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  1. Euro truck simulator 2 is not working

    Hai, so you click on install available Updates and the button keeps coming back asking you to install the Update over and over? If so just download any VPN (i recommend Ultrasurf) and install the Update again. Download Ultrasurf Run Ultrasurf. Open TruckersMP in Administrator Mode. Install the available updates (only the first run with Ultrasurf), wait for it to finish and Launch button appears. Exit Ultrasurf. Thats it. kind regards
  2. whats up with the fix command?

    i don't think so. guess it'll stay like this. kind regards
  3. whats up with the fix command?

    Hai, read the thread again Quote "As we have stated afterwards, only a handful of our average monthly players voted on the poll meaning we didn’t get an ultimate clear view on how you want it command to work." kind regards
  4. ATSMP being detected as a virus

    @seamustrainfan25 Try disabling your Antivirus/Firewall. If it's not working just restore the files that your Antivirus is deleting/blocking. kind regards
  5. Problem with launcher

    Hai, first of all start the Launcher in Administrator mode and see if it works. Error message says "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentionally unwanted software" looks like your Antivirus/Firewall is potentially blocking something. Check this out: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/63070-atsmp-being-detected-as-a-virus/&tab=comments#comment-636470 Threads that contain the same error: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/63273-truckersmp-launcher-has-stopped-working/#comment-635786 https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/44581-solutions-troubleshoot-performance/#3_1 (Scroll down to Launcher connection error) kind regards
  6. Logitech G920 Braking Problem

    Hai, hm I have a G29 and it works pretty well. I tried your settings and ended up getting the same result. Try moving the deadzone to the left side. can you try these settings? https://imgur.com/a/3fIIP kind regards
  7. Sürekli Güncelleme Sorunu

    Ultrasurf indir. Ultrasurf'u baslat. Yönetici Modunda TruckersMP'yi ac. Gereken update'i indir ve bitmesini bekle. Sonrada Ultrasurf'u kapatabilirsin. ↓
  8. Üst ışık çubuğu

    Parsin videosuna bak herseyi anlatiyor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYYHiVhkiZ8
  9. Registering ATS

    Hai, test it with another Browser. useful thread: kind regards
  10. Wetter

    @Sayuri_Mizui Wie schauts aus?
  11. Was ist Was?

    Kann gut sein. Du kannst das Innere auch modifizieren. Liebe Grüße
  12. mirror assistance- cars

    -1 not necessary. Just press F2 if you want to see more (Show/Hide Side Mirrors On-Screen)
  13. Trucker mp sites

    Maybe because of your low resolution. (just a guess)
  14. Was ist Was?

    Hai @Sayuri_Mizui, nimm den ab Level 25 falls verfügbar. Die unterscheiden sich halt nur durch Motorleistung, Getriebe usw. Jap. Level 25 hat 730PS und Level 18 nur 580PS. Das ist aber nicht so schlimm, weil du Motor usw. sowieso upgraden kannst. Liebe Grüße