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Community Answers

  1. Take care Grundii, see you back

  2. Take care Grundii, 

  3. Take care! ❤️

    Thanks for everything you've done. 😄


  4. Thank you for all you have done sad that you left hope to see you back! :HaulieLove:

  5. Thanks for all your hard work in the team :HaulieLove: Sad to see you leave we will miss you 896749734788730880.webp?size=96&quality=lossless Good luck for the future and hope to see you return again someday 929353560200724510.webp?size=96&quality=lossless

  6. Thank you for your work in this community! We will definitely miss you! ❤️ 

  7. Thanks for all your hard work in the team :HaulieLove: Sad to see you leave we will miss you


    Good luck for the future and hope to see you return again someday 😔💗

  8. Take care Grundii, will miss you being in the team 😧


  9. So sad to see you leave I hope you come back again 💖

  10. Schade, dass du gehst - ich hoffe, ein Comeback ist wieder gegeben :HaulieLove:


    Man schreibt sich sicher mal wieder :3 oder zocken gemeinsam mal OMSI2, wo wir nur am Auszucken sind dank der KI 🤣

  11. Sad to see you leave, we will all miss you and I hope you come back sometime, thank you for everything you have done 921904479937396756.webp?size=96&quality=lossless

  12. Take care! ❤️

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