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  1. MAN TGX Euro6 for 1.32?

    The MAN TGX E6 model is ready, but there are no tuning parts for it.
  2. 1.32 Version

    I still want the new MAN. Hope it will appear in the 1.32 update, even if it's not in the open beta yet.
  3. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: The Scout Car's Exclusive Interior has a glitch on the floor. How to reproduce: Just go in the dealership and check this, it's still there if you buy it and drive it. And I don't think it's from me, because the Scout Car's Exclusive Interior from ETS2 has no problems, but the ATS one has the glitched floor even if I reinstalled it (I also reinstalled the TruckersMP client). Screenshots / Videos: https://imgur.com/a/eEnxMQM
  4. Update 1.32

    ^ They were talking about a brand new game called Euro Coach Simulator. There are 2 people working on it for about 4 years, if I don't make any mistake.
  5. Suggestion Name: No-Collision Zone for Tucson's Racing Track in ATS Suggestion Description: I think you should add a No-Collision Zone for the Tucson's Racing Track in ATS, because there are many players that are going to race with their friends or with strangers, and many times it happens to hit someone because the track is not very wide, and if there are 3 players racing at the same time, 100% there will be an accident if they really want to win the race and step the pedal to the metal. Any example images: No need. Why should it be added?: To enjoy the track without hitting someone by mistake.
  6. Word Starting With The Last Letter

  7. Number game

  8. Answer the question above you

    I've been born. Q: Did you tried to follow a plane with you car IRL if you ever had one?
  9. The Last Post Wins!

    No, I won.
  10. What are your opinions about PUBG?

    Why would you play PUBG when you can play TruckersMP on Europe 2? I mean, this is the best battle royale game I've ever seen.
  11. New Truck coming to ETS 2

    ^ Why would they release another overused truck? This game is not called "Volvo and Scania Truck Simulator". + There is only one MAN truck in the game, and that is kinda outdated. But if you ask me, this new MAN is the best looking truck that will be in the game in the next update. It looks even better than the Renault Range T that will come this year.
  12. 1. There is not the best truck. The best truck is the one you like the most. For me is the DAF XF E6, but I still like the 105 one. 2. Acceleration: Volvo. Top Speed: Scania. But you still can make some hybrid modifications, if you know what I mean. For example, if you put a Scania Engine and a DAF Gearbox on a Renault, that thing will hit 171km/h without trailer on Singleplayer very fast. But in Multiplayer, the results are impeccable. That DAF Gearbox (for me is the 12-speed 611TO R *or the last 12-speed transmission for DAF XF E6 to make it easier to find it*) make it all. 3. This is a hard choice between Mercedes-Benz New Actros and MAN TGX. For the moment, I will choose the New Actros, but in the next update I'm gonna try the new MAN TGX E6 and the Renault Range T. Kind Regards, Odion.
  13. Scania S or Scania R?

    Scania S; the R one looks kinda weird to me.
  14. For me, Scania and DAF are the best manufacturers, because of the power on Scania and design on DAF. The worst manufacturers seems to be Iveco and Renault. Poor design, poor power, poor everything! P.S: I would choose a DAF XF E6 over a XF 105. The interior seems to be more detailed, and the exterior looks kinda good. Yeah, it doesn't compare with the 105's beast exterior, but it's still a cool one. As soon as I buy the DAF Tuning Pack, I will still buy the 105 and drive both of them, even if I have a Scania S, and gonna buy the R730 too. (btw, I have the Mighty Griffin DLC as well)