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  1. Welcome back mate , and you should change your rank. You are not Retired anymore. :) 

    1. El1teZombiezHD


      I know, I’ve been busy today. I will change it when I get on my PC.


      Thanks for the welcome :)

  2. Welcome back !! El1te :) Happy to see you agian 

  3. Congratuation for new position Trial Game Moderator :) Welcome back :) Zombiez Good luck :tmp:

    Kind Regards : RedWolfTV

  4. Discord Rich Presence Integration

    Very nice @dowmeister I have seen this before however my suggestion is to have this feature already fully functional in the games code instead of an third-party external application
  5. remvoed parts like u guys sade

    You need to make a ban appeal http://truckersmp.com/appeals/
  6. Need help AsAp about a report

    If a GM notices it’s the wrong ID, they will either decline it or find the correct user and get the ID changed
  7. HQ Screenshots

    Maybe a bug in MP, or something in the MP client is blocking it or causing it to crash
  8. :o 

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    2. El1teZombiezHD


      That’s the whole idea ;) 

    3. SuliHD


      Loooooool gg

    4. heyhococo


      Hmm, I’ll think about that proposal (Inserts thinking emote) :P

  9. When the game will update to 131?

    When 1.31 releases
  10. Discord Rich Presence Integration

    ^ I’m not sure, I think it’s either 3/4 lines but I think this would be stated in the Dev Documentation. But this information will probably change per screen / menu. Eg: “Looking for a Job in the Freight Market” or “Currently Driving to Calais from Duisburg with 10t of Frozen Food on EU#2”
  11. Discord Rich Presence Integration

    Are you saying my suggestions are not well thought through? There are quite a lot of users on the public Discord and I think that this will increase integration which is something tha TMP aims to do. As I agree this will most likely not get implemented, it’s a good idea and consideration for PMs and Devs.
  12. Suggestion Name: Discord Rich Presence Integration Suggestion Description: Integrate the TruckersMP Clients into Discord using their Rich Presence SDK so that it can be shown on users profiles when they are playing on the servers. The information included could be: Which server the user is on Their TruckersMP Name Their InGame ID Their Location on the Map What job they are currently doing What they are currently driving A link to "Join Game" (similar to the old ets2mp:// protocols) This could be done for both games (ATS & ETS2) and are made individually so that it shows the user either playing "American Truck Simulator: Multiplayer" or "Euro Truck Simulator 2: Multiplayer". There could also be an integration for the TruckersMP Launcher, but as this is used for 10 seconds, it wouldn't really be necessary. For the "Join Game" feature, approval from Discord is needed and i'm not sure if this would be able to be done as this is a Mod and not a new Game. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I believe this should be added as it will add more integration from the game to Discord, this will allow other users to see what other people are doing and to be able to quickly join the game on the server as the selected player (if this is possible). The feature will also be able to determine that a user is playing Multiplayer instead of the Singleplayer game so other users can see if their friends are playing Multiplayer and they can join them or they are being boring and lonely on Promods Singleplayer Discord Documentation: https://discordapp.com/rich-presence https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/rich-presence/how-to
  13. My return to the team seems further away

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    2. Mr_Pingu


      what do you work as, cuz im looking for work and i dont know what to start of with ?

    3. El1teZombiezHD


      Just as a Retail Assistant in a local shop, I just have quite a lot of hours 

    4. Cardinal Copia

      Cardinal Copia

      @Mr_Pingu I wonder.... :D:( 

  14. Released

    Thanks for the update! Is the city speed limiter on all servers?