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  4. §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind [...] Any reference related to drugs, other illegal substances, pornographic or sexual content or otherwise illicit matters. This applies to any links posted, avatars, signatures, in-game tags, images uploaded or content written. [...] If you think the rule applies to the user, file a report here.
  5. You should've included another option called “The speed limit” for those that follow the speed limit of the road, not just a certain number at all times.
  6. 1. Yes, upper staff members have GM permissions by default. 2. Once a staff member gets promoted to upper staff, we offer them to go through the trainee stage, otherwise we do not allow them to use anything related to GM stuff. However, if the upper staff member has previous experience as GM, then it's not necessary for them to go through the trainee stage again. 3. See 1. 4. The training is basically the same as trainee's. They go through the same training. 5. See above, but the game management and the respective trainer checks the work and quality. Major issues will be forwarded to us game managers, and small mistakes can be dealt with by the trainer. 6. See 4. 7. See 5. 8. No. 9. I cannot go into detail due to ISP.
  7. We have no plans to ban double or triple-trailers in high populated areas at the moment, but it's something that can be changed in the near future if necessary. We already have a rule in place that allows Game Moderators to ban people with either double or triple-trailers if they cannot safely handle it.
  8. Somebody asked a similar question, the answer can be seen here:
  9. I'll be as transparent as I can while writing my response here from the Game Management's point of view. The main reasons as to why save editing was allowed again can be seen below: Complaints from the save editing community, punishing the entire save editing community just because of a few individuals abusing the rule(s) in place; Staff members not knowing what's allowed and what isn't; X modification not affecting other players; Focusing too much on save editing despite the fact that it doesn't cause any issues in most cases. Restricting something that doesn't affect other players is not really beneficial. I'm sure you can understand that we cannot teach players or members of our staff save editing within a day, it requires a lot of knowledge and dedication to know what's allowed and what isn't. I'll go as far as saying that if you don't put any efforts into learning the basics of save editing, you will not learn it and you'll have a very hard time. The type of question we got on almost a daily basis was “Is this allowed”? - Staff members even questioned whether double or triple trailers were allowed, despite the fact that the answer could've been found in the rules. The trainee phase covers save editing and a few scenarios, but as mentioned above, we can only teach the very basics, the rest is something the staff member needs to work on. I learned save editing by watching YouTube videos and trying to make modifications myself. It took me a very long time with endless game crashes, but you'll get used to it. I'll quote rule §3.5 and my personal opinion: It's hard to track whether X player has more than one duplicate without verifying it through the logs, and we cannot rely on our players as it's easy to manipulate something to get another player banned. The last part of the rule confused a lot of staff members as well. Each time we changed something regarding save editing, it caused yet another confusion among the staff team. While people were punished for it which I know is very annoying and can lead to accidents and similar, the volume can be turned down in the game settings. Staff members didn't know the default positions for horns. Again staff members didn't know the default positions and blinking lights can be turned off in the game settings. With the current rules in place, we can still punish people for it if it causes major issues such as FPS drops and similar. I won't hide the fact that I personally dislike most save editing such as: Floating cows and similar; Too many duplicated items or hookups; Lowering your truck or trailer with smaller wheels (it looks stupid, don't do it); Clipping parts; Double or triple trailers in high-populated-areas. Not everything is allowed at the moment. The vast majority of the potential issues are still covered under §3, and more can be added depending on how players treat the rules in place. If we see an increase of abusive modifications, more restrictions will follow. For instance, If you have a long trailer and cannot safely handle it while taking a turn or similar, you will end up being banned for reckless driving or blocking depending on the situation. The last part of the rule only applies to very extreme modifications which may not be covered by the rules. Bans of this type are only issued following a rigorous investigation of the evidence and conduct confirming that the modification has no place on SIM servers. Additionally, we thoroughly review the circumstances behind the enforcement and once the Game Management agrees on something, a punishment will follow. Here's an example. We tried limiting save editing to an absolute minimum, but we noticed that it doesn't really need a restriction as long as it doesn't cause issues to other players. While we've seen nice looking trucks, we've also seen trucks with tons of duplicates and Christmas trees. Spending so many resources and time into something that doesn't really affect anyone is a waste of time really. That time can be put into reviewing reports, observing high or low populated areas or interacting with the community. I'll discuss with my colleagues whether we need another wave of restrictions since I've personally seen a few ridiculous modifications such as triple trailers with floating cows in it. This is something that can be done, but it needs to be discussed first. We're always open for suggestions from the community and staff, so if you think that something should change, suggest it, and we'll look into it. When suggesting, consider the following: Be courteous and try to convince us of the potential benefits of your suggestion; Provide constructive criticism as to why it should be added or changed; Add some potential benefits of the given suggestion; Make sure you give good advice to the respective department in a polite manner; Use the word we whenever possible, speaking on behalf of the community. Hope this helps!
  10. Even if you pick the wrong answer, it will not hinder your chances, and it will certainly not result in your application being declined. This way we can see whether the player knows the current state of TMP and whether the action(s) committed by another player warrants a punishment. The scenario part is nothing but a first impression on how player X handles X case. Knowing the rules is mandatory, not optional. If you don't know the rules, you won't make it through the first stage.
  11. Once you report a player, the report will be added to the system behind all other reports (basically a queue). If nobody claims it within 10 minutes, it will be deleted by the system itself to keep the number of total reports as low as possible. The number of reports varies a lot, and I have seen over 100 reports at peak times for example. The best option is to record and report them on the website as we guarantee that web-reports will be dealt with by our GM Team. It's not easy to go through each report. Once you claim one report, another one comes in and so on.
  12. Having collision enabled basically ruins everything we have done so far. We've stated multiple times that collisions will not be enabled on the arcade server. If you wish to drive as fast as you can, you can do so, but without putting others at risk as a result of speeding like a demon. The vast majority of our player base cannot handle high speeds, so the only choice is to reduce it. However, to satisfy both parties, the speed limit was reduced to only 110 km/h instead of 90 km/h. Right now you have 2 options: Follow the rules and speed limits. Play on arcade and do whatever you want. Before somebody else asks, no, we will not revert or otherwise apply any changes.
  13. Your reports will not be displayed, and we will not take that into consideration while reviewing an application. It doesn't give you the slightest advantage and can result in a ban from the reporting-system if you spam reports solely from one area. So if you drive on C-D and report every single offense there, you may be at risk of getting your reporting rights revoked. The point of our game is to let players enjoy all roads everywhere in the map and not only drive back and forth from busy places to report players, our mod is made for players to enjoy driving around the game world, but we do not like that players drive only in busy places for the main purpose of reporting players, since that's what's comes out from driving in a dangerous road such as C-D road.
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  15. Type of event: Truckfest/Convoy Server name: GCEE CONVOY OFFICIAL URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/98226-05th-september-2020-gcee-convoy-pde/ Organiser: ThiagoBR_ Date and hour of the event: 06 Sep 00:00 - 06 Sep 00:00 Participants: https://ets2c.com/view/87562/djfrontier-truckersmp-salzburg-hotel Event Rules: Follow TruckersMP rules The event team's instructions should be followed without any hesitation. Any attempt to interrupt the event is considered trolling, and the normal procedure will be performed by the game moderators. It is not allowed to hit and/or block. (The Event staff can block roads and junctions to ensure the convoy goes in the right direction) All participants must exit according to the event team's instructions. This will be announced by the game's ad system by gaming moderators. The maximum weight of the trailers is 25 tonnes. We ask you keep at least 70-100 Metres from the truck in front and the truck behind you. Do not advertise your VTC while at the event All guests must have a truck and a trailer, only the events team and the train control can be with Skoda Driving the incorrect way is only permitted for Event Staff Blocking the intersections is only permitted for Event Staff. Event staff are only allowed to overtake on roads with a central reservation barrier. Overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 event staff members at a time. Event staff are allowed to block the left lane to prevent other people from overtaking. No beacons (Only event staff can use beacons) No mods (This is to reduce crashes and lags) Please RESPECT all participants in the event. Prohibited the Use of Loads such as Heavy Cargo or Triple Trailer, in order to avoid delays during the convoy (Double Trailers is allowed). The Server will be intended for the Realization of the Convoy on the route that was previously posted. Free roaming away from the event is prohibited. The moderating team can kick any participant who comes at the beginning or the end in order to prevent (putting your vehicle or cargo in front of a VTC) the media - team from taking pictures of the companies. Type of event: Truckfest/Convoy Server name: HARMONY CONVOYS: THE JINXED ANNIVERSARY CONVOY URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/98183-6th-september-2020-harmony-convoys/ Organiser: Pixel. Date and hour of the event: 06 Sep 18:00 - 07 Sep 00:00 Participants: https://ets2c.com/view/87534/pixel-bratislava-vienna-city Event Rules: Harmony Convoys September 2020 Event Rules The term “Event Staff” includes those listed in the following document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fbvNksptJKOK5hTxNO6K7K_7Xq-pe195FcMpMLAToZA/edit?usp=sharing . The terms “TruckersMP Admin” and “Admin” refer to all TruckersMP Game Moderators, Managers, Developers. The term “public” covers everyone except for Event Staff and TruckersMP Admins. The terms “Harmony Convoys Manager”, “Harmony Convoys Management”, “Management”, and “Manager” refer to the four members of Harmony Convoys Management, whose TruckersMP IDs are: 1344512, 1073482, 654510, and 356106. Violation of any event rules may result in removal from the event server. Any rule marked with an asterisk (*) is not enforceable on Event Staff or TruckersMP Admins. Harmony Convoys Management are exempt from all rules listed here unless stated otherwise. Impersonation of Event Staff is absolutely forbidden. Permission must be given by a Harmony Convoys Manager to have either “Convoy Lead”, “Convoy Tail”, “Convoy Pilot”, “Backup Lead”, “Backup Tail”, “Media”, or “Manager”, or similar, in a player tag. Without permission, this is classed as an impersonation of Event Staff. Public must follow all commands given by Event Staff. A trailer is required in order to drive in the convoy.* Cars are only to be used by Event Staff. Freeroaming is forbidden.* Before the convoy departs, public must be parked in their designated slots (Slots can be found on our discord and staff will tell you which slot you need to go to if needed). Parking elsewhere is classed as inappropriate parking.* Beacons are not to be used at any time.* Trailers above 30T are not to be used.* Trailers must be kept with you at all times, as there will not be a trailer collection period.* Only use a trailer that you can handle, and you are familiar with handling while driving. Public must depart as per instruction by Harmony Convoys Management or TruckersMP Admins. Any attempt made to disrupt the event may result in removal from the server.* Participants must remain in a single-file throughout the convoy unless given permission to do otherwise by a member of Harmony Convoys Management.* Public are permitted to overtake parked Event Staff only in situations where they are directed to do so by Event Staff. Public are permitted to drive the wrong-way, only in situations where they are directed to do so by Event Staff. Public are not permitted to overtake or undertake each other when driving the wrong-way. Public must disconnect from the server after a message stating “event concluded”, with time, is sent out by a Harmony Convoys Manager or TruckersMP Game Moderator (e.g. “** Harmony Convoys || Event concluded 21:10 GMT. Attendees must be disconnected from the server by 21:22 GMT. *”). Those found still on the server 12 minutes after the conclusion time will be classed as freeroaming. Harmony Convoys Management may exclude certain public members from this rule, by writing explicit permission, using the in-game chat. Staff-Specific Rules Wrong-way driving, inappropriate parking, parking out-of-bounds, and blocking of roads is permitted for Event Staff, providing the manoeuvres are executed in a safe manner. Overtaking is only allowed if there is a barrier separating both road sides. Event Staff cannot threaten public and / or impersonate TruckersMP Admins (e.g. “Move now or you will be kicked”). Event Staff can only direct public to overtake other Event Staff in limited areas, all of which must have been approved by Harmony Convoys Management prior to the event. Event Staff may partake in traffic management in limited areas, all of which must have been approved by Harmony Convoys Management prior to the event. Event Staff can only direct public to drive wrong-way in limited areas, all of which must have been approved by Harmony Convoys Management prior to the event. Any chance of oncoming traffic must be prevented by Event Staff blocking the roads, in order for wrong-way driving to be acceptable. This reduces the risk of any collisions massively, and makes driving wrong-way safe for public in these areas. Event Staff must not drive alongside public when they are directed to drive wrong-way. When setting up scenarios, Event Staff must try to prevent any harmful collisions, as much as possible. Type of event: Truckfest/Convoy Server name: VN - DRAGON VTC PUBLIC CONVOY 2020 URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/98101-6th-september-2020-vn-dragon-vtc-public-convoy-2020/ Organiser: [VN-DRAGON] TrungMizu Date and hour of the event: 06 Sep 14:00 - 06 Sep 21:00 Participants: https://ets2c.com/view/87444/vn-dragon-trungmizu-lyon-bus-station Event Rules: Free-roaming on the server is strictly prohibited. Everyone except Convoy Control must have a trailer, the only allowed trailers combination is single. Taking heavy cargos are strictly prohibited. Everyone must follow to instructions given by Convoy Control, the Event Team, Supervisors and Event Manager. Convoy Control/Event Staff can drive on the wrong way. Convoy Control/Event Staff can block junctions. Event staff can be parked outside of map boundaries. Trailers should be parked on trailer dump during Truckfest. Only Event Manager and VTC Leaders can use cars.
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