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  1. Released

    thank you
  2. 是吗?可以试试
  3. 我知道这个原因,车队档有毒没办法。自己的存档妥妥的
  4. 我以前被封过号,哪天晚上我在一条一路上行驶转弯没减速撞护栏,后来我F7就卡到黑屏死机。后来重启电脑再次上游戏就已经被封号7天。
  5. Good night, my friends from all countries, I will go to work tomorrow.

  6. I'm glad tomorrow is a special day, because I'm going to drive my car to go fishing, so I'm happy.

    1. [M.K] xing zai

      [M.K] xing zai


  7. Tomorrow is a special day for me to buy my favorite car. Handsome:)

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    2. Crypttex


      Wish Car =O
      Mercedes ? 
      Volkswagen ?

    3. [M.K] xing zai

      [M.K] xing zai

      I'm sorry, I only got it today. My car is a sedan chair

  8. The hot summer made me forget the air conditioning in my car. Ha-ha

  9. Good afternoon, friends from all over the world. Today is a special day. I feel very happy.

  10. Good afternoon, friends from all over the country.

  11. The evening friends around the world, today I want to back a problem. Don't know what the views and deal with the big guy. I also heard that some teams used third party software to drive European trucks, analog 2 and American truck simulations. Third party such as fast speed, no car collision damage etc..

  12. Good night, truck drivers from all over the world. Wish you all have a good time and greetings from China

    1. Chev


      Have a wonderful night. ;)

    2. [M.K] xing zai

      [M.K] xing zai

      Yes, my friend. Excuse me, my friend, from that country?

    3. [M.K] xing zai
  13. Good morning. It's been a nice Saturday. I should go there and kill the extra time.

    1. DFGssadWGEYGTWESGasadfdy


      Unfortunately it is night here for us :( Enjoy your drive!

    2. Yoyo_ManSg


      Hello, and yes me also in france it is currently 11:30 pm. So we are still yesterday compared to the date from your country. :troll:

    3. [M.K] xing zai

      [M.K] xing zai

      Because of the time difference, we can't explore European Truck Simulator 2 together. Have a good time and greetings from china.

  14. Good evening, fellow lorry drivers. Last night was a bitter vacation for me.