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  1. I think it would be pretty unfair to remove something which everyone can already access and make it Patreon only. Maybe a new bus just for Patreons would be more appropriate and an extra perk for Patreons.
  2. The changes allows more freedom of how players can customise their trucks. Although, I'm not a fan of heavily save edited trucks. I still do a little save editing myself. I like to keep my trucks looking clean and mostly stock. Although sometimes I'll add hidden roof bars etc... So it looks as though the lights are attached to the truck, not a bar. This keeps it looking realistic, a lot more cleaner than having a roof bar. You can do pretty good things with save editing, although some people take it to the max. Example:
  3. ello administrator trainee. add steam friend

    1. BluMellow


      ello administrator retired. added steam friend

  4. Thank you for your time on the team, we hope to see you soon 

  5. I personally think the 3 months is a lot more fair. It will give people more chances and deter people from ban evading. A lot of people make small mistakes, which they receive bans for. Racking up bans for little mistakes could've easily resulted in a permanent ban with the 5th ban being 3 months. If they continue to violate the rules, with the current changes of the 5th+ ban being 90 days, they'll just keep on getting 90 day bans.
  6. Sad to see you leave my friend! Hopefully you"ll come back later

  7. Sad to see you leave

  8. Sad to see you leave my friend! Hopefully you"ll come back later ❤️ 


  9. I'm so sad to see you leave, thank you for your hard work, hope you come back soon my friend ❤️

  10. Sad to see you leave.

  11. Take care man !

  12. Sad to see you leave. Take care!

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