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  9. I haven't played TMP in a long while... But this makes me excited and want to install the game again and give it a go. This opens a new, much easier way of casually driving with other people, it's something I always wished we had when I used to play here, but I thought it was so out of reach that it would be just impossible to implement, so I (and many people too, I guess) just stuck to the old external job loader plugin. It is so great to have this new feature, it will certainly make it much easier for the community to come together and make friends. Similar features were there in old SA:MP trucking servers where I used to play ages ago. You would meet someone, somewhere, and ask "yo u wanna convoy?", and a couple commands was all we needed to have synced jobs and play together. I certainly remember how much fun the game became that way, so I'm sure it'll apply to these games as well. Congrats to the devs and all the people involved in making this possible, it really adds a lot of value to the game ?
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