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  1. weezy

    Registrieren geht nicht

    Kannst du uns ein Bild zukommen lassen, wo man die Steam Einstellungen deines Freundes sieht? Da wo man die Sachen auf Privat stellt usw. Nur um sicherzugehen das da nichts Falsches ist.
  2. weezy

    Registrieren geht nicht

    Grüß dich, An Steam sollte es normalerweise nicht liegen, weil das Steam Profil von deinem Freund öffentlich ist. Habt ihr einen anderen Browser probiert? Manchmal liegt es auch daran. Liebe Grüße, weezy
  3. weezy

    Moderators Cars

    Hai there, As mentioned above, we have police accessories and a police paint job. Here's a picture:
  4. weezy

    First anniversary of the event team

    The amount of time, dedication and love @Digital puts into everything is just astonishing. Thank you once again, Digi. <3
  5. weezy

    Question about reports

    Hai there, If your ban shows as EU1, then you have been banned through the website. If you, however, have been banned in-game then your ban will show as EU2. Hope this helps.
  6. weezy

    Evidence added to existing ban?

    Hai there, The respective Game Moderator will accept your report and add the evidence to the existing ban. If there's another incident that shows the perpetrator on a different location causing an accident or anything else, then, of course, the ban will be extended. Hope this answers your question.
  7. weezy

    Bug ?

    Grüß Dich, Heißt die Meldung, die dein Bruder bekommt etwa 'Unreliable connection' ? Das hört sich nach Straßenereignisse an. Kannst du davon, falls möglich ein Video hochladen, wo man das auch ganz genau sieht? Entweder einer hat dich mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit gerammt oder du hast vergessen die Handbremse zu ziehen. Ein Admin bzw. Game Moderator kann es nicht sein und ein Spieler erst recht nicht. Spieler spawnen nun mal mitten auf der Straße, wenn diese dort das Spiel verlassen haben. Wie gesagt ein Video, das die ganze Situation zeigt, würde uns definitiv weiterhelfen.
  8. weezy


    Moin, Kann es eventuell sein, dass du Season Effects in den Einstellungen noch aktiviert hast? TAB>Settings und dann solltest du den Haken bei Season Effects rausnehmen. Liebe Grüße, weezy
  9. weezy


    Hai there, Sorry to hear that you had issues with people trying to ruin your game experience. I can ensure you that we do everything in order to provide the best possible experience for every single user. Though, that is not easy with the number of players playing each day. I assume you are talking about your web-report? If so, then it might take a while to go through them as you're not the only one who is submitting a report to us. The game is indeed filled with toxic people trying to ruin other peoples game experience and we're trying our best to keep the game tidy and clean. As a player, I can understand that you want us to deal with inquiries and web reports asap and we're trying our best to do everything as fast as possible but that is not easy as mentioned before. Your web-reports won't go unnoticed and the respective user will be banned if we see a rule violation.
  10. weezy

    Skoda fährt sich komisch

    Moin, Kannst du davon mal ein Video hochladen? Liebe Grüße, weezy
  11. weezy

    ban silinmedi

    Selamlar, Verilmiş tarihine değil bitiş tarihine bakmalısın.
  12. weezy

    Multiplayer Mercedes Grill Lights like scania?

    Hai there, That is most likely a local mod or done via save editing. If you have enough experience with save editing, then you should be able to do it. Though, that requires basic know-how in order to achieve something like that. Falls du das ganze auf Deutsch erklärt haben willst, dann würde ich dir raten das Thema im deutschen Forum zu erstellen.
  13. weezy

    How Do You Become An Admin

    Hai there, First off, it is great to see your interest in the Game Moderator role. To give you an insight, ETS2 is not just about the C-D road. There are far more places that you should check by being a Game Moderator. The C-D road alone is a nightmare, however, there are quite a lot of cities in which people are trolling, ramming each other etc. Being a Game Moderator doesn't mean that you have to control the C-D area 24/7. Also, you shouldn't really focus on just one place. People around the C-D area might feel left out or ignored and that is why we try our best to cover the remaining cities as much as we can. Though, that is easier said as done. Regarding your question on how to be a Game Moderator. You either apply directly for the Game Moderator role or you join the Team as a Support, Community Mod or any other role and work your way up. Your choice.
  14. weezy

    Sprechfunk Taste auf das Lenkrad

    Moin, Nein, ist leider nicht möglich. Ob es sich in Zukunft ändern wird, wissen wir noch nicht. Liebe Grüße, weezy
  15. weezy


    Ich finde den klasse. Hört sich sehr gut an und ich habe immer das Gefühl als würde ich einen Bus fahren