. thanks. #Athir*
  11. right you are. but Skoda car is more than dangerous. because their control is very hard to use.
  12. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea New Industries 2

    Very Much Nice. Waiting For This.
  13. Yes, Follow the rules and drive safely ♥ Happy Trucking.