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  1. Odion

    automatic speed limiter

    You have to deactivate the speed limiter from the TAB menu.
  2. Odion

    C-D route accidents

    I'm overtaking when I see I can do it and when I'm not being a threat for the others (of course with the Scout car).
  3. The 360l Tank, lmao. I didn't even knew there is a 66l Tank, but it got fixed, so this Topic can be archived. Edit: Apparent, sometimes the fuel consumption is broken, sometimes is normal. I don't know what is producing this bug, but it's kinda annoying.
  4. Is it intended or the Scout Car's fuel consumption is bugged and it burns 1litre/second on Highway?

  5. Game: ETS2 (and I think ATS too) Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Fuel Consumption on Scout Cars is INFERNAL, you can't drive 200km without refueling the car. How to reproduce: Just drive it on highway. Screenshots / Videos: -
  6. I already did it with 310HP, 4x2 Chassis and the first 6-speed gearbox. It's not impossible, but it's a very slow process.
  7. Odion

    ETS2 Update ._.

    Nobody knows when Update 1.32 will be released, sadly... My bet is on late octomber - early november. Kind Regards, Odion.
  8. Odion


    Pornesc obs-ul pentru orice eventualitate.
  9. Odion


    Stau sa fac alea 2 ore pe SP ca de ce nu, si aleg o cursa din MP pe Europa 2.
  10. Odion

    Balkans DLC

    ^ Even if Romania is not from Balkans, I still think they will add it in the same DLC, as many people from this country want it to be implemented in the game.
  11. Odion


    Am intrat pe stim sa cumpar din nou euro truck, chiar daca pe ge2a era mai ieftin...
  12. Odion


    closed-minded alert
  13. Odion


    Am incercat sa fac Ban Evading cu VPN...
  14. Odion


    Am iesit din casa si am bagat la loterie.