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  1. Happy birthday mate :) Best luck to you

  2. Thanks for the follow :troll::troll:

    1. Asatelon


      You are welcome

  3. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    Mostly I am listening to Truckers.FM but sometimes I listen to my own spotify playlist aswell while driving. I personally think that it is more enjoyable driving with tunes then without.
  4. Roads to watch out for (Important)

    There is clealy much traffic around the Rotterdam, Brussel, Calais and Duisburg road. Also it is much populared in Bergen and Malmö. I always try to avoid this areas since many traffic jams do happen there and there are actually some more beautiful roads like in the italia or france DLC.
  5. How do you like the New Patch

    I really like the new update since you can drive a car and earn money on the same time. The caravan makes the car way more stable and, as I have noticed, the breaks of the car are better now since the trailer is breaking too. The caravan might avoid some accidents because, as stated above, it makes the car more stable. The next feature I really like is the new speed limiter update. You now can drive 80 kph in cities, with is enjoyable as you won't get rammed by players who drive 120 or more kph in cities. I totally agree with the 150 kph speed limiter. Every speed above 150 kph is just reckless in my opinion and just cause accidents. The most of the time I play ETS2/ATS I drive realistic, which does include adhere the speed limit, so I don't have any problems with speed limiters in any form.
  6. Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    My favourite Truck color is from the Raven DLC. The main colors are settet to black and the stripes are purple. In my personal opinion this looks great. Since I am part of the Stobart Trucking VTC and we have a VTC color, which is from the Heavy Cargo DLC, I really like this color too. I mainly use this color and I will include a picture here:
  7. What are your favourite DLC’s ?

    Hello, I have two favourite DLC's. Both of this DLC's are map DLC's. I like explore new roads and in my opinion both of this map DLC's have great and interesting streets. I am talking about Italia and Scaninavia. I can drive for hours on these roads. They are very fantastic...
  8. I'm tired of reckless driving.

    Well, there is actually only one solution, don't go the CD road or don't drive on EU 2 / EU 3. I have noticed as well, that there are many players who are driving reckless and that is the reason why I usally try to avoid the CD road. Even the howl area between Rotterdam, Duisburg, Brussel and Calais are avoided by me.
  9. Bans and warnings

    In my personal opinion I am really happy with the current system. It is good enough. I see no reason to improve it. There are still too many players who are breaking rules. I totally agree with that. The warning system would just be abused. What I want to say is that in my opinion the system could be a bit more strict. Like 1st and 2nd ban is on the GM's decision, 3rd ban is 3 month and 4th ban is permanent. Nevertheless, as I said above I am really okay with the current ban system.
  10. Sunday flight. Hamburg - Field near to Hamburg




    Start in Hamburg




    Ready for takeoff? 




    Climb to the travel high.




    Landed well on a field near to Hamburg.


  11. Wie kriege ich den Wohnwagen-Anhänger?

    ^Nein, das ist nicht nötig, es gibt den Wohnwagen ja schließlich im Frachtmarkt. Das sieht dann so aus: Hierbei ist kein save editing nötig.
  12. Wie kriege ich den Wohnwagen-Anhänger?

    Es ist erlaubt den Trailer mit dem Auto zu ziehen, schließlich wurde der Caravan extra für das Auto implementiert. Ich beziehe mich an der Stelle mal auf die Ankündigung zum Smokey.
  13. What do you think about caravan

    I have no problems with the caravan at all. The caravan has the benifit, that it makes the car more stable. Also you can drive car and earn money now. For some reason I see less car (divers) causing accidends since the caravan is existing. What do you mean with buggs/problems? I personally have seen no buggs yet.