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  1. Thank you for visiting my profile :)

  2. Seems this place promotes anyone and everyone these days lmao

  3. Happy Birthday! :wub: :thisisfine: 

  4. Happy Birthday mate 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! :wub:

  6. Happy Birthday! Have a nice day! ❤️

  7. 尊敬的主持人你好,很抱歉打扰一下,感谢您在百忙之中查看我的请求!我在游戏中遇到了困难,您假如知道怎么解决的话,教教我,我会非常感谢的,解决了我一大难题:



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    2. Small  Nan

      Small Nan

      你需要把存档放到C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles这里面 且保证你移动的存档能使用没发生任何改变 ,你可以试一下这些在游戏建立个新存档然后退出游戏在把你移动的存档移进去在进游戏看看有没有,第二把文档里面的Euro Truck Simulator 2这个文件夹删除重新建立

    3. [Dragon] *ZiYingQianXia

      [Dragon] *ZiYingQianXia


    4. [Dragon] *ZiYingQianXia

      [Dragon] *ZiYingQianXia


  8. @zielonyxpl - Can you please provide the Steam Account in which is trying to be registered. There was a global cloudflare problem that has since been rectified, so if you try again, it could potentially work
  9. Make sure your Steam Privacy Settings are set to public, take a look at this screenshot
  10. Hello, You need to make your Steam Profile public in order for the API to pick up that you own ETS2 or ATS and have played at least 2 hours.
  11. Are you still the "The Ex-Banhammer " :P 

  12. Personally, I think this should be in the rules a bit more and I will try to bring it up with the relevant persons. However in my eyes, I don’t expect people to move out of the way if I have lights and sirens on. This is only a precautionary in order for other users to know I’m there and that I may be overtaking or driving fast. The only time I want you to move over is if I ask you in chat.
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