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  1. Hello comrade, First of all, know that the pilot cars are not mandatory for convoys, they are optional. Then, yes everyone can drive the car-driver, however, be aware that it is impossible to drive with paint or accessories belonging to the police. Otherwise you will be kicked from the server. Only game administrators can drive with these elements of the font. After, yes, I strongly advise you to respect the signage and the code of the road for a security reason. Indeed, if you do not respect and you have an accident, you can be sanctioned by an administrator. In addition, yes, you can make convoys with whoever you want, it is not a problem, you are free. Also before playing, I advise you to read well the rules of TruckersMP. The link: https://truckersmp.com/rules Rules on the forum : Welcome on the forum @MarioV. Cordially, Yoyo_ManSg
  2. Hello, before, I used the software "Action Mirrilis" to be able to record my game parts. The link : https://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html However, now, after trying several video recording software, I currently use "Bandicam". With this software, I do not lose any FPS. The link : https://www.bandicam.com/ Cordially, Yoyo_ManSg
  3. Hello comrade, To try to solve your problem, I advise you to read this article, which will detail exactly how you need to do to solve your problem. The link : Please also ensure that your virus protection and firewall are not blocking the launcher and make an exception for the launcher or try switching them off to see if it works Welcome on the forum @vladut boss. Cordially, Yoyo_ManSg
  4. Hello, my favorite truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2, it's without any hesitation the Volvo FH16. Indeed, it has a very modern design, and I find this truck very economical In terms of fuel consumption.. I love it, I drive most of the time with this truck. Also in American Truck Simulator 2, my favorite truck is the Kenworth. Cordially, Yoyo_ManSg
  5. My favorite car is the Mercedes CLA, I find this car so beautiful. . And I like the Peugeot 3008.
  6. Happy birthday, mate. :D 

  7. Hello, if you want to play online you must select the update "Do not participate in any beta test". To do this, follow these steps: 1) Go to your Steam library 2) Right click on your game Euro Truck Simulator 2 3) Click on Property 4) Click on "Betas" 5) And select "Do not participate in any beta test" Indeed, try this solution, because know that if it is the update "Temporary 1.27" that was installed, know that you can not play multiplayer currently. You need the update "Do not participate in any beta test". Welcome on the forum @KVarley38_YT. Cordially, Yoyo_ManSg
  8. Hello @PolishBandit, If your game crash, I advise you to use this method: Follow the instructions : 1) Start a command line as an administrator (cmd) 2) Run the command: sfc / scannow 3) Wait, and then restart your computer 4) Launch a 64-bit DirectX game A. Go to your Steam library, B. Click on play C. And select (launch with DirectX 64bit) 5) Drive a short distance 6) Quit game 7) Start Multiplayer Also, if your problem is still not resolved try this second solution, to fix your problem, you only have to wait. This can take you about 15 minutes. But especially when your game freeze, does nothing more, do not touch your computer anymore and be patient. Otherwise, If none of these solutions work, to try to solve your problem, I advise you to create a ticket by clicking on the following link: https://support.truckersmp.com/ Cordially, Yoyo_ManSg
  9. Hello, as already announced previously this suggestion has already been proposed several times. Also, as said before, if you want to avoid accidents caused with cars, I advise you to go to Europe 1. Also, be aware that if a car creates an accident, you can make a postponement in the game. And you would of create a report on the TruckersMP website so that the player is punished. The link: https://truckersmp.com/reports Cordially, Yoyo_ManSg
  10. 4/10 Sorry this is not really my style of music.
  11. Beautiful trucks. I took photos.
  12. Happy Birthday mate and enjoy your day @Julien78. :D  

  13. Happy birthday. Enjoy your day. :)