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  1. Quite a few of my friends are not 18 years old and drive, as I try from time to time.It doesn't depend on age, it depends on the skills of the one sitting behind the wheel!I hope some people will understand what is happening every day on the roads and get a little quiet.I hope they figure out what the fast speed is and don't think that an important person is waiting for them!I hope to reduce road accidents and get some people sober or drug-free.
  2. On Halloween eve old drunks disguised as they barely got down the stairs and walked around the house and rang the doorbell to ask:
    Meze or will we fight?

  3. It is evident that the champion of Italy until last year Juventus trying to get ahead of Inter it is evident that this year the Inter are better than Juve!
  4. Handanovic

    Forza Inter!

    Hi, I'm a fan of the Italian Inter team and I welcome you so that! Forza inter!
  5. Romance in the Rain:

    -Here you are umbrella yes not they it rains.

    -Oh, how sweet! What about you?It will get you wet!?

    -A not! I'm with the car.


  6. Happy Halloween to everyone celebrating it! In Bulgaria we do not celebrate many people this holiday, but there are some who celebrate it.
  7. They gather to drink in the village and man lifting toas:

    (Събират се да пият в селото и човек вдига тост:)


    - Come on!


  8. Thanks for the follow ❤️


    1. Handanovic


      Thank you too! :) 


  9. Happy Birthday :) 

  10. Pozdrav svima! Pozdrav iz Bugarske i samo Mile Kitic! Ako se mogu pridružiti vašoj zajednici, bit ću vam zahvalan i voziti redovno!
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