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    Football is not just a sport but a way of life!

    Love is passed down from generation to generation!

    Faith & Fight

    107 years of beauty, faith, struggle!

    Together even in hell!

    This is the earliest Bulgarian football team created in Bulgaria.

    Established in 1912 in Plovdiv, a yellow-black city that has always been yellow-black. This is the football team of Botev Plovdiv!





  2. Искам да се развием повече българи да се съберем и да караме заедно и да говорим,ще пада смях и ще е готино надявам се да го направим. А и според мен трябва да направим група в дискорд само българи и там да се разбираме и оговараме за конвои?
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  10. Suggestion Name: DJ studio in the forum and the game Suggestion Description: Add a DJ-studio to the forum and a game where players can greet with songs on the radio (for example) to create fun server and forums (We'll find a way to send songs) Any example images: Why should it be added?: Make the server and forum fun. Leaving some players to experience as DJs. Basically, I'm a DJ and I decided to give the idea of a DJ studio in the forum and servers. If there are any questions in the answers, I will try to answer as much as possible!
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