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  1. Odion


    In secunda 2 mi-a fugit spatele.
  2. Do you find it funny Valve still doesn't have an official status page for their services?

  3. I was 1v5 in a Competitive match, with 4 bots in my team, and I've decided to shoot one of my bots in the head.

    Valve has some sort of autism.



    1. Le Cat

      Le Cat

      you bullied bots what did you expect 

  4. Odion

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    It's awesome, but... Spotlights and Michelin dolls can also be placed on any slot (except spotlights on the rear bumper)
  5. Odion

    Relaunch of the Translation Team.

    Thanks for the information!
  6. Happy B-day!

  7. Odion

    First anniversary of the event team

    Happy Birthday
  8. Odion

    TruckersMP support meets Twitter

    Nice Project
  9. Odion

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    Say that one more time. Don't compare romanians with indians. As long as SCS said they're working on a big map, I think they'll release the whole Balkans in only one DLC.

    I hope there's Romania too  :wub:

    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      DLC Romanian :love:

  11. Odion

    Spring giveaway

    For WoT original post: Click here
  12. Odion

    Modified Dlc

    Definitely it will be for Mercedes.
  13. Better said: Change the version of the game to 1.33, install the mod, enter in SP, buy/edit a trailer and see where you can choose the bodies (I think Krone trailers won't work tho), but I think you can choose the bodies in the chassis section (or somewhere else, I dunno, check for yourself), these variations being the MP's legal ones. Best Regards, Odion