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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaa you're saying it like you're not getting rammed more by trucks rather than scouts lol
  2. "sry winter mod" chain
  3. I wish you a Happy Birthday! :)

  4. E x a c t l y. I repeat myself: no one wants to drive on an empty map, especially by the speed limit. I don't want to drive by the speed limit, but at the same time I'm driving as cautious as possible. Some people said above and I'm 100% with them: why do we have to separate the community in "simulation" and "arcade"? 9 out of 10 people would say it was A LOT better before those "changes". Harsher punishments? Lmao, as long as you keep the same punishment system and those "permanent bans" for reckless driving and so on AT THE ADMIN'S DISCRETION, you're not going to solve anything. This mod was
  5. There is no fun when you're forced to drive by someone's style. You can't cut someone's hair when you only cut grass in your entire life. And I don't see the "players who enjoy a more simulation like experience" on this community. Only people who can't understand there is no fun driving at legal speeds on an almost empty map. It's their mod, yes. But they don't listen to the community. And then they're asking why people are leaving TMP for other communities.
  6. I couldn't have said it better.
  7. B r u h, they're going from bad to worse since they started to implement those radical changes without even asking the community. Remember this survey?
  8. Congrats for the promotion, btw ^.^


    1. ~Ciprian-Ionut~


      Thanks you very so much. ❤️

  9. So you're just telling us that it's COMPLETELY OK to be kicked for no proper reason. And that means you can get punished anytime just because a game moderator wants to punish somebody for no reason. It doesn't matter if it's a kick or a ban. IT'S A PUNISHMENT. WITH NO ACTUAL REASON.
  10. Akoa

    Thanks for the follow!

  11. Odion

    Road to Simulation

    @FernandoCR [ESP] tbh I've seen only 2 people getting banned while in-game (ON C-D), and maybe 3 other players getting kicked after this update. I don't know if they're doing their job properly when you still can't get through Duisburg Service's entrance because someone can't get a turn with a SINGLE TRAILER, and then 100 people are going to stay in a jam only because ONE game moderator won't kick him, even if everyone knows that area is most of the time a traffic jam. And now triples are banned. w0w. Wise choice. If they know they cannot do their job because "there are too many reports", then
  12. Odion

    Road to Simulation

    You can check the stats here: https://stats.truckersmp.com/
  13. Odion

    Road to Simulation

    That will still not solve the problem. Trolls are still buying ETS2, and so they could get Going East for a cheap price.
  14. Thans for the follow, :love:

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