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  1. Selamlar, VTC konunuz bir(1) ayı aşkın süredir pasif durumda olduğu için kurallar gereği Şirketler Arşiv bölümüne taşınmıştır. İyi forumlar. //Kilitli ve 30 günden uzun süredir hareketsizlik nedeniyle Şirketler Arşiv'e taşındı.
  2. weezy

    Yeni versiyon

    Yardim / Destek bölümüne taşindi.
  3. weezy

    krone dlc

    Well, I was one of those who got it for free so I can't complain. With the right setup and the right color, the trailer looks gorgeous. Definitely worth it. Price should be around a couple €. Max 5€.
  4. weezy

    Favorite Trucks

    My Favorite truck is DAF! I have both, the old one and the new one and they just look gorgeous. I used to be a Scania fanboy back in the days where Save Editing was allowed but those times are sadly over so RIP Scania :c
  5. Sure there is. Those who are faster than you with a trailer are probably using - cargo_mass so it doesn't really matter if they have a trailer or not. It also depends on the configuration of the whole truck. I can only think of 3 reasons. Speedhack - cargo_mass as said above Engine with more than 750HP
  6. weezy

    Drumuri bune

    I'm going to move your Topic to the Romanian section as your title is in Romanian. //Topic moved to Romanian Discussion.
  7. weezy

    Rocket League

    I'm not spamming the chat but I'm swearing a lot I lost like 14 games in a row and went from Champ 3 all the way down to Champ 1. Result? Uninstalled Rocket League You can't really win when you're on a losing streak and it just makes everything worse. Another thing, have you ever experienced someone driving around and just bumping you and your teammates the entire time? God, I was swearing so hard at him. The best part is when you get the same teammates several times.
  8. weezy

    Rocket League

    I play Rocket League on a daily basis and I love it. It's just frustrating to play with bad teammates when you're above Champ 3 Anyone else raging or are you just calm and play the game? I honestly can't xD
  9. Hai, Ich habe dein Thema in den entsprechenden Bereich verschoben, da "Euro Truck Simulator 2 Discussions" nicht der richtige Ort ist, um deine Spedition vorzustellen. Falls du noch Fragen hast, dann kannst du mir liebend gerne eine Private Nachricht schreiben. Liebe Grüße, weezy //Thema verschoben zu "Speditionen"
  10. weezy

    Not valid version?

    I will move this to the respective section since you're looking for Help. Next time, if you have any questions related to TMP, please open a topic in the Help section right here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ The "General Discussion" section is for discussions related to the community and to either of the games, as well as topics related to both games and not for help related things. Also, I will remain at your disposition if you have any further questions or inquiries. //Moved to Help.
  11. weezy

    The Last Post Wins!

    I won!
  12. weezy

    PC question

    Hai, I have moved your topic to the "Tech talk" section as this fits better here. Disclaimer: TruckersMP is not responsible for any wrong information or solution provided in this section as they are the opinion and experience of the user posting them. If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to drop me a Private Message. //Topic moved to Tech talk.
  13. weezy

    Random road works

    As your topic has been inactive for over 14 days, we are archiving your topic. Due to the fact our forums are a busy place, we archive topics that are inactive for 2 weeks to help keep just those topics that are truly active for our community. If you have any further questions or comments, or wish for your topic to be unarchived don't be afraid to contact me. //Topic moved to Archives.
  14. weezy

    less players on eu2

    Still doesn't change the fact that there are still trollers driving around and ramming innocent people I've seen max. 50 Trucks/Cars after driving from Calais to Duisburg. Tbh I loved it