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  1. El1teZombiezHD

    The Impact of Updates - Measured!

    Can we go back to the days before 1.14 and when there was no Login System. That pure month in 2014 where there was no admins and all the server were "Freeroam" (old) EU#2 style. Them days were perfect. The 1.14 release did introduce the TMP Login System and this I think was the best update because of a) The New (Now Current) UI b) The Login and Profile System for TMP
  2. El1teZombiezHD

    [GIVEAWAY] 10x 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Giveaway

    Your Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/el1tezombiezhd/ How did you find out about TruckersMP? Nerd3 and Squirrel's videos What is your favourite aspect of TruckersMP? The community and different people that I have met and come to make friends with here. Everyone who makes TMP and is in the team is so dedicated and does their job to the best of their ability! What features would you love to see implemented in the future? I would love to see more VTC type management to be added on SCS' side or even our own TMP side. I would also love to see much more greater expansion and integration of the game to make it much more realistic such as tachographs.
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