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  1. Thanks you for the follow! 💖

    1. Dylаn


      You're Welcome!😀 You too!❤️

  2. I got into the Grand Theft Auto series at a very young age, playing GTA 3, GTA San Andreas and Vice City on both PlayStation 2 and PSP. Although I didn't complete the story of any of those games, I enjoyed just driving about and messing around. I played many hours of those games. I then also had Grand Theft Auto 4 on PlayStation 3 and again put many hours into it. I recently bought Grand Theft Auto 4 on PC in hopes to complete the story mode. But was unable to complete the story mode due to game breaking bugs. Although it has a lot of bugs and isn't the best optimised, for it's age it's a very good game both gameplay and graphics. I've had Grand Theft Auto V since its release back in 2013 on XBOX 360 and completed the completed the story mode very quickly, then played GTA Online regularly when it released. I then continued playing on PlayStation 4 and played GTA Online very regularly. I didn't play Grand Theft Auto V for quite a while when I got into PC gaming, although I had it on PC. I then found out about FiveM and got addicted to a server named Transport Tycoon, which I've put many hours into. Again, after another long break, recently I decided to return to FiveM and develop my own British themed FivePD server, along with a friend, which is why I currently play almost everyday. I look forward to the future of the Grand Theft Auto series and will definitely buy Grand Theft Auto 6, if it gets released.
  3. Dylаn

    Snow Runner

    I've had Snowrunner since it's release, as I pre-ordered it. Played a lot of hours when it came out, but haven't played in a couple of months. Would love to restart, find people to play with and get into it though. It's a very beautiful game with a lot challenges and great gameplay. I'd recommend it.
  4. I used to play Forza Horizon 4 quite a lot on XBOX One. Then downloaded on PC and continued to play on PC. Haven't played for a while though. Last couple of times I've attempted to play the servers have been down, so unable to play online.
  5. Thanks for the follow! ❤️

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      You're welcome!❤️

  6. Thanks for the follow Dylan!! Bigfan ❤️

    1. Dylаn


      You're welcome!😀 You too!❤️

  7. Dylаn

    Some issue

    Unlike ProMods on Euro Truck Simulator 2, with ProMods Canada on American Truck Simulator, you're able to play on any of the servers. I'd recommend you checkout this Knowledge Base article on how to install ProMods Canada for TruckersMP: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1122 Please ensure you have downloaded all the required files, you have not edited the names of the files and they're installed in the correct location. If you continue to have issues, I'd recommend you share a screenshot of your mods folder, so we can see if everything is set up correctly.
  8. I started TruckersMP with American Truck Simulator back in early February 2016. I then bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 late February 2016.
  9. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

    1. Dylаn


      You're welcome!❤️

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