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  1. Ady Man

    Ady Man Gallery

  2. Ady Man

    Ady Man Gallery

  3. Happy Birthday Krashnz


  4. Live twitch Modding Ro Map Project Location: Alba Iulia ;)


  5. Hi there, @Ady Man


    Thank you for the follow; have an enjoyable day ahead of you!

    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Hi have a good day :wub:

  6. hey Andy 

    How are you bro? :P

  7. Ady Man

    Do you like Euro Truck Simulator 2 graphics now?

    I'm thinking about what it will look like when it comes out of the experimental DX11 we can compare the game from 2012 and so far it is a very big difference: (unfortunately the video is a little old)
  8. Scandinavia and Baltic Black Sea Romanian Power
  9. Ady Man

    The last number wins!

  10. RomaniaMap Modding Project: ;)


  11. hey those files are old when it is added officially, they will be replaced
  12. Ady Man

    Ady Man Gallery

  13. Ady Man

    What you think about Skoda?

    bmw or audi and skoda is good, but still needs to be worked on especially in stability