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  1. Viel Spaß & Glück im Add-On Team Sebastian! Kann mich noch an die "alten" Zeiten damals erinnern, wenn du weißt, wer ich bin ;)


    1. DaStrobel




      Danke dir!



      Vielleicht kann man ja mal wieder zusammenfinden :)


      alles gute!

  2. Photo taken on the 20th february 2015. It the first photo in MP with a friend and literally my second photo in the ETS2MP that time (the first photo was a photo of my Volvo in the workshop). I think it was also the first time the winter mod got introduced. If I remember correctly, it even was my first trip with a "graphic" mod. It's a long time ago and until now many things changed in ETS2 but also in the MP. I remember the days the Europoort was full and even got closed one time by the admins. This time when the chat was blue and advertisements was nearly the only messages in the chat We had fun, that's got to be telled.
  3. Ich bewerfe @I__Bear__I mit einem super tollen Video von @Dr4ch3nblut2802
  4. Ich bewerfe @Talwinter mit einem Wohnmobil.
  5. Here is my photo: It's edited, but just a bit It shows the sun at an evening in the Baltic States, just some days ago.
  6. Wirklich schade dich gehen sehen zu müssen, warst wirklich ein echt cooler Game Mod! Ich kann wirklich nur sagen: Einschaltungszeichen ^^

    1. HerrSwizz


      Danke diggah. Die Obrigkeit wird ihren Fehler schon bereuen den einzigen Admin mit Rückrat rausgeworfen zu haben :D 

    2. Lycan.


      Ich sage mal soviel dazu, im Leben sieht man sich immer zwei mal! :wub:

  7. I kinda miss the old Rotterdam Europort days! (Taken on the 24th October 2015)


  8. Halöle, lädst du nur das Update herunter? Wenn ja, würde ich mal den TruckersMP deinstallieren und neuinstallieren, vielleicht hilft dir das. MFG Tobias
  9. Hello, in my opinion, like many people here, applicants should be chosen by their application itself. For sure, many people apply for Game Mod and have 3+ bans in 2017 (expired), this isn't good. But I think the applicants should also be chosen by the time the last bans expired. Like my last expired nearly 2 years ago and the others nearly 2,5 year ago (2015 & 2016). Anyway, it's a mass clean up for the SM, CMM and GMM. But anyway, this is the decision by TMP and it should be respected in any way, even if many people have different opinions. Kind regards Tobias
  10. Congrats bro! ;)

    1. Olioak


      Thank you! :wub:

  11. I just love my truckspotting hobby!



    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and truck :wub:

    2. Hlozék
    3. Mika L.

      Mika L.

      I have lived in that particular small city (Hurup Thy) inwhich that truck comes from. Quite fun to see on here :lol:

  12. I often use it, as I am usually in channel 9 (german channel) I don't hear anyone screaming. I also speak there if I meet friends randomly
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